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A Presentation for Business Partners March 2006. Baby dream Co., Ltd. Company Overview. about Babydream. BabyDream produces high quality baby and infant products including: Nurser / Nurser System Cups Pacifiers Nipples and Other main products such as feeding bottles and cups,

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A Presentation for

Business Partners

March 2006

Babydream Co., Ltd

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Company Overview

about Babydream

  • BabyDream produces high quality baby and infant products including:

  • Nurser / Nurser System Cups

  • Pacifiers

  • Nipples and

  • Other main products such as feeding bottles and cups,

  • designed for safe baby feeding

  • We offer a full line of infant feeding products, to support breastfeeding, in order to satisfy client’s needs.

  • Each product has been Scientific Developed and designed to meet the Hygienic needs of nursing mothers and medical

  • service providers.


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Company Profile

Summary of Company History- 1998 Babydream founded by Mr. Joo-Sung, Park- 1998 Developed an Endocrine Disruptor Feeding Bottles, Nipple and 5 other products

- 1999 Introduction of NANO Silver Technology into baby products for the first time, Establishment and management of nationwide shop outlets (Mega Mart) and access to major discount and department stores (Lotte Mart)

– 2000 Exhibition in the international nursery products

- 2001 Supply Contract with the Seoul University Hospital The biggest hospital in Korea

- 2001 Q-mark acquirement

- 2002 Register the our brand No.0501086 (the Industrial Property Office)

- 2003 Succeed safety inspection -nursery nipples etc.

  • Stock Info.- Common stock of 2~5 million shares outstanding- Major Shareholders: Mr. Joo-Sung, Park

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Leadership Profile

CEO: Mr. Joo-Sung, Park

The success of BabyDream corporation is result of my

determination and a group of hard working staff and

supporters, to produce a range of high quality and safe

products, that is respected and used, across Korea and the World.

Business Credentials

– Apr.1984-Dec.1988 Lucky-Goldstar Advertising LTD. Seoul, Korea

– Jan.1990-July1990 Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, London,

United Kingdom; Account Supervisor, Client Service

– July 1990-Dec.1994 Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising GmbH, Frankfurt, Germany

Advertising Agency and Marketing Consultancy

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Product Description

  • NANOSilver GS Nipple Bottle


Silver Nano-poly system controls germs up to the rate of 99.9%, performs the function of an anti-bacterial deodorant, and maintains freshness.


A straw helps brain development and intelligence training such as hearing auditory sensory development.



A lid is useful for hygiene of a straw.


A nipple is suitable for baby˚Øs composition designed for preventing uneasy digestion and vomiting through mixing well saliva in the mouth.



An air valve at the back controls air flow and prevents reflux in the occasion of feeding.


An air hole controls air flow and prevents stomachache and inflammation of the middle ear.



Both grips are designed for comfortable grabbing and independent mind training.



A lid can be fit into a bottom of a feeding bottle, which is very hygienic and also reduces its loss.

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Babydream Technology

All products of Babydream have no trace of an endocrine disrupting chemical, Bisphenol- A at all.

Silver is the expensive noble metal known for 5000years with strong antibacterial power killing about 650 kinds of germs without boiling.〔Actually silver attracted the world attention for its antibacterial power against almost every unicellular germ which had been proved from laboratory results so far.〕

  • NANO Silver GS (Good system)

  • Feeding bottles and mug cups developed with this technology, help protect babies with weak immunity from germs, the source of all diseases.

  • Through new Nano-poly technology [1/1000,000,000m], and cutting-edge science, for the first time in the world, this perfectly prevents Secondary Virus Inflammation by controlling germs, and acting as an anti-bacterial deodorant, and maintaining freshness up to 99.9% without additional disinfecting by boiling and sterilization.

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Product 1

Feeding Bottle

Nano Silver NS bottle


Nano Silver GS bottle


Nano Silver GS Mug Cup

No. 2678

Nano Silver GS bottle


Straw nipple mug cup


Greenness bottle

No. 2500

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Product 2


Nano Silver nipple 2p(1~4stages)


Gold dream king Safety nipple


Royal nipple 3p(1~4 stages)


Gold nipple 3p(1~4 stages)


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Product 3

Other products

Nano Silver Teeth

Developer NO. 2128

Nano Silver finger

Toothbrush NO. 1732

Nano Silver Pacifier NO. 2449

Nano Silver Gold

feeding bottle brush No.1367

Nano Silver Royal

feeding bottle brush No.1381

Nano Silver Multi -

feeding bottle brush No.2517

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Business Status (Or Revenue Trend)


46. 51%




Market share of products

BabyDream has already captured a large % of the market, yet there is still plenty of opportunity for growth across

key product groups.

Mug Cup

Feeding Bottle


Sales Trends














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Growth and Profitability

The company has maintained a minimum 30% operating margin over the past six years. Profitability is improving based on an increasing scale.

Operating Income Trends

Profit Trends


















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Global Organizational Structure in the Future

“Baby Industries and Business Specialist Creating Future by Technological Innovation”

Babydream is going to embody global corporation with constantly efforts and technology

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Babydream Strengths

  • Strength of BabyDream

    Our company strength is to expand its boundary to the world market with competitive power through consistent R&D activities and achievement of new technology for the best quality and multi-functional products.

  • Patent and achievements

  • *No trace of Bisphenol-A, Cadmium, Lead, and Arsenide certification organization

  • *No Endocrine disrupting chemicals-feeding bottle, nipple and other 9 products

  • *Pass for safety test certified by the National certification organization-feeding bottle, nipple, and so on

  • *Certification and attainment of Golden Brand〔by KOSMA〕

  • *The First prize at 2004 Well-being Life〔by the Sports Seoul〕

  • *One of the most promising enterprise〔by the Hankook Ilbo〕

  • *Supply Contract with the Seoul University Hospital〔The biggest hospital in Korea〕

  • *Sales at some big discount stores and popular department stores and direct management of nationwide shops, product development and production by introducing NANO silver technology into baby products for the first time

  • *Attainment of Q-mark〔quality guaranteed company〕

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Character and Logo (Dream and Hope)

The Characters and Symbols of Babydream Co., Ltd are Kkomdori (dream boy) and Himangyi (hope boy), which bring good dreams and hope to children, as their best friends.

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Babydream thinking …

Accommodating your specific requirements

is our duty.

The Smart Choice makes

good partner for all our life.

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Babydream Co., Ltd

671-4, BongCheon-Dong KwanAk-gu,

Seoul, Korea

Phone: +82 2 872 5225

Fax: +82 2 875 3007

[email protected]