Where we are what we are doing how you can join us
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Where we are… What we are doing… How you can join us…. UUUS Green Sanctuary Program 2007-11-18 by Gary Przyborski. Green Building - Platinum. Programs based on Congregation Vote. Sunday talks, quarterly Eco-friendly Sunday Gatherings Outdoor events RE lessons and projects

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Where we are what we are doing how you can join us l.jpg

Where we are…

What we are doing…

How you can join us…

UUUSGreen Sanctuary Program2007-11-18by Gary Przyborski

Programs based on congregation vote l.jpg
Programs based on Congregation Vote

  • Sunday talks, quarterly

  • Eco-friendly Sunday Gatherings

  • Outdoor events

  • RE lessons and projects

  • Intergeneration organic garden (no progress)

  • Nutrition, green products, Fair Trade

  • Partnership with local environmental group

  • Recycling

  • Long-range landscaping plan (no progress)

  • Guidelines for eco-friendly uses and purchases (on going progress)

  • Efficient technologies (on going progress)

1 sunday talks quarterly l.jpg
1. Sunday Talks, Quarterly

11-18-07: Gary Przyborski, Green Sanctuary Program

09-09-07: Dr. Leah Hall, “Voluntary Simplicity, Joyful Frugality”

09-02-07: Sister Ann Kendrick, “Worker Justice-The Honor of Work”

08-05-07: Dr. Marilyn Stewart - "Global Warmimg: The Tipping Point"

05-13-07: Rev. Mark Spivey: “Taking Care of Each Other”

04-22-07: Karina Veaudry: “Connecting to the Web of Life: Native Florida Plants & their significance in our lives”

11-12-06: Catherine Johnson: “Living Simply”

06-11-06: Michael Barr: “Development vs. the Environment”

04-23-06: Paul Gabriel Rowley & the UUUS Social Concerns Committee, UUSC Justice Earth Day: “Supporting Worker Rights & a Healthy Environment”

12-11-05: Mary Dipboye,“Ten Thousand Villages”

07-31-05: Timothy Howard, "Swimming with the Dolphins"

2 eco friendly sunday gatherings efsg l.jpg
2. Eco-friendly Sunday Gatherings (EFSG)

  • Lighting

  • A/C - Heat + Air Quality

  • Water Use

  • Chemicals

2 efsg lighting exterior l.jpg
2. EFSG: Lighting- Exterior

  • Sculpture: 20% reduction, better color

  • Front Sign, Front Building, Soffits (9 bulbs)

    • Changes save 80 kWh/m, 960 kW/yr, $96/yr

      * Note: Based on 4 hrs runtime per night

2 efsg lighting interior l.jpg
2. EFSG: Lighting- Interior

Manual Override (turn off when not using)

North Emergency Sign

(5W vs. 40W)

Occupancy Sensors:





2 lighting incandescent retrofit l.jpg
2. Lighting- Incandescent Retrofit

32 incandescents above you burn 2000 watts.

On the bottom ledge, 13 halogens take 650W.

Total 2730 watts. Will drop 2000 watts, 74%

2 efsg lighting linear retrofit l.jpg
2. EFSG: Lighting- Linear Retrofit

  • Convert most existing magnetic T12s to Super T8s

  • Power Reduction: 56.5 (2 bulbs) vs 88 watts (36%)

  • Reduced Maintenance: lamp life doubles 25 kilohours

  • Quality of light improves:

    • 5000K (daylight) vs 4100K, perceived brighter

      • CRI: 86 versus 65

  • Studies have shown that students learn better…

2 efsg a c heat air quality l.jpg
2. EFSG: A/C-Heat + Air Quality

  • All thermostats are set to run at specific times. On each thermostat there is an information card, showing how to raise or lower the temperatures.

  • Switched from fiberglass to Merv-11 air filters to provide cleaner air, less mold- associated allergy.

  • We have scheduled a cleaning of the air handlers and a leak test of the attic vents for December 1st.

3 outdoor events l.jpg
3. Outdoor Events

  • UUUS Recycling Day (AKA- garage sale)

    (December 1st, 9AM - 1PM)

    • Recycle your old stuff for cash or to benefit YRUU or Social Concerns.

    • We are partnering with Beautiful Orlando to recycle your cell phones (broken or working)

    • We plan on taking hazardous waste from members down to the landfill. Please contact Kim on this so we don’t exceed our limits.

4 re lessons and projects l.jpg
4. RE Lessons and Projects

  • Education children-adults about sustainable living

  • How our practices impact others (animals, plant, earth, society), and about the health, social and justice values related to the consumption of sustainably produced healthy food.

  • Informs about plants and critters, both native and invasive.

  • Lessons learned shall be used to restore & maintain healthly habitats on our grounds, including bat and bird houses, bird feeders, and safe drinking water.

6 fairtrade coffee and other green foods l.jpg
6. Fairtrade Coffee and other green foods

  • Shay Williams

  • Arlynn Mueller

  • Kim Carter Williams

7 partnership with local environmental group l.jpg
7. Partnership with local environmental group

  • Working with UCF’s Face the Nation group

  • We are working with the Orlando chapter of Beautify America’s Cities

8 recycling l.jpg
8. Recycling

  • Recycling laser toner/cartridges

  • Recycling through John McCormack’s adding of recycling containers.

  • Added Recycling Page on our web site http://universityuus.org/green/recycling.htm

Conscience investments l.jpg
Conscience Investments

  • Investments: Working with our own Bill Long to identify leaders in the Green Revolution

    • New Manufacturers

    • Upgrading Companies

What s missing l.jpg
What’s Missing?

  • 5. Intergenerational Organic Garden- no progress in this area…

  • 9. Long Range Landscaping Committee…

    We need volunteers to take up these adventures…

What can you do l.jpg
What Can You Do?

  • Change out all of your bulbs that remain on for long to CFLs.

  • Get a power audit from power company

  • Be conscious of your own choices

  • Tell us what you are doing to green your life… And ask us questions…