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Pop Quiz. By: Coach Hull. 2008. Softball Style. 1. You will be divided into teams. You must work together as a team. 2. When it is your turn choose a topic and a point value.

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By: Coach Hull

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Pop Quiz

By: Coach Hull


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Softball Style

  • 1. You will be divided into teams. You must work together as a team.

  • 2. When it is your turn choose a topic and a point value.

  • 3. Answer the question the best you can.

  • 4. You can ask your team for help at anytime, although you will only receive 1/2 the point value.

  • 5. Play fair, and be a good sport to the other teams.

  • 6. When it is not your turn, wait quietly. Your team may lose points for not following the rules.

The Rules

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True or False

You can leave the base before

the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.

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The first batter in each inning shall be the player whose name follows that of the last batter to complete her turn at bat in the previous inning.

How do you determine who bats

the next inning?

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If/when you make a mistake….

throw your glove

hang your head and fire the next one

pick yourself up, try harder next time

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Home team gets last turn for at-bat. So…Home team takes the field first.

Which team takes the field first?

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True or False

It is interference when the

runner slides into the glove of a

fielder and

knocks the ball loose.

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A batter shall not delay the game by failing to promptly take her position in the batter’s box within 10 seconds, or by stepping out of the box when the pitcher is on the pitcher’s plate. 10 of the seconds can be used up to the batter.

The pitcher has _____ seconds to

receive the ball from the catcher

and release the next pitch.

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Catcher’s Mask

When warming up a pitcher, you must

wear a ___________________.

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Fair! If in doubt play it out.

The infield, outfield and foul lines

are in FAIR or FOUL terrritory?

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All of those listed are true!

  • When using the double first base,

  • the runner and fielder can touch

  • either the white or colored part when:

  • a force at one from foul territory

  • when returning on an attempted pick-off

  • c.when tagging up on a fly ball

  • d. all of the above

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Batter is Out

What happens to a batter that

bunts the 3rd strike, and it goes


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1st time-strike/ball called against offender & warning is given to the whole team

2nd time-strike/ball on offender, and head coach with offender are restricted to dugout.

Purposely removing a boundary line

results in:

strike for batter, ball for the pitcher

offender must leave

coach restricted to their car

none of the above

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Tag-up means that you must retouch your base AFTER a caught fly ball.

*You are able to advance after tagging up,

if the situation allows.

Explain what “tag-up” means.

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The base runner. They know their own speed the best. Coaches will be yelling down, up, or BACK! 

On a passed ball by the catcher,

it’s up to WHO

to decide to steal?

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You can run if there are 2 outs or if no runner occupies first base. The batter is not out unless the third strike is caught.

*Fielders- You can throw her out or tag her out.

Tell me, when can you run on

a dropped third strike?

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Three, in extra innings one more is permitted for each extra inning. The penalty for more than 3, or more than 1 per inning in extra innings is the pitcher is removed for the duration of the game.

How many charged conferences

can a team have in 7 innings

without penalty?

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These are all first and third situations. 11-throw to 1, 22-throw to 2 at second base, 33-throw to 3 at third, 23 throw to shortstop infront of second, and 5-throw to pitcher. For an additonal 10 points, decide what number a play to short at 2nd should be.

  • Describe the plays

  • 11

  • 22

  • 33

  • 23

  • 4

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…avoiding the fielder attempting to field a batted ball.

Side note:You are considered outside the running lane IF either foot is completely outside the lane and in contact with the ground.

Finish the sentence:

You may go outside the

3 foot lane only when…

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  • Knocking knuckles should be lined up

  • Grip should be loose with your bat resting in the fingertips

  • Bat should be behind your head at a 45 degree angle

  • Taking a step with your front foot allows for weight transfer

  • Legs should be slightly larger than shoulder width apart

  • Arms/Elbows make what’s called “a power V”

  • Swing level & finish swing

List 3 specifics about a proper

batting technique.

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Your team must participate to get the points.

Lead a cheer…

Any cheer!

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  • A ball becomes dead immediately when:

  • a pitch touches a batter or batter’s clothing

  • ball comes in contact with the bat a second time

  • goes directly from bat to catcher’s mask (no hands)

  • an uncaught foul

  • pitch or thrown ball touched by a fan

  • goes in out-of-play territory

  • touches a runner or umpire before touching a fielder, and before passing any fielder other than pitcher

What is a dead ball?

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