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Visual Literacy. Raising the writing levels of Boys in Year 4. Overview. Large inner-city school in Bordesley Green 98% EAL Start school a lot below average 58% SATs results Labelled ‘Hard to shift!”. Aims. Motivate, inspire, enthuse!

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Visual Literacy

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Visual Literacy

Raising the writing levels of Boys in Year 4


Large inner-city school in Bordesley Green

98% EAL

Start school a lot below average

58% SATs results

Labelled ‘Hard to shift!”


Motivate, inspire, enthuse!

Improve their writing by motivating them write and want to improve

To raise self-confidence and self-esteem

To improve their speaking

and listening skills


Life before Visual literacy…

No because sometimes

I can’t think properly

No because my hand starts

to hurt and I don’t like literacy

Do you enjoy writing?

Why/why not?

Yes because

it keeps my brain working

No because my

hands ache

Life AFTER Visual literacy…

Yes, it helps you get

better at writing

Yes, because I am a

good writer

Do you enjoy writing?

Why/why not?

Yes because you

can get clever

Yes because you can put


Imagination on paper

Dvd cover

The March of the Penguins

Used it for:

  • Different styles of poetry

    • Acrostic poems

  • Non-fiction writing

    • Making a fact book to read to reception children

  • The March of the Penguins

    Techniques used:

    • Sequencing slides

    • Zones of relevance

    • Non-fiction writing

    • Fact files

    • Researching

    • Hotseating

    • Philosophy for children (p4c)

    The March of the Penguins

    • Initially sceptical as thought they might not be stimulating enough!

    • How wrong could I be!

    • Retained far more information about penguins than I ever expected (even now!)

    • A: “I liked March of the penguins

      cos when they have a baby they

      pass it to the mother and when it

      be’s cold the dad keeps it in a

      warm place.”

    Penguin display

    Teaching reception about penguins!

    The Iron Giant

    The Iron Giant

    • Sequencing

    • Hearts and minds

    • Diary entries

    • Philosophy for children (P4c)

    • Comparisons with the book

    • Zone of relevance

    The Iron Giant

    • Before Visual literacy:

      “My character has a AK47 Gund he is really Sad. Got a feather on his cloths. He is very angry. Is gonna shoot someone. Dark green head. Green and dark black eyes.”

    The Iron Giant

    • AFTER Visual literacy:

      “Wow! What a day! Mums at work so I could stay up late as I can as I was watching t.v. Suddenly the power of the t.v went off so then I went outside to look. I carried on looking to see what had happened. Then I saw a big giant. I got scared as he was getting electrocuted by the wires. Then I went to switch off the electricity…I got really scared of the giant he had a big ugly lump on his head…”




    • ALL the children seem to have an increased motivation to Literacy

    • Quickly become engrossed in an activity and always on-task

    • Improvements in:

      • Speaking and listening

      • Inference and deduction

      • Group work

      • Note-taking, re-drafting etc.

      • Self-esteem

    Whats next…

    • “Hard to shift!”

    • Year 5: The Piano

    • Over the hedge: Year 4

    • Visual Literacy week

    • Continuing to motivate all the children in the class with Visual literacy!

    Zone of relevance

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