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The Hornet 600 appeared with the combination of 3 innovative ... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Birth of the Hornet …. In 1998. The Hornet 600 appeared with the combination of 3 innovative features!. High Impact Design. Multi Purpose “Sports Commuter”. Dynamic Performance “ Direct from CBR”. CONCEPT : Street Fighter with a High Impact Naked Design.

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In 1998

The Hornet 600 appeared with the combination of 3 innovative features!

High Impact


Multi Purpose

“Sports Commuter”



“Direct from CBR”

CONCEPT: Street Fighter with a High Impact Naked Design

●Dynamic Performance : Technology & Racing DNA for FUN Riding.

●High Impact Design : Cool style for “Pride of ownership”.

●Multi Purpose : Easy to use for customer satisfaction.

Winning huge appreciation from many customers,

the Hornet 600 created a new trend called “Performance Naked”.

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Maintaining the original concept,

the Hornet has been continually evolving to exceed customers’ expectations.

It has been always the pioneer of “Performance Naked”.




No. 1 motorcycle in Europe

from 2001 to 2003

The Hornet has been the most successful model in Europe,

and is loved everywhere in the world.

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In 2007

Competitor A

Competitor B

However, during the previous years,

competitors followed the successful Hornet concept.

Thus, Performance Naked market has evolved drastically.

New Hornet 600 “RAISING THE BAR”

Slide5 l.jpg

Honda has developed the new CBR600RR, showering it with the latest technology.

This technology has been evolved for the Hornet concept.

Latest Technology

transferred to Hornet


●Impressive Power delivery

PGM-FI, Exhaust system

●Light weight & Mass centralization

Engine, Exhaust Layout ,Tail light

Improve the power delivery & weight reduction

contribute to ease to maneuver.

Slide6 l.jpg

Engine difference from CBR600RR


Valve timing optimized


Shape optimized

Die-Cast (CBR: forging)

Fuel Injection

1 injection (CBR: 2 injections)


In-port & Combustion chamberoptimized


Inertial weight optimized


Ratio optimized

Slide7 l.jpg

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>

Making the Hornet more like “CBR600RR”,

- the engine more compact

- every component smaller

- every part locate more forward & downward

Mass Centralization contributes “extreme ease of handling”

Very easy to pass through the heavy traffic and to change the direction quickly in winding roads.

Slide8 l.jpg






From crankshaft to the counter:


Thanks to its compactness

together with Aluminum cylinders

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>

For the best weight distribution, the engine must be very compact.Only the one from 07YM CBR600RR could meet this requirement.

Engine weight reduction: 8%

Slide9 l.jpg

In order to realize the rigidity we aim,

its weight would increase by about 2kg

due to the required thickness.

Steel frame could NOT meet our requirements.


All-New Aluminium Gravity Die-Cast Mono-Backbone Frame

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>


06YM Hornet frame

Steel Mono-Backbone frame

- Simple and light weight.

- Offers a lot of styling possibility.

- Slim shape that offers confidence inspiring.

(better footing, easier knee-grip)

- Weight reduction (-3.7% incl. Seat rail , Engine hanger bracket)

- Lateral stiffness 16% improved

Slide10 l.jpg

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>

Tapered box-section aluminum swing-arm

06YM :540.0mm

07YM :579.1mm

Improved handling

Lateral stiffness 73% improved

Torsional stiffness 51% improved

Slide11 l.jpg

06YM Hornet

07YM Hornet

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>


Muffler located under the engine

Yaw inertia improved 6%

Slide12 l.jpg

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>

Front wheels

Front wheels

New design with 5 spoke wheel.

Brake disk hub: stainless ⇒ aluminum

Weight reduction ( -7.0% incl. disk )

Slide13 l.jpg

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>

Rear wheels

Rear wheels

New design with 5 spoke wheel.

Weight reduction (-5.7%)

Slide14 l.jpg

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>

Front Fork

Front fork & Top Bridge & Stem

Front fork Spring rate is modified from 2-step to 1-step for lightening and smooth stroke.

Weight reduction (-3.3%)

Slide15 l.jpg

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>

Tail light

Tail light

Slim LED taillight applied.

Weight reduction (-42.3%)

Unique design

Improvement of water and heat Resistance

Maintenance free.

Slide16 l.jpg

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>

Rear Caliper

Rear Caliper

Same as 07YM CBR1000RR.

Weight reduction (-21.7%)

Slide17 l.jpg

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>

Front cowl & Head light

Front cowl & Head light

New front design incl. head light & speed meter.

Weight reduction (-14.7%)

Slide18 l.jpg

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>


Rear view mirrors

New designed

Weight reduction ( -13%)

Slide19 l.jpg

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>


Main/pillion steps

New aluminum main / pillion steps.

Weight reduction (-37%)

Slide20 l.jpg

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>

Rear Seat Unit

Rear seat unit

Newly designed

Weight reduction ( -18% )

Slide21 l.jpg

< Light Weight & Mass centralization>

Grab Rails

Grab rails

Newly designed individual type.

Material: plastic

Weight reduction ( -32% )

Slide22 l.jpg



Max Output



Max Torque



Dry Weight




Weight reduction & Mass Centralization

 Extreme ease of Handling

Slide23 l.jpg

< COOL Style >

Design Concept born in Honda R&D Europe in Italy

If you wanna be “COOL”, then try the Hornet with “Edged Armour Style”.

Slide24 l.jpg

< COOL Style >

Head light

Near-circular reflector & by-form lens enables:

- Unique & original front view

- to down size

- excellent light distribution.

Slide25 l.jpg

< COOL Style >

Pearl Yellow

Pearl Black

Candy Blue

Pearl Red

Slide26 l.jpg


speed meter




6-segment fuel meter

・twin trip meter

・odo meter

< Confidence inspiring >

New Instrumental Panel

Basic layout same as CBR1000RR;

- centralization of digital speed & analogue tachometer

(The rider can get any information instantly)

While getting the all necessary information instantly,

you will feel as if you were riding a real super sport!

Slide27 l.jpg

< Confidence inspiring >

Combined ABS

Hornet has got ABS system with CBS function which is optimized exclusively for the Performance Naked.

Front: Φ296 Double disk Brake with 3-pot caliper

Rear : Φ240 Single disk Brake with 1-pot caliper



Delay valve



Delay Valve provides more “Direct” feeling.

Slide28 l.jpg

< Confidence inspiring >

For the passenger

Give a confidence inspiring also to the passenger

Grab Rails

Passenger’s position


Optimized comfort for the passenger.

Individual grab rails on each side.

  • Grab rails closer to the passenger

  • Knee position more upward

  • Step position 30mm upward

  • Enhanced stability under acceleration / deceleration

Content l.jpg

  • Genuine Accessories for Hornet 600

Hornet 600 accessory line up l.jpg
Hornet 600 Accessory Line-Up

Rear wheel hugger in matching colour, which gives a more classy look to the bike and protects the rear shock absorber from dirt.

A easy to mount rear seat cowl assembly that installs on top of the pillion seat to give the bike a more

focused look while still providing easy access to the carrying space underneath.

Hornet 600 accessory line up32 l.jpg
Hornet 600 Accessory Line-Up

Set of classy L&R chromed 3D Wing and Hornet logo set.

Hornet 600 accessory line up33 l.jpg
Hornet 600 Accessory Line-Up

A wing badged gold tinted tank pad to enhance the protection of your motorcycle.

The gold tint compliments with the meter panel and fork outer tubes.

A tailor made gold tinted meter panel.

This piece has a 3D shape and surrounds

the clock to give the bike a more focused look.

The gold tint compliments with the tank

pad and fork outer tubes.

No image available.

A compact and stylish tinted acrylic

fly screen that provides substantial

relief from the blast of wind on the

chest at high speeds.

Dark tinted. For all markets. WVTA approved.

Hornet 600 accessory line up34 l.jpg
Hornet 600 Accessory Line-Up

Colour matched ornament is placed on the L&R crankcase covers to give a nice personal touch to the bike.

Set of natural L&R Nylon crankcase rings enhances the crankcase ornament when combined.