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WITH:. Pamela Mayorcas, FITI - Chairman, Education & Training. Wednesday 28 July 2010, 11:00am - 12:00pm (London time). Daniela Ford, MITI - speaker. Philippa Hammond, MITI - representative from ITI’s Education and Training Committee. Elizabeth Dickson, ITI Admissions Officer.

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Pamela Mayorcas, FITI - Chairman, Education & Training

Wednesday 28 July 2010, 11:00am - 12:00pm (London time)

Daniela Ford, MITI - speaker

Philippa Hammond, MITI - representative from ITI’s Education and Training Committee

Elizabeth Dickson, ITI Admissions Officer

Paul Appleyard, MITI - Interpreting, Regional Groups & Networks


Introduction to ITI

Membership grades & admission requirements

CPD & training

ITI Regional Groups and Networks


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  • ITI (Institute of Translation & Interpreting) was founded in 1986, head office is now in Milton Keynes

  • ITI is a professional association for

    • practising translators and interpreters

    • aspiring translators and interpreters (students)

    • translation companies, and

    • academics working in the field of translation/interpreting

    • Currently about 3000 members, of which over half are fully qualified

    • Member of FIT (International Federation of Translators and Interpreters)

  • ITI provides a number of benefits to its members; it is NOT a work provider!

introduction to ITI

  • Professional Recognition

  • Discounted access to CPD

  • Online Directory of Members

  • ITI Bulletin, the Institute's professional journal

  • Regional Groups, Subject and Language Networks

  • Professional Support Group / Orientation Course

  • Discounted Professional Indemnity Insurance through a specialist provider

Benefits of Membership

  • Job adverts through the ITI website

  • 24 hour legal help line

  • Help and advice on marketing, setting up business and model terms of business

  • Close links with the translation/interpreting industry and organisations and agencies outside: the voice of translators and interpreters is heard and has an impact on policy and course content

Benefits of Membership

  • Qualified Member – MITI (£216.00)

  • PCI (Police & Court Interpreter) (£108.00)

  • Associate (£76.00)

  • Student (£43.00)

  • ITI Acad (£130.00)

  • Corporate (Education, Government, Language Services Business, Business) (£216.00, £432.00, £540.00)


*Fees are correct as of July 2010 and are subject to change. For current fees please see

  • Qualified Member – MITI

    • A first degree or postgraduate qualification in a relevant subject or a corresponding qualification accepted by ITI

    • References

    • Translators: A minimum of five years’ full-time work (or a correspondingly longer period part-time) and successful assessment of work OR a Pass in the ITI Membership Examination; alternatively, three years’ full-time (or correspondingly longer part-time), plus a Pass in the ITI Membership Examination

Membership grades & admission requirements

  • Qualified Member – MITI

    • Interpreters: A minimum of 200 days over a period of five years plus a successful Assessment Interview; alternatively, a minimum of 120 days over a period of three years plus a Pass in the ITI Membership Examination, and/or successful Assessment Interview. Conference Interpreters must either meet the above or be current active members of AIIC.

Membership grades & admission requirements

  • PCI

    • Current full NRPSI) registration + CRB standard or enhanced disclosure + interviewORQualification to DPSI or Metropolitan Police Test or equivalent + 400 hours’ minimum Police and Court interpreting experience + CRB standard or enhanced disclosure + references + interview

    • If you are already a MITI (interpreter) you will not need to attend an interview or pay any additional subscription fee

Membership grades & admission requirements

  • Associate

    • Evidence of a professional interest in translation or interpreting

    • Submission of one character reference and one professional reference

  • Student

    • Registration for or attendance at a course of full-time study (postgraduate or other) recognised as preparation for work as a professional translator or interpreter. Any part-time/distance learning course should lead to a qualification recognised by ITI.

Membership grades & admission requirements

  • ITI Acad

    • A first + post-graduate degree in translation/interpreting and/or languages

    • One professional and one character reference

    • Evidence of 10 years’ minimum teaching in HE or FE

    • Evidence of recent published research in the fields of translation and/or interpreting (over the last 5 years)

    • Evidence of recent CPD activities (over the last 3 years)

    • Interview

Membership grades & admission requirements

  • Corporate: Language Services Business

    • Any business supplying language services for payment that employs staff under a contract for services or a contract of service

    • At least two years’ current trading as a relevant business

    • References from clients and suppliers

  • Corporate: Education

    • An Institution of higher education providing courses relevant to professional translation or interpreting is eligible for admission as an educational institution if it has been in continuous existence for at least five years

Membership grades & admission requirements

  • Corporate: Government department/international organisation

    • Any public or non-profit making authority or body (whether international, or other), which shows evidence of interest in translation or interpreting as a profession

  • Corporate: Industrial/commercial undertaking (Business)

    • Any company, which uses translation or interpreting, services, or supplies goods or services relevant to professional work as a translator or interpreter.

Membership grades & admission requirements

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is: the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills, and the development of personal qualities necessary for the execution of professional duties throughout your working life.

Why do translators and interpreters need CPD?Just like members of other professional associations, translators and interpreters need to keep abreast of new working methods and knowledge. ITI is committed to promoting continuing professional development and has a duty to encourage all members to pursue CPD throughout their careers.

What is the ITI CPD Record?The ITI CPD Record is a booklet designed to help you record your training plans and activities over a three-year period. It can be downloaded from the ITI web site ( will recording CPD help me?The CPD Record provides a handy visual record of training that you have undertaken in order to maintain or upgrade your skills. It may help towards chartered status and may be useful when registering for courses or applying to a new employer.

CPD & training

  • ITI Training Timetable published on ICE (International Calendar of Events) on ITI Website and under ITI Training & CPD – Events….

  • ITI PSG (PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT GROUP) 14-week online business course

  • Designed for:

    • translators (MITIs and Associates) with qualifications and experience in a non-translation field

    • who have done some paid translation work

    • who are about to launch a freelance translation career and would like to boost their business skills

    • who have worked as a staff translator and would like to go freelance

CPD & training

  • 8 exercises with tutor guidance:

    • presenting yourself

    • quoting and invoicing

    • ensuring your invoices are paid

    • specialisation

    • communicating with clients by telephone

    • working with translation memory

    • choosing business tools and equipment

    • marketing  

  • Closing date for applications is 1 February. Application form available from

CPD & training - PSG

  • Launched in March 2008

  • For students, Associates and MITIs who have already joined ITI and would like guidance on what to do next to become a successful professional translator

  • For people with a degree in languages and/or postgraduate qualification in translation

  • For people who would like to receive feedback on their translation skills 

  • Set of exercises with guidance from senior and experienced translators:

    • CVs

    • Word processing

    • General computer skills for translation

    • Finding a specialism  

  • Participants also submit a piece of translation work and a piece of written work for assessment by a senior translator working in the same languages


  • Regional Groups across the UK – networking, CPD, face-to-face meetings

  • Language and Subject Networks:

    • Chinese, Dutch, Central and East European, Russian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Spanish

    • Media, Arts & Tourism, New Members Network, Construction & Environment, Law, Insurance & Finance, Information Technology, Medical and Pharmaceutical, STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Patent), Terminology, Food & Drink Network

    • Interpreting

ITI REGIONAL Groups & Networks

  • Huge amount of experience available to newcomers

    • Translation advice, software, business, accounting, rate-setting, daily capacities

  • Job postings (especially to language networks)

  • Social events (sense of community) for freelancers

  • Useful for overseas-based members (J-Net has members in USA, France, Japan, Brazil…)

  • Annual fees generally very low


with special thanks to Matt Young, MITI, for providing this info

Regional Group workshops: Convenient to get to, so no need for costly accommodation

Language Network Workshops provide valuable CPD opportunities

Group discounts on software (e.g. CAT tools) sometimes available

Opportunities to help others once an established translator

Best to join a regional group and a language network: one supplements the other

Networks & Regional Groups provide a friendly environment for individuals to have their say and get involved


with special thanks to Matt Young, MITI, for providing this info

Questions? Now is your chance to ask!


Pamela Mayorcas, FITI - Chairman, Education & Training

Daniela Ford, MITI - speaker

Philippa Hammond, MITI - representative from ITI’s Education and Training Committee

Elizabeth Dickson, ITI Admissions Officer

Paul Appleyard, MITI - Interpreting, Regional Groups & Networks

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