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5 Reasons Why Business Cards Still Matter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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5 Reasons

Why Business Cards Still Matter


Why Business Needs Business Card?

  • Digital is becoming the part of our everyday life. Like sending mail, signing contracts, attending meetings, even networking.

  • But the business card is the thing which digital will not fully replace anytime soon.


5 Reasons

Here are 5 reasons why the business card is still important:

  • Digital Swapping of Contacts is Impersonal

  • Best Direct Marketing Tool

  • First Impression of Any Business

  • More Creative Card - More Marketing

  • Business Cards Shows Your Willingness


  • Engaging with eye to eye contact and physical conversation is the thing where relationships begin.

  • Sending contact information via text message, email or any other digital media feels like impersonal.


2. Best Direct Marketing Tool

  • Business card is the most effective direct marketing tool for any business.

  • So make sure your pocket is full of business cards when you visit trade shows, industry conferences or any networking place.


3. First Impression of Any Business

  • Business card is the first impression of any business. If you are meeting someone personally for the first time and after meeting if you walk away with the business card, than it will be the smarter move for your business.


4. More Creative Card - More Marketing

  • If you have designed more creative card with unique concept, than there are the chances of your business card going viral in the market. Means more marketing of your business.

  • So hire a designer who can help you to create good business card design with uniqueness.


5. Business Cards Shows Your Willingness

  • If you are giving someone a business card, than she/he will consider that you are prepared for the business deal with them.


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