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Social media opportunities and challenges
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Social Media: Opportunities and challenges. JCG NEW MEDIA. Topics. Introduction Defining social media The Players Media Opportunities Types of opportunities Early testing Challenges Summary and Questions. Introduction. What is Social Media?

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Social Media: Opportunities and challenges

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Social media opportunities and challenges l.jpg

Social Media: Opportunities and challenges


Topics l.jpg


  • Introduction

    • Defining social media

    • The Players

  • Media Opportunities

    • Types of opportunities

    • Early testing

  • Challenges

  • Summary and Questions

Introduction l.jpg


  • What is Social Media?

    • Internet- and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information among human beings.

    • Activities that integrate

      • Technology

      • Telecommunications

      • Social interaction

      • Building shared experiences

  • What is it really?

    • A much easier way to blog

    • A more effective way to share

    • It can be insane!

Introduction4 l.jpg


  • Does Anyone Else Find This Ironic?

Introduction5 l.jpg


  • Who are the Major Players?

    • MySpace

    • Facebook

    • LinkedIn

    • Friendster

    • Bebo

    • Orkut

    • SecondLife

    • Flickr

    • Twitter

Facebook l.jpg


  • 300 Million Users

    • Approximately 90 million in the U.S.

    • 50% log in daily

    • Fastest growing demographic is 35+

    • Average user has 130 friends

    • 2 Billion pictures are uploaded to the site every month

  • What is it really?

    • A much easier way to blog

    • A more effective way to share

Facebook7 l.jpg


Linkedin l.jpg


  • Corporate/Professional Networking

    • 45 Million Professionals

  • Reaching Out To Other Professionals

    • Maintain, renew contacts

Linkedin9 l.jpg


My space l.jpg

My Space

Slide11 l.jpg


Friendster loop l.jpg

Friendster Loop

Media opportunities l.jpg

Media Opportunities

  • What are the Primary Media Opportunities?

    • Traditional Ads on Networking Sites

    • Social Currency

    • Profiles on Networking Sites

    • Creating Your Own Network

Traditional ads l.jpg

Traditional Ads

  • Text or Banner ads served up on pages, usually at the sides, top or bottom

    • Pros

      • Can be extremely targeted to the content on the page

      • Can be purchased on a CPC basis

    • Cons

      • Cannot control other content on the page

  • Sometimes considered to be ‘traditional’ marketing, and not ‘social media marketing’

Facebook testing l.jpg

Facebook Testing

  • Globe Life Juvenile Insurance

    • Tens of Thousands of Impressions

    • Hundreds of Clicks

    • Tens of Applications

    • Didn’t pay out

  • Prudential Term Life

    • Strong initial performance

    • Failed to meet financial hurdles

Traditional ads16 l.jpg

Traditional Ads

Traditional ads17 l.jpg

Traditional Ads

Traditional ads18 l.jpg

Traditional Ads

Traditional ads19 l.jpg

Traditional Ads

Traditional ads20 l.jpg

Traditional Ads

Social currency l.jpg

Social Currency

  • Creating Virtual Currency

    • Get rewarded for online activities

      • Sign up for an application/service

      • Play a game

    • Use the currency to “buy” virtual gifts, services

  • Virtual Currency = Real Consumer Data

    • Essentially co-registration data

    • Or worse yet “incented” data

  • Explosive Revenue Growth—For Now

Geico facebook page l.jpg

Geico Facebook Page

State farm facebook page l.jpg

State Farm Facebook Page

Allstate facebook sort of l.jpg

Allstate Facebook—Sort of

Creating a profile l.jpg

Creating a Profile

  • Companies can join networks as ‘members’ and create profile to represent either the company or a product or service

    • Pros

      • Direct communication and connection with consumers possible

    • Cons

      • More about brand identity than selling something concrete

      • Controlling image becomes full time job

Creating a network l.jpg

Creating a Network

  • Building a network of your own which users can join

    • Pros

      • Direct feedback from and interaction with consumers, like a focus group

    • Cons

      • Costly technology

      • Staff necessary to manage it

      • How do you measure ROI?

Challenges l.jpg


Challenges28 l.jpg


  • Cost Per Click Media Not Yet Viable

    • Display advertising has always been challenging

      • Conversion is very low

    • Competition from softer offers and brand advertisers drives the CPC price up

Challenges29 l.jpg


  • Trying Very Hard To Monetize The Environment

    • Social currency = “incented offers”

    • Co-Registration

  • Media Companies/Agencies Trying To Be Relevant

    • Teach you

    • Manage the process

    • Multi-platform management

Summary l.jpg


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