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Lahini Arunachalam Fred Kang Eric Peng Nan Yu. Collaborate and Share. The old ways of doing things. Facebook. Trip Photos. Trip Photos. Trip Photos. Single Trip Planner. Decentralized Photos. Collaborate and Share. Find a better way!. Facebook. Trip Photos.

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Lahini Arunachalam Fred Kang Eric Peng Nan Yu

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Lahini Arunachalam Fred Kang Eric Peng Nan Yu

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Collaborate and Share

The old ways of doing things


Trip Photos

Trip Photos

Trip Photos

Single Trip Planner

Decentralized Photos

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Collaborate and Share

Find a better way!


Trip Photos

Trip Photos

Trip Photos


Collaborative Planning

Centralized Sharing

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The Facebook Advantage


Notifications / News Feed

Built in Photo Albums

Accessibility / Visibility

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User Data / Photos

Travelogue Database


User / Trip Data





HTML output

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User Testing

  • 9 users total broken down into 4 groups

  • Semi-structured interview and direct observation

What we were interested in

  • User interface flaws / points of confusion

  • Missing / unnecessary features

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User Testing

What users liked

  • Users liked the look and feel

  • Main functionality was well received

What users had trouble with

  • Some of the options were too general

  • Users wanted more ways to sort list style displays

  • Our users’ behavior did not match some of our assumptions

Next steps l.jpg

Next Steps

Near Future

  • Security and privacy

  • Little consistency fixes

  • Resolve points of user confusion

Long Term

  • Souvenirs

  • Location association

  • Public discussion threads

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