Chapter 20
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Film. Movie Trailer. Content. Chapter 20. Bionic Men and Women. Presenters: Jonas Josh  and Chris Instructor: Alice Chen . Video clips . Movie Trailer. Contents. Chapter 20. Bionic Men and Women. Presenters: Jonas Josh  and Chris

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Chapter 20

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Movie Trailer


Chapter 20

Bionic Men and Women

Presenters: JonasJosh and Chris

Instructor: Alice Chen

Video clips

Movie Trailer


Chapter 20

Bionic Men and Women

Presenters: JonasJosh and Chris

Instructor: Alice Chen Date: 8/27/2009

Bionic Woman

Video clips

Movie Trailer


Chapter 20

Bionic Men and Women

Presenters: JonasJosh and Chris

Instructor: Alice Chen Date: 8/27/2009




Bionic animal


Movie Trailer


Chapter 20

Bionic Men and Women

4.After you read


2. Summary and Q

5.Target Words

6.Using the Vocabulary

1.Before you read

7.Building on the Vocabulary

Do you believe that there will be a artificial hand in the future?

Before you read

  • artificial hand

  • true hand

What kind body parts can be replaced?

Artificial hand

Artificial joint

Artificial skin

Reading P183 -1

Summary: The bionic parts of our body will take place in the future.



In the movie StarWar,who gets

a new artificial hands ?

Reading P183 -2

Summary:Machines are already doing the jobs of various human body part.



What is the main goal that engineers study bionic for?

They study bionic in order to design machines that are similar to living thing.

Reading P183 -3

Summary: The example of the pacemaker.



What is the purpose of the pacemaker?

It keep someone’s heart beating regularly.

Summary:The communication between the body and the machine.

Reading P183 -4



Where do our brain send messages to

tell our body what to do ?

Brain send messages along nerves.

Reading P184 -5

Summary:Talking about transplants and its’problems.



What is the major problem for transplants ?

There are not enough hearts,kidneys

and so on,available,so hospital can't

keep up with the demand for transplants.

Reading P184 -6





Why researchers want to study the genes of salamander and earthworm?

They hope to learn how human might

do the same thing.

Summary:Another direction of bio-tec.

Reading P184 -7

Summary:Think about becoming a superman by bionics.



What does the word “cyborg” mean?

Half man,half machine.

Quick Comprehension Check

1. People can get new body parts only in the movies.


Reason: Machines are already doing the jobs of various human body parts.

  • Bionics means studying living things: how they are made and how they work.



  • Giving a man a pacemaker for his heart is an example of using bionics.

Quick Comprehension Check

  • Machines are our only hope for new body parts in the future.


Reason: Transplants are the other way for new body parts.


  • Some animals can grow new body parts if they need to.


  • In the movies, bionic body parts sometimes give people special abilities.


  • What does bionics means ? (Copy the definition from the reading and use quotation marks around it.)

Answer: Bionics means the study of how living things are made and how they work. (from p-2)

  • How do bionic devices help people?

Answer: Pacemaker can help someone whose heart beats too slowly or not regularly enough. Other bionic devices take the place of a body part which can’t work


  • What is another way to replace a body part that isn’t working?

Answer: Transplants.

  • What other way to replace body parts may be possible in the future?

Answer: Researchers are now studying the genes that let salamanders grow new legs, and they hope to learn how humans might do the same thing.

Paraphrasing and Quoting-(A)

  • What has happened thanks to developments in the field of bionics ? “There are people who____________.”

Answer: can see, hear, walk, or pick up their children because of artificial eyes, legs, and arms.

(from p-2)

  • Why has it been so hard to develop thing like artificial hands ?


Answer: A major problem in developing bionic parts has been setting up communication between the body and the machine. (from p-4)

Paraphrasing and Quoting-(A)

  • What is a transplant?


Answer: A transplant is an operation to move a body part.

(from p-5)

  • Why are researchers studying salamanders?


Answer: A salamander loses a leg, it can grow a new one.

(from p-6)

Paraphrasing and Quoting-(B)

  • What is a pacemaker ? What does it do ?____________.

Answer : It is a bionic device. (from p-3)

Answer : It keep our heart beat regularly.

(from p-3)

  • What is one problem with transplants ?______.

Answer : There are not enough organization. (from p-5)

  • Why might some people like the idea of getting bionic body parts?

Answer : If we maintain the bionic body part well , it couldn’t become older. It can give us super power. (from p-7)

Target Words and Phrases

1. to take or fill the place of

  • artificial

  • replace who is skilled in the principles or practice

of any branch of mechanical science

  • development

3.made by the art of man; produced by human skill

  • engineer make decorative plans or execute original work

  • design


  • within

6.the act of unfolding or developing

Target Words and Phrases fasten, or fix, to or on; connect

  • chest

  • beat apparatus for producing electricity

  • attach

9.the breast or thorax

  • battery


  • major throb

  • key


Target Words and Phrases

13.move as fast or do as much

  • keep up with

  • demand

14.for that or this reason

  • therefore

15.the act of claiming as due

  • turns him into


Vocabulary part-(A)

1.Some people have to get artificial eyes、ears、hands、and legs. Artificial means:

(a). not available (b). not natural (c). not connected

2.People sometimes designmachines to work like living things. Design means:

(a). draw plans for (b). deal in (c). take over

3.A machine may be needed to support a process within the body. Within means:

(a). beyond (b). according to (c). inside




Vocabulary part-(A)


4. A healthy heart beats slowly when a person is resting.

beats means:

(a). makes a regular movement (b). makes a living (c). make an investment

5. Doctors attach a pacemaker to a person is resting. attach means:

(a). block (b). connect (c). avoid

6. A pacemaker gets its power from a battery. battery means:

(a). a kind of software (b). a thing that provides

(c). a volunteer



Vocabulary part-(A)


7. The body and the bionic body part must communicate. Communication is key. key means:

(a). necessary for success (b). not likely to exist (c). Worth nothing


8. There is a great demand for transplants.

Demand means:

(a). The lifestyle people (b). the materials people use (c). the need people have


9. Transplants aren’t always possible when patients need them. Therefore, some people think bionics offers more hope for the future. Therefore means:

(a). Right away (b). because (c). for that reason

Vocabulary part-(A)


10. In the movie RoboCop, an operation turned a man into a cyborg. Turn (a person or thing) into (someone or something else ) means:

(a). change into (b). chew up (c). fill in

Vocabulary part-(B)


  • She ____ and made her own clothes.

 to make decorative plans or execute original work


  • Please ____ a recent photo to your application.

 connect


  • The restaurant had ____ flowers on the tables.

 made by the art of man


  • Our hotel was ____ walking distance of the city center.

 in the inner part; inside

Vocabulary part-(B)


  • My little radio isn’t working. It needs a new____ .

 an apparatus for producing electricity

  • His heart____ faster when he saw her.


 to throb

  • The____ thing is for the patient to believe in the treatment.


 importance

Turn them into

  • The army clams that it takes boys and____ men.

 become

Vocabulary part-(B)


  • The plan presented too many risks. ____ , he decided against it.

 for that or this reason


  • The company went out of business because there wasn’t enough ____ for their products.

 the act of claiming as due

Vocabulary part-(C)

  • They want to replace their old car.

  • Recent developments in medical research encourage us to hope.

  • The computer, automobile, and airline industries all employ engineers.

  • The young father held his baby against his chest.

  • We couldn’t keep up with the other runners, so we gave up.

  • The country has just two major political parties


  • __ = change (one person or thing for another)


  • __ =large or important


  • __ =changes that make something more advanced


  • __ =people who design machine , roads, bridges, etc.

keep up with

  • __ =move as fast or do as much (as someone else )

  • __ =the front part of a person’s body between the neck and the stomach


Building on the Vocabulary

  • Certain players have been key____ the success of the team.


  • He is aware____ the risks of smoking.


  • The child’s eating habits are normal____ his age.


  • Her situation is similar____ yours.


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