multiplayer mobile games business models for a new mainstream market in gaming
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- Multiplayer Mobile Games - Business Models for a new Mainstream Market in Gaming

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- Multiplayer Mobile Games - Business Models for a new Mainstream Market in Gaming. Hendrik H. Heimer - CEO / Founder - IDATE Video Game Forum 22.11.2005 Montpellier (France). About eWave Interactive.

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multiplayer mobile games business models for a new mainstream market in gaming

- Multiplayer Mobile Games -Business Models for a new Mainstream Market in Gaming

Hendrik H. Heimer

- CEO / Founder -

IDATE Video Game Forum


Montpellier (France)

about ewave interactive
About eWave Interactive
  • eWave is the gaming label of NAVUS GmbH (10 years of excellence in software research for industry, EU and ESA)
  • eWave will become an independent business in 2006
  • Business focus on
    • Massively multiplayer mobile games
    • Multiplayer platform technology (real-time, mobile payment)
    • Mobile marketing
  • 1st prize at the Game Olympics with KILLING FIELDS , the world-wide first multiplayer real-time strategy game for mobile phones
  • Football Manager game for the FIFA World Cup in progress; 500.000 players in 8 European countries
  • More multiplayer games will be releasead in 2006
the future of gaming is mobile
The Future of Gaming is Mobile!
  • "As computer games become increasingly persistent,
  • there will be an increasing demand to access
  • the game information at all times."
  • Guido Henkel (Game Over Magazine, 2004)

Increasingly persistent worlds...

In 2005, online game revenues will outrun desktop games (million USD).

Total MMOG subscribers (1997-2005)


... and increasing mobile access...


SD –

will result in converging markets
...will result in converging markets
  • Step 1: massively multiplayer mobile games will enter the market
  • Step 2: cross-platform MMOGs will offer a mobile "window" to the persistent game world
  • Step 3: Main access to the game will be through mobile devices
mobile access to persistent game worlds
Mobile Access to persistent Game Worlds

Online games will offer different device specific

"windows" to the persistent game world.

nice theory but can it happen
Nice theory, but can it happen?
  • Main constraints still are
  • Signal latency of data traffic
  • Jitter (variance of the latency)
  • Traffic costs (no cheap flat-rates)
  • Complex configuration of mobile phones for socket connections
  • Restricted IP access in some carrier networks
  • Blocked socket connections on some prepaid cards
  • Result: only 2 constraints have technical reasons, the rest are purely administrative and can be easily resolved.

Standard socket connection has a very irregular signal latency (Jitter) that makes a predictable game behaviour difficult.


The eWGS protocol provides a much smoother characteristics of the signal latency and is also much faster than sockets (~ 600 ms).

typical mmmg characteristics
Typical MMMG Characteristics
  • Server based game-engine
    • Allows a much higher complexity of the persistent game-world
    • Content can be changed/added dynamically
    • Device independend – many different mobile devices can connect
    • Secure – only registered users can connect
    • Scalable – server hardware is cheap; performance increases with # users
  • Real-time protocol, even with GPRS
  • In-game payment
  • Secure transactions (Triple DES encoded)
  • Content, content, content
example killing fields
  • Multiplayer RTS game for up to 100 players per map
  • Dynamic, server-based content
  • In-game payment and bonus system
    • Interface to CRANDY mobile payment
    • Pay-per-level
    • Bonus payment for completion of levels / highscore
  • 1st prize at the Game Olympics 2005
example football manager game
Example: Football Manager Game
  • Server based game engine
  • Highly scalable for 500,000+ players
  • Asynchroneous gameplay
  • Mobile payment interface to CRANDY
    • Transfer market for football players
    • Monthly subscriptions
    • Hugh money prizes, in total 100,000€ p.a.
  • Launch 01/2006 in 8 European countries, among them France, UK, Germany, Switzerland (depending on availability of CRANDY)
  • Game will be available for free
new business models
New Business Models
  • Games provided for free
  • In-game payment per play, per time, per level,...
    • Direct billing through mobile payment systems
    • No payment through carrier
    • No payment with PremiumSMS
  • Micropayment for game items (magic sword, football player,...)
  • Bonus system for long-term game attraction
  • Mobile marketing platform for
    • product placement (depending on game scenario)
    • in-game advertisement ( " )
    • sponsoring