The cowmen and the cattle drive
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The Cowmen and the Cattle Drive - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Cowmen and the Cattle Drive. Introduction. Our history class has been launched back in time to Texas in 1875. Before you can return to the current time and place you must first complete these steps…. Discover the cowboy culture Launch your own cattle drive

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Our history class has been launched back in time to Texas in 1875.

Before you can return to the current time and place you must first complete these steps…


  • The class will be divided into groups of 4

  • The four of you make an outfit

  • Each person in the outfit has a specific job

You will be
You will be…..

A Cowboy….

A Boss…

A Wrangler…

Or a Cook.

The boss
The Boss

  • Discover your daily duties on a drive

  • Determine what you need for the drive

  • Research branding and techniques

  • Develop your own brand

The cowboy
The Cowboy

  • Discover your daily duties on a drive

  • Pack your bags with all your cowboy garb

  • Create a cowboy song

  • Create a cowboy poem

The wrangler
The Wrangler

  • Discover daily duties on a cattle drive

  • Research about the importance of the horse

  • Learn cowboy slang

  • Develop a short story using cowboy slang

The cook
The Cook

  • Discover daily duties on the cattle drive

  • Research who invented the chuckwagon

  • Make a list of the necessary materials on a chuckwagon

  • Develop a menu with your favorite recipes

The research
The Research

  • Each person must provide a sheet of paper with all their resources listed..

  • This includes…

    • Websites

    • Books

    • Exhibit information from Woolaroc

    • Etc….

The paper
The Paper

  • A worksheet, “Outfit Assignments” will be handed out.

  • Find your job, (boss, cowboy etc…) And answer the questions in 1-2 pages typed.

  • Songs, poems, brands, lists, stories, and recipes are additional to the paper.

The memoir
The Memoir

  • Gather all items and research in the group.

  • Create a memoir of your trip. Include, pictures, maps, songs, stories, recipes…..

  • Present your memoir to the class

Group expectations
Group Expectations

  • Do your job well

  • You are responsible for your own paper

  • Work together to create the memoir

  • Be cooperative and respectful to your group and other groups

Web sources
Web Sources


    • Good source of information about the chuckwagon. Includes origin and recipes.


    • This is a generic site for all cowboy related materials. You can find a little bit of everything for everyone.

Visit other websites on your e-sheet for more information on the cowboy.

Or… find information on your own.

Rubric the cowboy.

  • You will be evaluated according to the rubrics…

  • Check them out before you start.

Woolaroc the cowboy.

  • Use your experience at Woolaroc to help your project!

    • Take Pictures

    • Record Information

    • See what the Wild West was really like

Conclusion the cowboy.

  • Congratulations!!!!!!

  • You have made it to the railhead in Kansas safely and successfully!

  • From this project you have learned:

    • Research skills

    • Computer skills

    • Cowboy Culture

    • Presentation skills

    • Group cooperation