Ohio s treasured lands
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Ohio’s Treasured Lands. Kris Brown ED 417 July 2, 2001. Ohio State Parks. Grade 3 Lesson: Park Names and Locations. Objectives of Lesson:. Students will discover the location of state parks located throughout Ohio. Objectives of Lesson:.

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Ohio s treasured lands l.jpg

Ohio’s Treasured Lands

Kris Brown

ED 417

July 2, 2001

Ohio state parks l.jpg
Ohio State Parks

Grade 3

Lesson: Park Names and Locations

Objectives of lesson l.jpg
Objectives of Lesson:

  • Students will discover the location of state parks located throughout Ohio.

Objectives of lesson4 l.jpg
Objectives of Lesson:

  • Students will learn what makes each park special.

Objectives of lesson5 l.jpg
Objectives of Lesson:

  • Students will plan a internet field trip to two or more state parks.

Objectives of lesson6 l.jpg
Objectives of Lesson:

  • Students will present their trip to the class.

Materials needed l.jpg
Materials Needed:

  • 15 computers for groups of 2 students

  • Resources on Ohio parks

  • State of Ohio map

  • Dictionary

  • Encyclopedia

Web sites used during lesson l.jpg
Web Sites Used During Lesson:






Student activities l.jpg
Student Activities:

  • Working in pairs, students will:

    • Discover the parks throughout Ohio

    • Discover the features of 5 parks within Ohio

    • Plan a trip via the internet to 2 of the parks, sharing the highlights of the parks with the class during a presentation.

Slide11 l.jpg

Discover the wonderful parks in the state of Ohio

Step one l.jpg
Step One:

  • Look at materials in the front of the class on Ohio parks.

  • Pick out 5 parks that you would like to learn more about

Working in pairs you will l.jpg
Working in pairs you will:

  • Research the 5 parks assigned to you and your partner using the internet and provided materials

Develop a presentation l.jpg
Develop a Presentation

  • Working with your partner, prepare a presentation for the class on the 5 parks that you and your partner chose to research.

  • Your presentation should include:

    • Why you chose the park

    • What are the features of the park

    • Where it is located in Ohio

    • Keep it brief and simple

Internet field trip l.jpg
Internet Field Trip

  • Chose 2 of the parks that you researched and create an internet field trip for the class to go on.

  • Be prepared to:

    • Correctly navigate the class to appropriate web-sites.

    • Tell why you are taking the class to these parks.

Quiz show l.jpg
Quiz Show

  • Working individual, create at least 3 questions about the 2 parks that your field trip covered.

  • The questions will be combined to create a class quiz show on Ohio parks.