tire rack street survival
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Tire Rack Street Survival

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Tire Rack Street Survival. Teaching Northeastern Alabama teens how to drive to survive By Ryan Rupprecht. Who is ?. 1979- Tire Rack opened its first store in Indianapolis, IN 1982- Tire Rack goes nationwide with the use of magazine advertisements.

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tire rack street survival

Tire Rack Street Survival

Teaching Northeastern Alabama teens how to drive to survive

By Ryan Rupprecht

who is
Who is ?
  • 1979- Tire Rack opened its first store in Indianapolis, IN
  • 1982- Tire Rack goes nationwide with the use of magazine advertisements.
  • 1996- Tire Rack goes international with the launch of www.tirerack.com.
  • 2003- Tire Rack Street Survival is introduced as a tool for young drivers to hone new skills
  • 2008- TRSS totals 60 classes being held from New Hampshire to California and Florida to Washington.
problems and solutions
Problems and Solutions

The Bad

  • 40% of all deaths ages 15-21 result from traffic accidents.
  • Birmingham ranks 5th highest city in nation for teen traffic fatalities.
  • Alabama ranks 2nd in the nation for teen deaths traffic fatalities including rural areas.
problems and solutions4
Problems and Solutions

The Good

  • Tire Rack has launched a non-profit, hands-on workshop for new drivers.
  • TRSS is an affordable program focused in a real time, and real safe environment
program objectives
Program Objectives

The idea behind TRSS is to have teens use their own cars to learn about:

  • How to inspect vehicle systems
  • vehicle specific handling limits
  • how to properly regain temporary loss of control
  • learn how their cars feel and sound just before, and as they exceed the limits of tire adhesion

All while maintaining a safe and controlled environment

program objectives6
Program Objectives
  • The public relations campaign for Tire Racks Street Survival program will utilize local media outlets to help create an interest among northeastern Alabama parents of new drivers.
  • The message is to help unite concerned parents of young drivers with TRSS, a program designed to save their teenagers lives.
target audience
Target Audience
  • Target demography is the parents of newly licensed or permitted drivers.

“At first when my dad mentioned Street Survival I was kind of iffy…seeing what actually went on those thoughts disappeared…I will be recommending these events to probably just about anyone I come across now.” (tirerack.com)

tactics create awareness
Many local media outlets can easily be used to broadcast awareness of the program and invite parents and their young drivers to the TRSS course.

is a classic country radio station located in Calhoun County.

offers tangible results for advertising and a listening audience of 40 counties across north Alabama and into Georgia.

estimates a total of 3.2 million possible listeners within their 50,000 watt range.

Station formant is classic country music with a target audience of 25 and older.

Tactics: Create Awareness
tactics create awareness9
is a local television station located in the city of Anniston in Calhoun County.

main focus of the station is to provide viewers with news. The station also airs popular syndicated television shows in the ABC line up.

The station does not publically offer any information as to its target demographics, or prices for advertisement.

The station dose however publically offer that advertising space begins with 30 second time slots, and moves up from that point.

The station also informs clients that prices and availability vary based on time of day and popularity of programs.

in Anniston

8.5 x 14 color copies @ $.79 each.

Leaflets can be used in high-traffic areas like; shopping centers, educational centers, DMV offices, automobile insurance offices, places designated for drivers training class registration or training.

Tactics: Create Awareness
tactics create awareness10
is a local newspaper serving subscribers throughout Calhoun County, concentrating in Anniston, Oxford, Lenlock, Jacksonville, and Piedmont.

Hardcopy readers are traditionally older, but online editions reach a much more diverse demography.

160x400 p Tower ads are located in the papers highest visibility areas and run for $ 300 dollars per month.

300x250 p Big Block appears on the index and story pages just below the main content. $250 per month.

180x150 p Rectangle appears above the fold in the right column of the newspaper. $175 per month.

The125x125 p Square Tile appears in the far right sidebar of the newspaper, $150 per month.

offers a three month ad space for $60, or a year for $240.

Tactics: Create Awareness
tactics location
locations are typically coordinated though high-schools or other large facility parking lots, and are often times offered at no cost to the program

In the county of Talladega, the Talladega Super Speedway

Tactics: Location
tactics location12
Tactics: Location
  • Calhoun County could utilize a parking lot at Jacksonville State University, as many of the buildings would be emptied on weekends
tactics location13
Etowah County also has several facilities, one being the Alabama International Drag way.

*This are not intended to serve as a final list of choices for course locations.

Tactics: Location
calendar of events
Calendar of Events
  • Advertising for the event should begin approximately three months out from the event date.
    • allows adequate time for both teenagers and parents to become aware of the event
  • The campaign will start gradually, increasing the use of more expensive media outlets as the event date comes closer.
  • The weekend of October 24-25, 2009 has tentatively been chosen for two reasons.
    • One being that the weekend won’t interfere with dates already scheduled for the Tire Rack Street Survival schools.
    • The second reason being that the end of October would allow 2009 drivers education graduates to attend
evaluation of campaign
Evaluation of Campaign
  • The first step will be to gather campaign and attendance records from other Tire Rack Street Survival programs
    • within the same geographical location with a similar population make-up.
    • Knoxville and Chattanooga Tennessee, Trenton Georgia, North Charleston South Carolina, and in Scottsboro Alabama should all be examined and compared to the northeastern Alabama program.
evaluation of campaign18
Evaluation of Campaign
  • The next step is discovering how the parents and students found out about the program.
    • achieved by adding an additional information block to the application regarding how the applicant was notified about the event.
    • Create a check box for each of the types of advertisement utilized and include an additional block area for awareness provided by sources other than the campaign.
thank you
Thank You!

The real success of this campaign is measured the same way Tire Rack measures the success of their street survival program, the amount of lives saved.

reference page
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