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A WebQuest for Fourth Grade: Life Science Designed by Kristina Calisto Chimps Flo and Flint

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Top Welcome Itinerary Exploration Begins - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Primate Adventure. A WebQuest for Fourth Grade: Life Science Designed by Kristina Calisto Chimps Flo and Flint Based on a template from San Diego State University’s The WebQuest Page. Colobus Monkey. Spider Monkey. Welcome Primatologists

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Primate Adventure

A WebQuest for Fourth Grade: Life Science



Kristina Calisto


Flo and Flint

Based on a template from San Diego State University’s The WebQuest Page

Colobus Monkey

Spider Monkey


Welcome Primatologists

You have been asked by the Gombe National Park to introduce a new primate to the park. Before you continue you must review a few things:

What do you remember about primates?

Where in the World is Gombe?

Take a Tour of Gombe

Now you are ready to explore!

Enjoy and Good Luck!

Your Guide,

Primatologist Calisto


Exploration Itinerary

  • You will become a primate expert
  • You will research a primate of your choice
  • Once you have completed your exploration you
  • will be creating a brochure that introduces this
  • primate to the Gombe National Park visitors.
  • When you have finished you should be able to:
  • Describe your primate in detail based on the information you have gathered
  • Identify traits that make your primate different from other primates and animals

Exploration Begins

  • 1. Please review this Primate Expert Sheet before you begin researching your primate. This will help guide you through your research. Record your findings in your science notebook.
  • 2. Now you may choose one of the following primates that you want to research:
  • If you click on the image of the primate you will be sent to a website which will help you learn about your primate.


Pygmy Marmoset











Exploration (continued)

  • Now that you have finished your research on the primate you chose it is time to create your brochure! Your brochure should include the following items:
  • Cover Page: Please include your name, the title, and a colored drawing of your primate
  • Introduction: Here you should introduce your primate by telling me what your primate looks like. You might also want to name your primate.
  • Information: You should present the information you found while researching your primate in a creative way. Use your Primate Information Expert Sheet to help you. Please include at least 5 facts about your primate. You do not need to record every answer or fact you came across just the ones you think visitors would like to know.
  • Images: Please draw related images throughout your brochure. Make your brochure colorful.
  • Remember to be creative when creating this brochure you want visitors of the park to be interested in the new primate.




You will be evaluated on three things during your exploration. This is an individual assignment so you will be given one grade. The three objectives are the description of your primate and image, facts included and the creativity of your brochure.


Welcome Back Primatologists


You have completed your exploration into the world of primates. Now you can identify primates and you have become an expert on your primate. I have included a few links that I think you will find interesting. I hope you have enjoyed learning about primates!

San Diego Zoo Live Cams

Jane Goodall Institute

Chimpanzee Activities

Duke University Primate Center


Credits& References

There are a few websites that helped me make this WebQuest so lively. Those include:

A special thanks to the Jane Goodall Institute and the Zoo School Website which were the inspirations for my WebQuest.

Also thanks to all the websites which are directly linked to photos on the process page for research purposes.

If you are looking to create your own WebQuest you might want to refer to the following website. It provides the latest version of templates and training materials for creating a WebQuest.

The WebQuest Page