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WRITE A WINNING RESUME. Facilitator’s Name Phone Number Email Address. creating a resume with impact!. Job Search Success Pyramid. The ICC offers several workshops to help you through the job search process.

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Write a winning resume


Facilitator’s Name

Phone Number

Email Address

creating a resume with impact!

Job search success pyramid
Job Search Success Pyramid

The ICC offers several workshops to help you through the job search process.

Don’t forget to take Self-Assessments or try Informational Interviews before starting the Job Search Success Pyramid. Ask an ICC advisor for more info.


Your resume is your Marketing Brochure

  • Identifies what you have to offer

  • Explains what contributions you can make

  • Targeted directly to the specific needs of the employer

  • Can be given to references

  • Used in the interview as a guide by employer

  • Main purpose: to get you an interview!

Resume formats
Resume Formats


  • Easy to read, employer preferred

  • Presents education and work experience in reverse chronological order

    TIP! Very effective if majority of education and work experience is related to objective

Resume formats1
Resume Formats


  • Focuses on skills and abilities you have used that relate to the objective

  • Often used by career changers, graduate students and postdocs

  • Groups experience (including volunteer work and extracurricular activities) under functional skill headings (e.g. research, writing, marketing)

Resume formats2
Resume Formats


  • Uses elements of both Chronological and Functional Format

  • Stresses skills and abilities

  • Provides job/experience descriptions

    TIP! See Career Resource Manual for an example!

Resume formats government
Resume Formats-Government

  • Federal resumes have unique requirements

    • Check www.resume-place.com for information

    • See an ICC Coordinator for assistance

Resume formats3
Resume Formats


  • Used by individuals seeking teaching and/or research positions in a post-secondary institution or high-level research industry

  • Often two or three pages for master or doctoral candidates

  • Workshops for C.V. writing are available by the Internship & Career Center.

Necessary categories
Necessary Categories


  • Your name

  • Address (include local and permanent if applicable)

  • Daytime telephone number - don’t forget area codes – more than one number is o.k.- make it easy for the employer to reach you

  • Make sure your voice message is professional sounding – no music, jokes, etc.

  • Email address – moniker should be professional, create a separate account exclusively for job search if needed through one of free ISPs

Necessary categories1
Necessary Categories


  • Need only be the job title you are applying for

  • Many career hubs will allow you to upload more than one version of your resume and designate which one to be “active”

  • Statements such as, “A challenging position that will utilize my ___ skills” is not necessary – recruiters just want to know what position you are applying for

Necessary categories2
Necessary Categories


  • Can be bulleted or in columns

    • For examples, see the Career Resource Manual

  • List skills you can perform with little or no direction

  • General skills, including communication (written and verbal), problem-solving, managerial, etc.

  • Visit www.damngood.com for Summary ideas

Necessary categories3
Necessary Categories


  • Research - list research skills with which you are familiar

  • Laboratory - list techniques, procedures and/or equipment

  • Language - indicate fluency level, specify if you can read/write/speak the language

  • Computer – list software applications

    • can use “Proficient in” and “Familiar with” to qualify skill level

  • IT resumes will list hardware, software, operating systems, etc.

Necessary categories4
Necessary Categories


  • List highest degree first, followed by other degrees received; date to be conferred

  • AA is optional unless it has relevance to the job objective

  • High school diploma not necessary

  • GPA if 3.0+ (check specific major for guidelines)

Necessary categories5
Necessary Categories


  • List Relevant Coursework

    • See Career Resource Manual for examples

  • Put in columns or can list in bullet format with a brief description, for example:

    • Research Methods in Psychology: Designed and conducted experimental and non-experimental studies, doing descriptive statistical analysis, hypothesis testing, data collection and analysis, results interpretation and report writing.

Necessary categories6
Necessary Categories


  • List job title, employer, city, state, dates of employment

  • List jobs in reverse chronological order

  • Use accomplishment statements whenever possible to describe experience and add impact

    • Start with an action verb to add interest

Necessary categories7
Necessary Categories

EXPERIENCE continued

  • Accomplishment statements examples:

    • Reorganized pharmaceutical sample cabinet and developed inventory tracking system to ensure sample medications were consistently stocked and easy to locate by physicians and staff.

    • Promoted to team lead as a result of consistently demonstrating excellent organizational skills and completing projects on or before deadlines.

Necessary categories8
Necessary Categories

EXPERIENCE continued

  • When not using an accomplishment statement, describe how well you performed job tasks

    • Start bullet point with an adverb, for example:

      • Accurately filed documents to ensure staff had easy and quick access to all critical information.

      • Strictly adhered to all safety and infection prevention standards.

      • Tactfully and courteously handled difficult customers at busy, high-volume retail outlet.

Necessary categories9
Necessary Categories

EXPERIENCE continued

  • Use the SAR approach to brainstorm accomplishments

  • Situation, Action, Result

  • Quantify results when possible

    • Ran culture studies on 85 amoebas, daily, over a two-month time period contributing to three successful research projects

Necessary categories10
Necessary Categories

EXPERIENCE continued

  • Add impact to your resume by giving a sense of scope:

    • Fast-paced office (store, restaurant)

    • Seven person team

    • Ten person office

    • $80 million dollar company

    • Upscale restaurant

    • Popular eatery

    • High volume store

    • Highest volume store in the tri-county region

    • Supervised 10 member team

    • Promoted to team lead within 3 months

Necessary categories11
Necessary Categories

EXPERIENCE continued

  • Create special sections (e.g. Related Experience, Research Experience, Marketing Experience

    • For examples, see Career Resource Manual

  • May include significant academic assignments and relevant extra-curricular activities

Optional categories
Optional Categories

  • Honors/Awards/Hobbies/Interests

    • Avoid listing those which may be controversial

  • Extra-Curricular Activities/Professional Affiliations

    • List memberships and offices held

  • Licenses, Certifications, Credentials, Training

    • Related items only (CPR, First Aid, Hazardous Materials Training, Prof. Engr., MCSE, etc.)

    • Place in Summary/Skills section if important to job requirements

Optional categories1
Optional Categories

  • Publications

    • List articles published and those accepted for publication

    • May include in experience section

  • Computer Skills

    • Unless critical for job then put in Summary/Skills section at top of resume

  • Military Service

    • May include in experience section

General guidelines
General Guidelines

  • Length

    • Generally 1 page (especially recent grads)

    • Two pages with extensive related experience

  • Layout – DO NOT use a template

    • Must be easy to read – most resumes get a 20 second glance, initially

    • Use white space, bullet points (non-bulleted o.k. as long as text is limited to one or two short sentences; avoid large paragraphs or big blocks of type).

    • Choose standard font in 10-12 point size

    • Name should be in larger font but 18pt max

General guidelines1
General Guidelines

  • Layout continued

    • Paper color – white, beige, grey, ivory

    • 24 lb. quality resume paper, one-sided only

    • Proofread!! Have at least three other people read your resume. Don’t rely on Spell-check!

    • Watch present/past tense

    • No personal pronouns

    • Tailor contents to each job

    • No need to use line, “References furnished upon request” – recruiters know this already

The cover letter
The Cover Letter

  • Should always accompany each resume you send out

  • Establishes personal contact

  • Introduces resume, highlights experience and promotes your eligibility

  • Address it to a specific person

  • Print on good quality paper (match resume)

  • Use standard business formatStress how your skills, education, experience can benefit the employer

  • Close by indicating your interest in the position and follow-up plans

Reference page
Reference Page

  • Take with you to an interview or include with resume only when requested

  • Three to six names; your contact information at the top, with the title, “REFERENCES”

  • Ask before listing – include name and all contact information with email address

  • No relatives, friends, other students

  • Send references a copy of your resume

  • Notify references if you think they may be contacted; provide information about the job you are applying for

  • Thank people who serve as a reference by sending thank you email/note

Thank you

  • Attend the Online Resumes Workshop for specifics about electronic resumes

  • Any questions?

    Visit icc.ucdavis.edu

    Call 530.752.2855

    Visit the 2nd & 3rd floors of South Hall or the Buehler Alumni & Visitors Center