SAHARA Project

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Mutually distrusting and competitive service providers. Tragedy of the commons ... provided services. How to provide more sophisticated services without ...

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SAHARA Project

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Presentation Transcript

Slide 1:SAHARA Project

Mohave Group Kevin Lai, Z. Morley Mao, Bhaskaran Raman

Slide 2:Motivation

Mutually distrusting and competitive service providers Tragedy of the commons / prisoner's dilemma effect: competitiveness prevents maximization of utility of provided services How to provide more sophisticated services without global cooperation? e.g. mobility, multicast, Qos, composed services?

Slide 3:Solutions/Design Principles:

Overlay Build sophisticated services on top of lowest common denominator model of services Make minimal assumptions about underlying network services Must infer service characteristics through measurement Confederation: Stitch intra-domain functionality to form inter-domain service limited scope agreement to compose/exchange services May enable full translation of capabilities Full specification of service characteristics, but must verify.

Slide 4:Which is better model?

May depend on specific service Evaluation Deployability: provides more incentive and less cost to deploy Utility: maximizes overall system utility Scalability: scales up to global economy

Slide 5:What we should have for describing SAHARA…

Scenarios Goals Specific issues/projects Solutions/Mechanisms Design Principles

Slide 6:Scenarios

Mobile user in foreign domain Coverage by providers A & B A’s network overused, B’s underutilized Can network resources be shared across providers? User wishes to access email over cell-phone Need to choose nearby text-to-speech engine Web-access Two CDNs, one far away, one nearby Can the user’s web-pages be made available on the nearby CDN?

Slide 7:What we should have for describing SAHARA…

Scenarios Goals Specific issues/projects Solutions/Mechanisms Design Principles

Slide 8:Design Principles

Utility-based resource allocation Auctions, Congestion pricing Trust but verify Confederated composition Middleware (measurement) infrastructure Overlay composition

Slide 9:Problem/Issue – Mechanism – Principle

Wireless bandwidth allocation – WaveLAN (Jimmy) Utility-based resource allocation Congestion pricing

Slide 10:Problem/Issue – Mechanism – Principle

Content placement in CDNs (Yan Chen) Middleware meas. layer Internet host clustering Monitors in each cluster Periodic measurements

Slide 11:Problem/Issue – Mechanism – Principle

Wide-Area Service Composition (Bhaskar) Middleware meas. Layer for overlay composition Measurement betn. overlay peers Link-state-based propagation

Slide 12:Problem/Issue – Mechanism – Principle

Always Best Connected (Machi) Utility-based resource allocation? Auctions? Congestion pricing?

Slide 13:Problem/Issue – Mechanism – Principle

Inter-provider Connectivity Trust but verify BGP protocol verification mechanism? (Lakshmi)

Slide 14:Problem/Issue – Mechanism – Principle

Authorization framework for Service Composition (Suzuki) Design Principle? Authorization control infrastructure Authorization control protocol

Slide 15:Problem/Issue – Mechanism – Principle

VoIP Gateway Selection (Matt) Design principle? Maintain per-gateway routes Route exchanges?

Slide 16:Problem/Issue – Mechanism – Principle

Efficient bandwidth allocn. in overlay networks (Weidong) Design principle? Failure prob. model Centralized computation?

Slide 17:Problem/Issue – Mechanism – Principle

Broadcast Inter-Networking Inter-domain Multicast (Mukund) Design principle? Gateways for inter-operation

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