Analyzing BCR Prompts and Making Graphic Organizers

Analyzing BCR Prompts and Making Graphic Organizers PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Objectives. You will be able to Analyze BCR/ECR promptsCreate graphic organizers to guide your BCR/ECR writingAgendaPresentation/ExamplePractice with BCR/ECR prompts. . . Describe. Write about a subject so the reader can easily visualize or imagine it . (tell us what you know). Evaluate. Examine something to give your opinion of its value or to judge its quality.

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Analyzing BCR Prompts and Making Graphic Organizers

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1. Analyzing BCR Prompts and Making Graphic Organizers Chris Beers-Arthur/Tom Barse Honors NSL

4. Describe

5. Evaluate

24. Outline Fiscal options in recession Increase spending i.Hire more government workers ii.Spend more on programs iii.Buy more things Tax cuts I.For the rich ii.For the poor Iii. For everyone iv.For businesses

25. Outline Evaluation Tax cuts increase money supply i. Government can target groups and businesses ii. Gives the government less money to spend iii. Example: cutting taxes for families with children Increased spending increases money supply i.Government can target specific programs ii.Costs more money iii. Example: spending more money on the war in Iraq

26. KEY Vocabulary for BCRs

27. KEY Vocabulary for BCRs

28. KEY Vocabulary for BCRs

29. Assignment Analyze (circle key words in different colors) each of the BCRs and the ECR Make a graphic organizer (either an outline or a concept-web) for each Make sure that your organizer covers the whole question and includes details and examples!

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