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Planet Presentations Room 10 . Venus. Chris Koertge Angelica Eggleston Courtney Shotts. Important Facts.

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Chris Koertge

Angelica Eggleston

Courtney Shotts

important facts
Important Facts

Venus is the second planet in our solar system. Venus is 67,230,000 miles away from the sun. All the way around Venus is 7,521 miles wide. The atmosphere is carbon dioxide. On Venus, it gets to be 900 degrees F. Venus has no moons. It takes 224 Earth days for one year. For the rotation of the sun it is 243 Earth days.

name and symbols
Name and Symbols

The Romans named for the goddess of love and beauty

more to know
More to Know

The temperature on Venus is 900 degrees.

The atmosphere on Venus is carbon dioxide

Venus has 0 moons.

Venus has 0 rings



Brianna Duff

Desiree Heldman

Frank Hendricks

important facts7
Important Facts

Mars is the fourth planet in the solar system. Mars is a red color because it has iron in the soil. Mars has long canals in the soil. That means that water once flowed on Mars. The water froze in the polar ice caps. Mars is half the size of Earth. A meteorite from Mars on Earth that had fossil’s in it.

name and symbols8
Name and Symbols

Mars was named after the Roman god of war.

more to know9
More to Know

Mars is the only planet whose surface can be

seen in detail from the earth.Mars has two

satellites, Deimos and Phobos.Its atmosphere is




Brice Brenneman

Reva Lauth

Samantha McGaha

important facts11
Important Facts

It is the fifth planet form the sun. It is eleven times bigger than earth. It is 483,600,000 miles away from the sun. Earth would fit inside of Jupiter 1,000 times. Jupiter in diameter is 88,846 miles. A day there is 9 hours and 55 minutes. A year is 12 Earth years. Jupiter is our biggest known planet. It contains a storm that has lasted for hundreds of years. It is known as the great red spot.

name and symbols12
Name and Symbols

Jupiter was named after the Roman messenger

of gods.

more to know13
More to Know

The layers of dense clouds around Jupiter appear in auto to graph the planet taken by the Voyager 1 space phobe. The large oval shaped mark on the clouds is the Great Red spot. The spot is believed to be an in tease atmospheria disturbance. Satellites and ring.Jupiter has 16 Satellite



Cassie Hesik

Megan Bilecki

Michael Swain

important facts15
Important Facts

Mercury is 35,980,000 miles away from the sun.It is the first planet from the sun.The diameter is 3,031 miles.The length of year is 88 Earth days.The temperature is 280 degrees to 800 degrees. The atmosphere is sodium, helium, hydrogen and oxygen. There are no satellites. Mercury’s surface appears to much like the moon. It reflects only 6% of sunlight


it receives, about the same as the Moon’s surface reflects. Mercury’s rotation moves around the Sun on its axis. Its rotation is slower than any other planet except for Venus.

more to know18
More to Know
  • Surface:
  • Atmosphere:
  • Number of Moons:
  • Other interesting facts:


Dominique McGordon

Patrick Meijer

Matt Eckert

important facts20
Important Facts

Pluto is the ninth planet in our solar system. It is the smallest planet,even smaller than Earths moon.It is so far away from the sun that it is very very cold.Pluto is like a frozen snowball of gas,water,and rocks.Pluto has an unusual orbit.It does not make a perfect orbit around the Sun like the other planets do. Sometimes it crosses into the orbit of Neptune. There is only one moon that orbits Pluto.

name and symbols21
Name and Symbols

Pluto was named after the Greek and Roman god of the lower world.

more to know22
More to Know

Pluto has one moon and the atmosphere on Pluto is very cold.The surface on Pluto is rocky and cold.The temperature on Pluto is about-387 degrees to-369 degrees.



Keturah Johnson

Jason Simmons

Hayley Shelton

important facts24
Important Facts

The Earth the is third planet from the Sun. The distance from the Earth to the sun

is 92,960,00. To go around the sun is 24,901,000 miles.

name and symbols25
Name and Symbols

Earth was named after the greek Earth Goddess.

more to know26
More to Know

The surface on Earth has water, air and land.

The atmosphere on Earth is just solid air. The Earth has one moon.



Megan Fultz

Stephanie Johnson

J.C. Hines

important facts28
Important Facts


It is the eighth planet from the sun. Neptune is 2,798,000 miles from the sun. Neptune’s year is as long as 165 earth years. Neptune rotates every 16 hours and 7 minutes.

name and symbols29
Name and Symbols

Neptune was named after the Roman god of sea.

more to know30
More to Know

The surface is made of gas. It’s the 8th planet from the sun.It has at least 15 moons.



Shane Steinebach

Antonio Segraves

Julie Davis

important facts32
Important Facts

Uranus is the seventh planet from the sun. It is 1,785,000,000 miles away from the sun. One day is seventeen hours. It is four times times the size of Earth. One year is 84 Earth years. It’s diameter is 31,763 miles. Uranus is the third largest planet in our solar system.

name and symbols33
Name and Symbols

Uranus was named after the Greek god of the sky.

more to know34
More to Know

The temperature on Uranus is 357. It is 1,702,100,000 miles long. It has at least 11 rings. It has 15 moons. The rings are made of mud fainer than those of Saturn. The surface is Hydrogen helium methane.



William Sylvia

Jessica Thayer

Joe Fields

important facts36
Important Facts

Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun .The size of Saturn is 74,898 miles {120,536 kilometers.} Saturn is 888,222,000 miles from the sun.It takes Saturn about 29 ½ earth years to rotate around the sun. It takes Saturn 10 hours and 39 minutes to rotate on its axis.

name and symbols37
Name and Symbols

Saturn was named after the Roman god of farming.

more to know38
More to Know

Saturn is a gas planet. It has 9 rings.It is is full of poisons.