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H1N1 Flu Social Media Response. Podcasts. YouTube. Twitter. Widgets ... CDC Social Media Resources. Social Media Tools. Peanut and Butter and Peanut Containing ...

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CDC Mission:

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Slide 2:CDC Mission: to promote health and quality of life by preventing and controlling disease, injury and disability eHealth and CDC 2.0 Goal: to make CDC content, tools and services available when, where and how users want them

Our Mission

Web 2.0 Communication Strategy H1N1 Flu Social Media Response Podcasts YouTube Twitter Widgets

Slide 5:YouTube

9 videos posted on YouTube 1.41 Million Views since April 24th Symptoms of Swine Flu was the 5th most viewed News and Politics video for May

Slide 6:Facebook

5,966 fans since CDC Facebook page launched on May 1st

Slide 7:Widgets

957,936 views of H1N1-related widgets since April 24th

Slide 8:Twitter

165,547 followers on 3 CDC Twitter profiles 351,660 clickthroughs to content from links posted on Twitter since April 24th

Slide 9:Email Updates

196,373 subscribers to H1N1 flu email updates 1.90 Million H1N1 flu related emails sent

Slide 10:

27,438 views of mobile H1N1 flu pages since April 24th

Slide 11:CDC Social Media Resources

Social Media Tools Peanut and Butter and Peanut Containing Product Recalls: Novel H1N1 Flu: Novel H1N1 Flu (Spanish): New Media Campaigns Seasonal Flu 2007-2008 World AIDS Day & HIV Testing Social Networks Facebook My Space Daily Strength Mobile

Slide Widgets Twitter User-Generated Content Sites You Tube Flickr About CDC TV Use of graphical images - Link to

CDC Social Media Resources

Slide 13:eHealth Data Briefs eCards Podcasts/RSS Tagclouds Blogs Virtual Worlds Second Life (191, 86) ( Whyville Email Updates

CDC Social Media Resources

Thank you Erin Edgerton Division of eHealth Marketing National Center for Health Marketing Coordinating Center for Health Information and Service Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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