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NOT AN OFFICIAL UNCTAD RECORD. Partnerships. The basis of development in Africa. Market Dynamics. From To. In the 90’s. Regulated Competitive Domestic Global Production driven Customer driven. Know your customer Focus and specialization

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The basis of development in Africa

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Market Dynamics

From To

In the 90’s

Regulated Competitive

Domestic Global

Production driven Customer driven

Know your customer

Focus and specialization

Reflect the discipline of market leader

For the years 2000

Partnerships improve competitiveness

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Workforce Dynamics

From To

In the 90’s

Simple task Complex, high technology

Multi layer Flattened

Labor force Empowered employees

Recruit with a vision

Train with focus

Equip for the challenge

For the years 2000

Partnerships create expertise

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Managerial Dynamics

From To

In the 90’s

Automatic Coach counsel

Telling, directing Listening, sharing

Controlling Empowering

Seek the leaders

Encourage team work and cooperation

Reward and celebrate accomplishments

For the years 2000

Partnerships develop leaders and sharpen their skills

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The true challenge is to manage the change agenda in emerging countries where there is an history of high protection and a tradition of hierarchical structures

Traditional family businesses / Petroleum independents will reinvent themselves and create shareholder value through effective partnerships

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Oismine Group Response

  • Concentrate on core competence

  • Develop a world class team

  • Restructure and reposition businesses

  • Develop strong and enduring strategic alliances with international market leaders


Addax & Oryx



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Oismine: A well organized holding company focusing on energy and including three petroleum affiliates with their related business supports


Fuels484 MT


Somepi C.


ORYX(C.I. – Mauritania…)


Somirgy885 MT14 %


LPG395 MT32.5%

Tissir Primagaz

Lubes6,3 MT9 %

Somepi Texaco


Turn over: 4,8 MMM DHs



Partners are global leaders : ChevronTexaco – Addax –SHV – Corral –Greif …

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TPZ - Partnership values

Tissir Primagaz: The first strategic international alliance

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TPZ - Partnership values

  • Tissir Primagaz : 50% SHV Gaz 50% Somirgy

  • Become leader in GPL with 32.5% market share in Morocco

  • Strengthen LPG supply power

  • Take advantage of marketing synergies and cost reduction process

  • Bring environmental and safety culture

  • Leverage best practices and develop new leaders

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STL - Partnership values

The perfect partnership

to promote double brand lubricants

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STL - Partnership values

  • Somepi Texaco Lubrifiants : 50% ChevronTexaco 50% Somirgy

  • Take advantage of a double brand strategy (global and local)

  • Market a comprehensive product line

  • Access to new technology and improve excellence in operations

  • Focus more effectively on safety and environmental issues

  • Develop and train employees through best practices sharing

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ORYX Côte d’IvoirePartnership values

Oryx : A strong brand in Africa to support a successful market entry in Cote d’Ivoire

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ORYX - Partnership values

  • ORYX joint participation : 70% ORYX 30% OISMINE (Cote d’Ivoire / Mauritania)

  • Combine financial and human resources to facilitate market entry

  • Lean on Addax/Oryx pan African organization to manage and control the businesses effectively

  • Take advantage of Moroccan competences and field knowledge to gain new customers

  • Extend area of cooperation to other businesses ( Lubricants in West Africa and Marine fuels in Morocco)

  • Learn and exchange best practices

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Key for partnership success

  • Proactively manage safety and respect ethics

  • Make partnership valuable to customers

  • Align workforce to operate within a global organization

  • Create a culture of discipline

  • Shareholders share the same vision and values and communicate effectively


Addax & Oryx



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Partnership – Good to Great

“The most successful companies will be those that exploit knowledge more effectively than their competitors ”

Jim collins

Partnerships provide private business family with access to the knowledge and its effective transfer to the business


Addax & Oryx



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