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Aim -Create a consumer brand that does not cost the Earth -Demonstrate that GOOD business can mean good business Method -Reclamation, Innovation, Donation

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Aim -Create a consumer brand that does not cost the Earth -Demonstrate that GOOD business can mean good business Method -Reclamation, Innovation, Donation. My Problem / Our Problem. Total = 225 million tonnes Landfill = 99 million tonnes.

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Aim-Create a consumer brand that does not cost the Earth-Demonstrate that GOOD business can mean good businessMethod -Reclamation, Innovation, Donation


My Problem / Our Problem

Total = 225 million tonnes

Landfill = 99 million tonnes

Source: Key facts about waste: Waste and recycling (2006) DEFRA

The Problem

The Solution


UP -



The Elvis & Kresse Organisation (EaKo) creates stunning life-style accessories by lovingly reinvigorating seemingly useless wastes. The innovative and pioneering Fire-Hose range is made exclusively from de-commissioned fire hose which, after a distinguished career fighting fires and saving lives, were otherwise destined for landfill.All of EaKo’s items are hand-made and unique. The hose itself is weathered and marked, the ridges and grooves of a long life are self-evident and no two reds are the same. EaKo now collects hose across the UK, and in order to thank Britain’s Brigades 50% of our Fire-Hose profits go to the Fire Fighter’s Charity. EaKo makes classic, practical pieces; from the belt you leave on your favourite jeans to the weekender you wouldn’t leave home without. EaKo is tradition, reinvented.


Closing The Loop:

A Really, Really, Really Great Story

Hose has a shelf-life of 25 years but is decommissioned as and when it is beyond repair. Due to its structure it is unsuitable for traditional recycling.

EaKo up-cycles the hose in a central, European location. We will start collecting European hose in 2010.

Hose is used to fight fires. It is an essential piece of equipment for Fire Service Personnel.

EaKo donates 50% of its hose related profits to the Fire Fighter’s Charity.


Closing The Loop:

Another Really, Really Great Story

EaKo up-cycles the sacks in the UK, keeping carbon footprints low. The product, a reusable shopper, helps reduce the use of plastic bags. This reusable shopper can be composted.

Coffee arrives in the UK where the beans are roasted. Waste coffee sacks are NOT sent to landfill but are reclaimed by EaKo, a social enterprise.

Coffee grown in Ethiopia and Uganda is shipped to the UK in 100% natural and biodegradable jute sacks

EaKo donates 50% of its profits to charities associated with the waste it collects.


Summary:- We can make a difference

-Through the success of EaKo we hope to bully other leading consumer brands to change


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