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Madrid Natural Parks. These are some of the natural parks of Madrid:. 2. 3. 4. 1. 5. 6. 7. 8. Parque Natural Cumbres. 1. Its climate is Mediterranean and continental Its plant: wild pine and oak alpine pastures and grasslands,

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Parque Natural Cumbres


Its climate is Mediterranean and continental

Its plant: wild pine and oak alpine pastures and grasslands,

shrubs (blueberries, matgrass),alpine meadows, undergrowth,brush (broom and piorno Their Fauna: black vulture, imperial eagle, crows,

salamanders, bluethroat , and mountain lizard, butterflies. Excursions: Routes from Port Dimensions and routes of the Camino del Collado Nevero.

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Parque Regional de los ríos Manzanares

Is a wetland formed by the junction of 2 rivers

Their Flora: oak Mancha, riverine forests, thickets and reed

Your Animals: hedgehog, trout, carp, snake, common frog, common toad, weasel,

hare, boar, wild cat, duck, duck, cigüeñasm herons, storks, peregrine falcon,

black kites, kestrels, foxes, badgers


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Parque Lineal del Manzanares

Their Flora: riparian forest consists of alder, Atocha, ash and elm. Their Fauna: more representative: mallards, coots, zumpullines,

tits, cappuccino, pigeons, nets and magpies. Tours: in the former may go hiking on foot or by bike, photography,


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Parque Regional de la Cuenca Alta del Manzanares

The weather: contienental Mediterranean, with heavy rains and cold. Their Flora: pine, oak, ash, Turkey oak, thyme, rosemary and rock rose. Their Fauna: wild boar, chamois, griffon vulture, imperial eagle, mountain goat. Trips to the park: Birth of the Manzanares River, Reservoir Santiallana,

Valle de la Barranca, Sierra del Hoyo de Manzanares, La Pedriza, Los Chorros,

the Green Pond, Bridge of chicken, towers of La Pedriza.


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Reserva Natural del Regajal-Mar de Ontígola

Is located south of Madrid and south of Aranjuez.

It was declared a Natural Reserve in 1994 and has 635 acres.Their Flora: reeds, cattails and rushes. Your Wildlife: butterflies, insects.


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Reserva Natural del Monte del Pardo

It is located north of the city. It covers an area of 16,000 hectares of Mediterranean forest.

It is part of the lung of oxygen in the capital. Their Flora: forest type is composed of oak meadows, oaks and junipers. Their Fauna: golden eagles, deer, roe deer, boars, rabbits.


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Parque Regional del río Guadarrama

A wetland is located along the river Guadarrama,

is part of what has been called the ecological corridor of the capital.

It consists of groves, upland areas, oak Mediterranean forests, rock and broom.


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Paraje Natural del Pinar de Abantos

Situated in Sierra de Malagon, at Mount Abantos. Its terrain is mountainous, full of hills, hills and valleys and has few plains. Their Flora: pine forests. Their Fauna: small mammals and insects.