Views of administration of justice
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Views of Administration of Justice. Student Learning Outcome. On the completion of this section, students will be able to discuss the concepts that define the criminal justice system and the various components of the system.

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Views of administration of justice l.jpg

Views of Administration of Justice

Student learning outcome l.jpg
Student Learning Outcome

  • On the completion of this section, students will be able to discuss the concepts that define the criminal justice system and the various components of the system.

Is it really a system l.jpg
Is it really a system?

  • Is the criminal justice system or administration of justice really a system?

    • Police

    • Courts

    • Corrections

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  • Law enforcement agencies

    • investigating crimes and apprehending suspects

  • The court system

    • Determination of guilt of suspect

  • Correctional System

    • Treating, incapacitating and rehabilitating

The criminal justice system l.jpg
The criminal justice system

  • 55,000 public agencies

    • 17,000 are police agencies

  • 17,000 courts

    • 8000 prosecutorial agencies

  • 6000 correctional institutions

  • 3500 probation and parole departments

  • Approximately 2 million involved in the criminal justice system, 900,000 in law enforcement

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The formal criminal justice process l.jpg
The Formal Criminal Justice Process

  • Initial contact

  • Investigation

  • Arrest

  • Custody

  • Charging

  • Preliminary Hearing/Grand Jury

  • Arraignment

  • Bail/Detention

The formal criminal justice process8 l.jpg
The Formal Criminal Justice Process

  • Plea Bargaining

  • Trial/AdjudicAppeal/Post Conviction Remedies

  • Correctional Treatment

  • Release

  • Post Release

The informal justice system l.jpg
The Informal Justice System

  • The Formal Justice System rarely works in a step-by-step process

  • The Criminal Justice Wedding Cake (Samuel Walker)

    • Celebrated cases

    • Serious felonies

    • Less serious felonies

    • Misdemeanors

Crime control perspective l.jpg
Crime Control Perspective

  • James Q. Wilson in “Thinking about Crime”

    • People are wicked

    • Prevent crime through sanctions

    • Criminals should fear the justice system

    • Legal technicalities and “bleeding heart” judges should be abolished

    • The focus should be on the victim

Crime control perspective history l.jpg
Crime Control Perspective History

  • The worse crime gets, the more advocates for deterrence

  • 1764 Cesare Beccaria

    • On Crime and Punishment

  • Certainty and Celerity of Punishment

  • Jeremy Bentham

    • Introduction to the Principles of Morals And Legislation

Rehabilitation perspective l.jpg
Rehabilitation perspective

  • The purpose of the justice system is to treat and care for offenders who cannot treat or care for themselves

    • The goal is lifestyle improvement

    • Criminals are victims

    • There are alternatives to crime

Due process perspective l.jpg
Due Process Perspective

  • Criminal justice should provide fair and equitable treatment

    • Nonadversarial view of the court room workgroup

Nonintervention perspective l.jpg
Nonintervention Perspective

  • Being involved in the criminal justice process stigmatizes a person

    • Decriminalize

    • Legalize victimless crimes

    • DE-institutionalize punishment

    • Community-based treatment programs

Justice perspective l.jpg
Justice Perspective

  • Law violators should be viewed by their current behavior, not their prior behavior

    • Punishment should be equitably administered