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Marine Fendering System Suppliers in UAE

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Marine Fendering System Suppliers in UAE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A marine fendering system is a piece of equipment that is fitted to a ship or boat and acts as a bumper. <br>Marine fenders protect the ship when it collides against wharves, docks, piers and other ships and minimizes any damage that might be caused. <br>There are different types of marine fenders as arch fenders, cylindrical fenders, cell fenders, cone fenders, pneumatic fenders and W fenders.<br>Cell fenders are one of the most commonly used fenders in the maritime industry because of its durability, sturdiness, and resistance. <br>A cell fender has a compact structure making it capable of absorbing energy from different directions in an equal manner. It is often used on offshore terminals and LNG platforms. <br>Cylindrical fenders are the most commonly used type of fendering system in the modern world. They can be used for all kinds of marine vessels and is also one of the most economical types of fenders.<br>An arch fender is used to assist the cylindrical fenders. Arch fenders are used for small and mid-range ships and boats and do not require any maintenance. <br>Cone fenders are ideal for locations where there is a huge difference in tide variations and can also effectively absorb energy from any direction. <br>Pneumatic fenders are used at mid sea when there is a need to transfer goods from one ship to another. <br> Marine fenders are a necessity to reduce damage to the body of boats and are installed on ships as a preventive measure to safeguard the ship in case of a collision.<br>Visit Yellowpages-UAE official website to know more about “Marine Fendering System Suppliers in UAE” at<br>

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