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What makes Swimming Technology Research worth your time/money? 10 Good Reasons You’ll Want to Consider!

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What makes Swimming Technology Research worth your time/money? 10 Good Reasons You’ll Want to Consider!.

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What makes Swimming Technology Research worth your time/money?

10 Good Reasons You’ll Want to Consider!

Competitive swimming is a challenging sport - where winners are determined by a fraction of a second and the difference is a constantly evolving combination of technique, strength, training and personal motivation.

Joining that elite circle of winners has never been harder. That’s why you need an edge, an advantage that Swimming Technology Research has been providing coaches, swimmers and triathletes for over 20 years.

If you’re ready to not just be better but be great, it’s time to make STR part of your winning swimming strategy.

Rod Havriluk


Swimming Technology Research

ten reasons to choose

We guarantee results.

Ten Reasons to Choose

Because our advanced technology captures the most accurate and detailed information about technique, it’s easy to pinpoint the technique changes a swimmer must make to improve. That means we can show any swimmer - even Olympians - how to go faster. Guaranteed.

ten reasons to choose4

Our clients swim faster after we work with them.

Ten Reasons to Choose

Our client list includes swimmers, triathletes, coaches, teams, camps, universities, associations, national training centers, therapy clinics, and equipment companies. Just a few of the hundreds of comments we’ve received:

"In the first meet after your camp my daughter set a national record."

"She has been shaving time off free and fly and is seeing results! Thanks!“

“Two of our swimmers are now ranked in the top 25 in the world . . . thanks again for all your help.”

"Many thanks for helping him get to the next level!"

ten reasons to choose5

Our Patented Technology makes needed changes crystal clear.

Ten Reasons to Choose

Research shows that hand force is directly related to swimming velocity – if you generate more force, you swim faster. Aquanex measures hand force so swimmers can see how to make technique changes to generate more force and go faster.

ten reasons to choose6

Our biomechanical model demonstrates perfect technique, something you may not see in a pool.

Ten Reasons to Choose

Research shows that even the world’s fastest swimmers have technique limitations. MONA was developed by STR to demonstrate optimal technique.Seeing is believing!

ten reasons to choose7

All of our strategies are research-based.

Ten Reasons to Choose

Our analysis procedures and instructional strategies are backed by well-documented results and data collected over thousands of trials with swimmers of all ages and ability levels, from age group to elite performers.

ten reasons to choose8

We offer an Integrated Approach to analysis and instruction.

Ten Reasons to Choose

Our unique combination of instructional strategies and proven analysis technology ensures the most accurate information for swimmers, coaches and parents - -so swimmers can more easily understand a change and why it’s needed.

ten reasons to choose9

We have international experience and recognition.

Ten Reasons to Choose

Don’t take our word for this: do a web search on Swimming Technology, or Dr. Havriluk, or both. Or check the media features on our website. Or check out international conferences on Biomechanics and Swimming. And watch the STR website for announcements on STR travel plans: we could be coming to a pool near you! Join the dozens of countries that have already benefitted from our products and services.

ten reasons to choose10

Swimmers working with STR have made more progress in one week than in the previous two years.

Ten Reasons to Choose

One of the most exciting and rewarding parts of our work is to actually measure the difference that even a small technique adjustment can make in a swimmer’s performance. Our technology presents irrefutable data that a coach or swimmer can use to verify, reinforce and sustain improvements.

ten reasons to choose11

Dr. Havriluk is an internationally-recognized expert on the biomechanics of swimming.

Ten Reasons to Choose

He’s also a former Coach, Active and Collaborating Researcher, Patent Holder, Successful Businessman, and Swimmer. He taught biomechanics at Indiana University, where he now sits on the Board of Directors for the ‘Doc’ Counsilman Center for the Science of Swimming, and was most recently an adjunct biomechanics professor at Florida State University. He is a frequent contributor to a number of swimming- and biomechanics- related publications, has been featured in books and on television, and his research has been presented at international conferences.

ten reasons to choose12

You’re ready to win!

Ten Reasons to Choose

Benjamin Franklin said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. "

(Kinda says it all, doesn’t it!) And if you’ve spent those gazillion hours in the pool, you already know that more time and more miles can’t be the only things you need to win.


If you’re ready to make the changes you need to swim really fast, contact Swimming Technology Research at:

Dr. Havriluk can be reached directly at: