2005 agm non profit partners meeting
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2005 AGM Non-Profit Partners Meeting. Strategies for Seeking Corporate Support. Profile: Draper Laboratory. Non-profit, R&D lab in Cambridge Spun out of MIT in 1973 Develops tech/prototype systems for military & selected commercial sponsors

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2005 AGM Non-Profit Partners Meeting

Strategies for Seeking Corporate Support

Kathleen Granchelli 9/16/05

Profile draper laboratory l.jpg
Profile: Draper Laboratory

  • Non-profit, R&D lab in Cambridge

  • Spun out of MIT in 1973

  • Develops tech/prototype systems for military & selected commercial sponsors

  • Expertise in guidance, navigation, and control technologies

  • Advanced tech ed part of mission

AGM Presentation 2005

Draper s contributions outreach programs l.jpg
Draper’s Contributions & Outreach Programs

  • Formalized in 1984

  • Contributions Budget DFY06 = $125K

  • Priorities:

    • educational programs in engineering, science, and technology

    • human services

  • Geographic focus: Cambridge

AGM Presentation 2005

Other cash contributions l.jpg
Other Cash Contributions

  • Annual UW campaign--$176K (2004) employee donations

  • Special matching gifts fund drives:

    9/11 Campaign $55K

    Tsunami Relief $79K

    Katrina Relief $132K

    Selected support to non-profits for ads/luncheons

AGM Presentation 2005

Value added support l.jpg
Value-added Support

  • Volunteer

    Bd. Memberships: non-profit and civic organizations

    Educational programs/events: schools, non-profits

    Corporate-sponsored programs: Keypal, UW Com. Care, teacher and student summer internships

  • Collaborations/Memberships

    KCG, Cambridge Funders, Cambridge Chamber CO, AGM

  • Inkind:

    Furniture + equipment donations

    Selected printing/xerography services

    Technical support

AGM Presentation 2005

How to reach funders l.jpg
How To Reach Funders

  • Org’s website: contact info/guidelines

  • Brief introduction: phone call/e-mail

  • Note: contact could be Public Affairs, Community Relations, Human Resources, the giving program director, asst. to CEO

AGM Presentation 2005

Suggested approaches l.jpg
Suggested Approaches

  • Read + follow guidelines!! Make sure your request is strategically aligned with funder’s mission/giving history

  • Use common sense—e.g. don’t ask one tech/sw co. to support your purchase of another co’s product

  • Write clear, concise proposals

  • Be able to articulate to funders direct benefit of the gift—depending on the funders, this can span spectrum from stats on success of program to providing publicity & recognition

  • “Each pitch should be from the head and the heart”—why is this a good investment for the funders?

AGM Presentation 2005

Suggested approaches8 l.jpg
Suggested Approaches

  • Follow up if you don’t hear status on your request— “Be persistent but not annoying”

  • Utilize personal contacts—your board members, employees of the org., etc. for initial contacts and/or follow up

  • Update funders on developments/program during the year via newsletter, etc.; submit end-of-year report

  • Thank funders

AGM Presentation 2005

So you re rejected l.jpg
So You’re Rejected…

  • Funders have limited resources and cannot fund all worthy proposals

  • Emerging industries do not have a lot of cash

  • Important to follow up why grant was denied

  • Learn, improve if flaw was made known, move on to other organizations/strategies

AGM Presentation 2005

Other tips l.jpg
Other Tips

  • Ensure that your organization has a good reputation; financial accountability and transparency are critical

  • Strong board working with strong E.D. is key to success

  • Network, benchmark, find mentor(s)

  • Explore collaborations to support your work and increase visibility

  • Develop expertise in your field where you can be called upon to speak or comment upon subject

  • Assess whether a signature program would help

  • Carve out time for your own professional development—training in field, software applications, electronic communication; stay current on developments in field

AGM Presentation 2005

Matching gifts l.jpg
Matching Gifts

  • AGM surveyed funders; showed avg. use 16.3%

  • Each org. has eligibility requirements for employees a/w/a grantees

  • Matching cash gifts; also matching cash to volunteer efforts

  • Gillette: Dollars for Doers-$250/employee vol. 40hrs./yr.

  • Timberland to launch similar program in ’05

  • Harvard Pilgrim mini-grants program up to $500/org.

  • IBM matching volunteer + product donation/cash

  • MIT Community Service Fund

  • Millipore vol. service grants program to orgs. where employees vol. for yr, min. 8hrs/mo.

  • State Street cash matches up to $5K/yr. if in one of its focus areas

AGM Presentation 2005

Volunteer programs l.jpg
Volunteer Programs*

  • J. Jill Co. employees can vol. 1day/yr.

  • Genzyme Invests in Volunteer Efforts: employee-led and coordinated vol. teams + cash donation from $1-10K

  • IBM On Demand Community cash + technology donations via employee proposals

  • State Street 2 pd. release days/yr.; flextime for other vol. efforts (20% partic.); consult. prog. for nonprofits in partnership with BU

  • New Balance group service projects + personal vol. benefit (8 hrs.)

  • UW Community Care Day for UW-funded agencies

  • Blue Cross signature vol. prog.—Blue Crew—co.-wide service day

  • *Most information on matching gifts and volunteer programs taken from AGM surveys.

AGM Presentation 2005