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Disaster Recovery and Clean Up PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Disaster Recovery and Clean Up. You Don’t Have to Do It Alone. Mike Carroll. City of Orlando Solid Waste Division Manager. Should You Prepare for Disaster Recovery?. If you are within 200 miles of the Southeast coast (from the Potomac River to Texas) If you are in a flood prone area - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Disaster Recovery and Clean Up

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Disaster recovery and clean up

Disaster Recovery and Clean Up

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Mike carroll

Mike Carroll

City of Orlando

Solid Waste Division Manager

Should you prepare for disaster recovery

Should You Prepare for Disaster Recovery?

  • If you are within 200 miles of the Southeast coast (from the Potomac River to Texas)

  • If you are in a flood prone area

  • If you are in an area that has had tornados or severe thunderstorms

  • If you are in an area that has ice storms

  • If you are near an active fault line

  • If you have a danger of wildfires

  • If you have the potential for man-made disaster

Do you need help preparing

Do You Need Help Preparing?

  • Are you sure you know how big a job you are facing?

  • Can you clean it all up in less than 2 weeks?

  • Can you pay for the clean up and disposal without help?

What kind of help

What Kind of Help?

  • Planning

  • Training exercises

  • Debris removal

  • Monitoring

  • FEMA reimbursement assistance

Who can help

Who Can Help?

  • Other jurisdictions

  • Disaster recovery contractors

  • Consulting firms

  • Your annual contractors

  • State emergency management offices

  • Federal Government

    • FEMA

    • US Corps of Engineers

Other jurisdictions

Other Jurisdictions

  • State Departments

    • DOT, Forestry, etc.

  • Other Cities/Counties

    • Were they hit?

    • Do they have excess capacity

    • Do you have excess staff to support them?

Disaster recovery contractors

Disaster Recovery Contractors

  • Preposition before the disaster

  • Select with a RFP not a bid

  • They have a lot of capacity and experience

  • They will train with you

Consulting firms

Consulting Firms

  • Planning before disaster

  • Monitoring of clean up & disposal

  • Reimbursement assistance

  • They will train with you

Annual contractors

Annual Contractors

  • Can provide clean up services

    • street sweepers, tree removal, etc.

  • Selected competitively

  • You know their work

  • They know your city

State emergency management offices

State Emergency Management Offices

  • Training for events

  • Unmet needs

  • Experience in the documentation process

Us corps of engineers

US Corps of Engineers

At the request of State EOC

Federal Government runs the job

  • Their pace & priorities

    No monitoring

    No cash flow issues

Federal government

Federal Government

  • FEMA (Training & Funding)

    • Incident Command Structure

    • Debris Management Course

    • Money goes to the State

  • Federal Highway Administration

    • State and Federal aid roads

Recipe for disaster recovery

Recipe for Disaster Recovery

  • Plan for disaster recovery

  • Select and train a Debris Manager

  • Create a Debris Management FOC

  • Preposition your help

  • Train for disasters

  • Repeat as needed

Orlando s plan

Orlando’s Plan

  • Debris Manager & FOC

  • Debris contractors in place

    • DRC, Inc

    • Phillips & Jordan

    • Crowder-Gulf

    • Ashbritt

  • Prepositioned monitoring firm

    • Beck Disaster Recovery

  • Two training exercises per year

This matters because

This Matters Because ?

You want your community restored

You want life to be normal again

You don’t want this to cost more than it has to

If you do a good job, YOU can be proud of it for the rest of your life

Thank you and be prepared

Thank You and Be Prepared!

Mike Carroll

1028 S Woods Ave, Orlando, FL 32805


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