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What’s Next in Office 14 & Windows 7. Corinne Hoisington. Office 14. Microsoft Office System 2010 Expected Date????. YOUR TOPIC GOES HERE. Your Subtopics Go Here. New Features ?. Ready?. Let’s Talk Office!. Let’s Get Started. Office Wish List.

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What’s Next in Office 14 & Windows 7

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What s next in office 14 windows 7 l.jpg

What’s Next in Office 14 & Windows 7

Corinne Hoisington

Office 14 l.jpg

Office 14

Microsoft Office System 2010

Expected Date????

Your topic goes here l.jpg


  • Your Subtopics Go Here


Let s talk office l.jpg


Let’s Talk Office!

Let s get started l.jpg

Let’s Get Started

Office wish list l.jpg

Office Wish List

  • Wouldn't it be cool if all the Office applications worked online, cross-browser?

  • Or maybe even from your cell phone?

  • How about if Office had real time collaboration, integrating the rich client with the web clients.

Three versions of office l.jpg

Three Versions of Office

  • Office 14 Client – Fully installed locally desktop product

  • Office 14 Web – a lightweight version will be distributed via Office Live

  • Office 14 Mobile – a cell phone version that allows you to edit your documents

Boundaries Blur

I didn t break it l.jpg

I didn’t break it…..

A step beyond l.jpg

A Step Beyond:


  • EDIT


Office 14 web applications l.jpg

Coming Soon!

Office 14 Web Applications

Slide12 l.jpg

Let’s Take a Look

Slide13 l.jpg

Word Web Application

Slide15 l.jpg

Excel Web Application

Slide17 l.jpg

PowerPoint Web Application

Slide19 l.jpg

OneNote Web Application

Slide21 l.jpg

Office is Wonderful

Slide22 l.jpg


  • Add first bullet

Slide23 l.jpg

Magnified Ribbon

Office ribbons compared l.jpg

Office Ribbons Compared

Web 2 0 technology l.jpg

Web 2.0 Technology

  • Business Intelligence linked to the Web

  • Social Networking Features -Enable better communication and more efficient information sharing to keep communities, co-workers, partners and customers in sync

Microsoft semblio l.jpg

New Technology in Office 14

Microsoft Semblio

You would be able to aggregate rich content from a variety of sources, from Java applets, PDF’s, and other third-party content such as Flash, YouTube, and Silverlight - naturally.

Work together in office l.jpg

Work Together in Office

Less frustration l.jpg

Less Frustration

Transitional page l.jpg

Dual Release???


Windows 7 l.jpg

Windows 7

Expected Date????

How different l.jpg

How Different?

Versions l.jpg


  • Windows 7 Home PremiumThe follow-up to Vista Home Premium. It should be the most popular version sold in the USA and the one most home users will end up with.

  • Windows 7 ProfessionalThis version replaces Vista Business. The name clearly recalls XP Professional and it will have business features that Home Premium doesn’t.

  • Windows 7 UltimateUltimate is unchanged–it’s for home buyers who want all the features available and don’t mind spending extra for them. A big feature is BitLocker drive encryption.

  • Windows 7 EnterpriseThis basically is the same as Ultimate, but it is for high volume licenses.

  • Windows 7 Starter EditionA crippled version that can only run three programs at once (open programs, not background ones). Available worldwide, but only preinstalled. This is the version you’ll probably be seeing on netbooks. No Aero.

  • Windows 7 Home BasicSort of like Home Premium but without Aero. It’s only available in emerging markets.

Features of seven l.jpg

Features of Seven

  • Fewer Annoying Pop-ups: Remember the famously intrusive User Account Control system in Vista?

  • Much faster boot and shut down than Vista or Windows XP

  • Unified Search: Search extends into contacts, e-mail subjects, playlists, song titles and even the names of individual settings in your Windows Control Panel

Windows 7 new taskbar l.jpg

Very “Mac”ish

Different Approach

Windows 7 New TaskBar


Jump list l.jpg

New Term

Jump List

Right Click on the Icon on the Taskbar to view a Jump List

Slide37 l.jpg



Snap Feature

Second round of features l.jpg

Second Round of Features

  • “Needy” windows that used to flash in the taskbar is made more noticeable (faster flash – orange color)

Slide39 l.jpg

  • Computers must be running Windows 7 to participate in a homegroup.

  • Homegroups are only available on Home networks

Location-aware printing: Click print and the system will pick the printer closest to you!

Homegroup Feature

Action center l.jpg

Action Center

The Action Center consolidates alerts from 10 Windows features, including Security Center and Windows Defender.

Device stage l.jpg

Device Stage

Slide42 l.jpg

Adaptive Power





Slide44 l.jpg

Paint with Ribbons

Slide45 l.jpg


Office 1446 l.jpg

Office 14

Expected Date????

Sticky notes l.jpg

Sticky Notes

Upgrade anytime l.jpg

Upgrade Anytime

Using Windows Anytime Upgrade, you can upgrade from one edition of Windows 7 to another edition of Windows 7 and add features to Windows, such as Windows Media Center or networking capabilities. All it takes is about 10 minutes.

There’s no Windows installation disc, either. Get the upgrade online or at a computer retail store, and unlock your new features using just an upgrade key—with no changes to your current files and settings.

Slide49 l.jpg

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Office 1450 l.jpg

Multi- Touch

Office 14

Expected Date????

Multi touch windows 7 l.jpg

Multi-Touch Windows 7

So what do you think l.jpg

So What do You Think?

Our future is bright l.jpg

Our Future is Bright

Slide54 l.jpg

So What do You Think?

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