Henry VIII

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Henry VII and Elizabeth had 7 childrenArthur is the first (b. 1486)Henry VIII (b. 1491) and is the third child

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Henry VIII

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1. Henry VIII The path to the Tudor throne – Henry VII August 1485 Henry Tudor leads his Lancastrian forces against Richard of York (Richard III) Henry defeated Richard under suspicious circumstances at the Battle of Bosworth Field Henry’s victory ends the War of the Roses Henry’s claim to the throne is Tenuous He has weak ties to Edward III He marries Richards Sister (King Edward IV’s daughter) Elizabeth of York in 1486 1499 Henry defeats the Duke of York to unite the Kingdom and consolidate the throne

4. Henry saw Catherine’s inability to produce a male heir as a curse for marrying her brothers widow By 1527 Henry is enamored with Anne Boleyn At the same time Charles V sacks Rome in a war with France in 1527 Charles takes Pope Clement VII (Giulio di Guiliano de’ Medici) captive Henry demands a divorce Charles will not allow Clement to grant one In 1529 Henry calls the “Reformation Parliament” to session Cardinal Wolsey is put in charge of the divorce and annulment By 1531 Henry is recognized as the leader of the Church in England By 1533 Henry had his marriage annulled even though he had already wed Anne Boleyn Catherine is exiled and dies in

5. Anne Boleyn bear only one child – Elizabeth in 1533 Act of Supremacy is passed in 1534 making Henry Head of the new Church of England Thomas More does not recognize the act and is executed By 1536 Henry has tired of Boleyn and her adulteress ways She is executed and followed by Jane Seymour who gives Henry his only boy – Edward VI Henry insists Seymour is his only true wife She dies of food poisoning in October 1537 Henry Grieves for two years He Marries Anne of Cleves for political reasons that fail – he has chief minister Cromwell executed for the failure He has 5th wife, Catherine Howard, beheaded for adultery 6th wife Catherine Parr would outlive Henry who died in 1547 Henry had previously eliminated Mary and Elizabeth from the line of succession to make way for Edward

7. Mary Tudor Q.O.E. – 1553 – 1558 “BLOODY MARY” Edwards death brought Mary Tudor to the throne Mary, allied with Charles V, violently imposed Catholic doctrine Committed to reuniting England with Rome Married Spanish Prince Phillip II Thomas Wyatt, convinced Elizabeth should be queen, attacked London and was defeated Mary had Elizabeth imprisoned Dies November 1558

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