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Gemstone Healing Bracelets- Imperial Chest - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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For superior healing gemstones, unique jewelry, gift ideas, birthday gift and cheaper than other jewelry available in the market today trust Imperial Chest. High Quality Healing Gemstones. Visit\n

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Gemstone Healing Bracelets-

Imperial Chest


Fashion  is  always  at  its  trend.  Its  versa3lity  is  encompassing  that  reveals  

soul  and  story.  Inside  a  box  is  history  and  present  chances  of  change  and  



Imperial   Chest   is   an   e-­‐commerce   jewelry   store   in   Montreal,   Quebec,  

Canada  that  specializes  in  Gemstone  healing  bracelets  and  necklace.  It  

features  an  expert  of  fine  jewelry  stones  that  range  for  women  and  men  

who  know  what  they  want  and  work  for  it!  These  jewels  are  expressive  

of  the  people  of  today  –  in  the  way  they  value  growth  and  their  quest  to  

find  that  one  excep3onal  piece  that  is  reflec3ve  of  their  spirit  and  fervor  

making  them  stand  out  from  the  others.    

It  has  designs  that  could  easily  become  the  newest  keepsakes  in  their  lives  

and  can  be  bought  without  breaking  the  proverbial  bank.  They  can  do  

their  daily  ac3vi3es  by  not  worrying  about  the  bracelet  losing  its  color  or  

breaking  so  easy  because  it  is  made  with  cer3fied  genuine  gemstones  and  

strong  sterling  links.  Imperial  Chest  delivers  world-­‐class  product  quality  

directly  to  the  customer’s  doorstep  with  love  and  ease.    


It  rightly  simulates  the  offline  buying  experience  online  by  credibility  with  

the   ease   of   online   shopping.   Our   transparent   customer   policies   ensure  

that   customers   get   the   best   of   online   and   offline   worlds   at   the  

convenience  of  their  home.  


We  are  shipping  interna3onally.  For  high  quality  healing  gemstones  ideal  

for  unique  and  special  occasions,  which  is  cheaper  than  other  jewelry  

available  in  the  market  today,  trust  Imperial  Chest.    


 We  believe  our  customers  should  have  the  very  best  and  only  Imperial  

Chest  can  give  you  that  when  it  comes  to  Gemstones  Jewelry.  You  can  

connect   with   us   through   social   media   sites   like   Facebook,   TwiQer,  

Instagram  and  You  tube  because  we  are  everywhere!  You  also  subscribe  

with  us.  

IMPERIALCHEST.COM  are  shipping  interna3onally.  For  high  quality  healing  gemstones  ideal  

At  Imperial  Chest  we  believe  our  customers  should  have  the  very  

best  and  only  Imperial  Chest  can  give  you  that  when  it  comes  to  

Gemstones  Jewelry.  


High  Quality  Healing  Gemstones  

Made  with  Sterling  Silver  Links  

Jewelry  Made  to  last.  

IMPERIALCHEST.COM  are  shipping  interna3onally.  For  high  quality  healing  gemstones  ideal  

Garnet  Sterling  Silver  Flower  Women  Bracelet  

$310.00  $269.00  


Success  and  Love  [Limited  Edi3on]  

Product  Details:  

Made  with  highest  grade  of  Garnet  Stone  (Deep  Red),  Silver  Beads  and  Sterling  Silver  Chain  Link.  


IMPERIALCHEST.COM  are  shipping  interna3onally.  For  high  quality  healing  gemstones  ideal  

MulC-­‐Stone  Onyx,  Garnet  &  Blue  Tiger-­‐Eye  Men  Bracelet  



Protec3on  and  Success  Bracelet  

Product  Details:  

Made  with  Onyx,  Blue  Tiger-­‐eye,  Red  Garnet  Stone,  Silver  Beads  and  Sterling  Silver  Chain  Link.  

IMPERIALCHEST.COM  are  shipping  interna3onally.  For  high  quality  healing  gemstones  ideal  

Black  Onyx  Sterling  Silver  Women  Bracelet  

$199.00  $159.00  

Protec3on  Bracelet  

Product  Details:  

Made  with  highest  grade  of  real  Onyx  Stone,  Silver  Beads  and  Sterling  Silver  Chain  Link.  

IMPERIALCHEST.COM  are  shipping  interna3onally.  For  high  quality  healing  gemstones  ideal  

Tiger-­‐eye  Sterling  Silver  Men  Bracelet  

$385.00  $310.00  

Protec3on  and  Balance  

Product  Details:  

Made  with  Brown  Tiger  Eye  Stone,  Sterling  Silver  Link  and  Beads.  

IMPERIALCHEST.COM  are  shipping  interna3onally.  For  high  quality  healing  gemstones  ideal  

Garnet  Sterling  Silver  Men  Bracelet  

$365.00  $299.00  

Success  and  Love  

Product  Details:  

Made  with  highest  grade  of  Garnet  Stone  (Deep  Red),  Silver  Beads  and  Sterling  Silver  Chain  Link.  

IMPERIALCHEST.COM  are  shipping  interna3onally.  For  high  quality  healing  gemstones  ideal  

Blue  Lace  Agate  Sterling  Silver  Women  Bracelet  

$210.00  $169.00  

Calms  Mind,  Release  Stress  and  Use  for  Media3on  

Product  Details:  

Made  with  Blue  Lace  Agate  Stone,  Sterling  Silver  Link  and  Beads.