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Our State. State Bird. State Bird. State Metal. State Colors. State Tree. (1). (2). State Flower. State Motto. State Flag. State Grass. State Slogan. State Animal. State Gemstone. State Rock. State Seal. State Reptile. State Symbol. State Semi-Precious Gemstone.

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State Bird

State Bird

State Metal

State Colors

State Tree



State Flower

State Motto

State Flag

State Grass

State Slogan

State Animal

State Gemstone

State Rock

State Seal

State Reptile

State Symbol

State Semi-Precious Gemstone

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Silver and blue are Nevada's state colors. Silver stands for one of our important minerals and blue stands for our beautiful, blue skies.


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Ichthyosaur became a state symbol in 1977 as the state fossil.

Nevada is the only state to possess a complete skeleton

(55 feet) of this extinct marine reptile.


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Our state grass, Indian Rye Grass, was once a source of food fossil.

for Native Nevada Indians.


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Our state flag has changed 3 times. It now has two branches of sagebrush

in the upper left corner with the words "Battle Born" over them.


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Nevada of sagebrush


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Students from Ely, Nevada had the bristlecone pine adopted as

a symbol for our state. It is one of the oldest things on earth.


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Our state flower is sagebrush which is really a bush. It has small yellow

and white flowers in the spring. Native Americans used sagebrush leaves

as medicine and sagebrush bark for weaving mats.


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Our state metal is silver. Nevada has many minerals but silver was

one of the most important in our early mining days.


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The state rock is sandstone. This rock can be seen in the silver was

Valley of Fire State Park in southern Nevada. Students at

Gene Ward Elementary School in Las Vegas came up

with the idea of making sandstone our state rock.


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The state seal is the first symbol Nevada adopted. silver was

A seal is a stamp that is placed on official state documents or papers.


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The desert tortoise, our state reptile, is the largest reptile in the

southwestern United States. It can live to be more than 70 years old.


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Turquoise is our state's semi-precious gemstone. It is sometimes called

the "jewel of the desert".


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The desert bighorn sheep is our state animal. It is a beautiful animal and well-suited for

Nevada's mountainous desert country because it can survive for long periods without



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Nevada's state gemstone is the black fire opal. Virgin Valley, Nevada, is the only place in North America where the black fire opal is found.


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The mountain blue bird is our state bird. It lives in the higher, cooler regions of the state and visits the desert floor in the winter looking for food.


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The pinon pine was the first tree adopted as a symbol by our state. It is one of the most common trees found in Nevada and can grow in the dry, rocky ground of our desert.


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"Battle Born", our state slogan, was adopted on March 26, 1937. It means Nevada became a state during the Civil War.

"Battle Born"