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Welcome, EdPsy 387 students! PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome, EdPsy 387 students!. Who am I?. Jim Levin Department of Educational Psychology College of Education My background. Who are you?. Post in the WebBoard “Welcome” conference Your name Where you work and what you do Your goals for this class. Introduction.

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Welcome, EdPsy 387 students!

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Welcome edpsy 387 students l.jpg

Welcome, EdPsy 387 students!

Who am i l.jpg

Who am I?

Jim Levin

Department of Educational Psychology

College of Education

My background

Who are you l.jpg

Who are you?

  • Post in the WebBoard “Welcome” conference

    • Your name

    • Where you work and what you do

    • Your goals for this class

Introduction l.jpg


  • Course web site: http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/courses/edpsy387/fa01/

Plan for edpsy 387 l.jpg

Plan for EdPsy 387

  • Project-oriented

  • Strong links to your own interests

  • Highly interactive

Project oriented course l.jpg

Project-oriented course

  • Mini projects

  • Major project

Office hours l.jpg

Office hours

  • Monday, 10am-11am, 230C Ed Bldg

  • Electronic office hours: j-levin@uiuc.edu

Educational uses of the web from surfing to serving l.jpg

Educational uses of the web:“From surfing to serving”

  • Initially people see the Internet as a vast source of information

  • The web as a distributed hypermedia

Hypertext hypermedia l.jpg

Hypertext & Hypermedia

  • Our class web page as a hypertext

  • What is hypertext?

  • Text that can be read in multiple ways

  • Print hypertexts?

  • Hypermedia: hypertext+graphics+sound+video+animation+etc.= hypertextual multimedia

The world wide web l.jpg

The World-Wide Web

  • A distributed hypermedia

  • Different parts can be on different computers all around the world, with hypertextual links via the Internet

Web surfing l.jpg

Web surfing

  • Web “surfing”

    • Advantages

    • Disadvantages

Surfing to serving l.jpg

Surfing to Serving

  • Web Serving:

    • Advantages

    • Disadvantages

Education and the web l.jpg

Education and the web

  • The Global Schoolnet web site

    • Harnessing the Power of the Web

Search engines l.jpg

Search Engines

  • Databases of web resources

  • Two kinds

    • Directories (human classified) - Ex: Yahoo

    • Web crawler-based (not human classified) - Ex: Excite

  • Which to use?

    • Use whichever ones you find useful

    • When you don’t find one useful, switch to another

Understanding urls l.jpg

Understanding URLs

  • A unique address for each web resource

  • Structure: what + which computer + which file

  • Example:http://www.ed.uiuc.edu/courses/edpsy387/sp01/index.html

  • What kind of resource: http:// -> Web file

  • Which computer: www.ed.uiuc.edu

  • Which file: courses/edpsy387/sp01/index.html

Understanding computer names l.jpg

Understanding Computer Names

  • Domain names: used both for computer names in URLs and in email addresses (whatever is the to the right of the @ sign)

  • Like a postal address, but with “.” instead of new line as separator

  • Most general to most specific, right to left

Example www ed uiuc edu l.jpg


  • From the right: edu -> US higher education institution

    • com --> US commercial institution

    • gov --> US federal government

    • org --> US non-profit

    • us --> US

    • mx -> Mexico

    • au -> Australia

    • Country code list: http://www.nsrc.org/codes/country-codes.html

Example www ed uiuc edu18 l.jpg


  • Next to the left: uiuc

    • University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

  • Email example: l-gomez@nwu.edu

    • Northwestern University

Example www ed uiuc edu19 l.jpg

Example: www.ed.uiuc.edu

  • computers in the Education Building at UIUC

  • www.beckman.uiuc.edu is a computer at the Beckman Institute

Example www ed uiuc edu20 l.jpg

Example: www.ed.uiuc.edu

  • www --> a particular computer in Room 10 of the Education Building

Sending saving urls l.jpg

Sending/saving URLs

  • Have to get the URL exactly right (sometimes case mAtTeRs; no spaces)

  • Copy & paste is best

  • Emailing a URL from your web browser

    • Advantages: can do anywhere

    • Disadvantages: need to set & then unset email preferences

  • Emailing yourself

Using urls to evaluate web sites l.jpg

Using URLs to evaluate web sites

  • Largest level domain: .edu vs. .com vs. …

  • Subdomain elements: .ed.uiuc vs. .cs.uiuc

  • Directory elements: /students/joe/ vs. /facstaff/chip/

  • Institutional vs. personal pages: /deans/ vs. /~jlevin/

Search engines23 l.jpg

Search Engines

  • Yahoo & Open Directory: human classified databases of web sites

  • Google, Excite, Hotbot, etc.: automatic databases of web sites

    Web spiders

For next week l.jpg

For next week

  • Post in the “Welcome” conference

  • Skim through the Global Schoolnet website

  • Search for an exemplary educational website, post in that conference the name, URL, and why you think it is exemplary

  • Read Nan Goggin’s web design guide & skim the Yale Style Guide

Digital photo l.jpg

Digital Photo

  • To be used (if you choose to do so) on your eportfolio web page or as your “signature” in WebBoard

Webboard l.jpg


  • A commercial web-based conferencing system

  • Log in:

  • Username: your net-id

  • Password: your net-id (change it)

C base l.jpg


  • A web-based computer-supported evaluation system

  • Username: your net-id

  • Password: your net-id (change it)

  • Login