Authentic audio quest for venture capital may 11 1999
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Authentic Audio Quest for Venture Capital May 11, 1999. David Runton Pete Smith Rajashi Runton Renee Savera Rob Michael. Agenda. Introduction to the Audio Market The Alpha Product The Business Plan. Understanding Customer Needs. Attributes Characterization and Evaluation (A.C.E) matrix.

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Authentic audio quest for venture capital may 11 1999 l.jpg

Authentic AudioQuest for Venture CapitalMay 11, 1999

David Runton Pete Smith

Rajashi Runton Renee Savera

Rob Michael

Agenda l.jpg

  • Introduction to the Audio Market

  • The Alpha Product

  • The Business Plan

Understanding customer needs l.jpg
Understanding Customer Needs

Attributes Characterization and Evaluation (A.C.E) matrix

The audio market l.jpg
The Audio Market

  • Brand Recognition is the greatest entry barrier

  • From Porter’s Five Forces Model

    • Industry Rivalry

      • Large, well funded corporations

      • Well known competition

    • Buyer Power

      • Ultimately, Consumers must buy the product

Product concept l.jpg
Product Concept

  • Digital, Digital, Digital

  • Tube Based Circuitry

    • Inherent design enhances even harmonics

      • Desired for warmth

      • Impedance levels allow for “better sounding” components

        Can we find a way to merge the two technologies?

Product design l.jpg
Product Design

  • The Tube Signal Shaper - Alpha Product

    • Tube based preamplifier

    • Designed to work with existing systems

    • Target customer desires for:

      • Natural Sound - Warmth

      • High Quality

      • Clarity/Crispness

Current home stereo system l.jpg
Current Home Stereo System



Compact Disc Player



Stereo Video Source



Enhanced home stereo system l.jpg
Enhanced Home Stereo System

Tube Preamplifier



Compact Disc Player



Stereo Video Source



Customer acceptance l.jpg
Customer Acceptance

  • Customer Testing

    • Processed / Unprocessed Sample Songs

      • Listen for yourself!

    • Preference Ratios

Customer acceptance10 l.jpg
Customer Acceptance

  • High Quality

    • Scored high

  • Aesthetic Values

    • Brand Recognition

    • High Tech Appearance

    • Scored low - not a surprise

      • No brand recognition

      • Simplistic Front Panel

Use of industrial design l.jpg
Use of Industrial Design

  • User Interface Redesign

    • Human interface considered

    • Functionality enhanced

    • High-Tech appearance addressed

Market potential l.jpg
Market Potential

  • Realistic market potential: 252k units (yearly)

    • Market awareness: 22.5%

    • Level sales

      • Based on 1996 component stereo sales

      • Retail Price: $300

        • 20% markup from wholesale

      • Gross Margin: 49%

Predicted sales l.jpg
Predicted Sales

  • Bass model for Sales Prediction

    • Based on five years of realistic sales potential

Authentic audio mission statement l.jpg
Authentic AudioMission Statement

The provision of full and natural sound solutions that provide user control and satisfaction within the audio environment.

Business form progression l.jpg
Business Form Progression

  • Mature form to focus on Core Competencies

Supply chain configuration l.jpg
Supply Chain Configuration

High Volume

Low Volume


Mature business configuration l.jpg
Mature Business Configuration

  • Maintain market focus

  • Create agile competitive advantage

  • Split based on market segments/platforms

    • Pro Audio Division

    • Consumer Division

Pro audio platform l.jpg
Pro Audio Platform

  • Focus on Analog to Digital Link

    • Beta - Bass Guitar Preamplifier

    • Lambda - Professional Microphone Preamplifier







Pro audio platform enablers l.jpg
Pro Audio Platform - Enablers

Engineering Design (Modular Components)

Strategic Partner

Bass Guitar




Consumer platform l.jpg
Consumer Platform

  • Utilize DSP / Software Modeling

    • Kappa - Car Stereo Preamplifier/Crossover



Technology Enablers

End Products

Investment requirements l.jpg
Investment Requirements

  • Investment required to provide cash for

    • Alpha Product Development/Production

    • Branding Campaign

  • $4 Million Required

    • $2 Million in 1999

    • $2 Million in 2000

Projected cash flows l.jpg
Projected Cash Flows

  • Rate of Return = 33% NPV (R=15%) = $13.7M

New product schedule revenues l.jpg
New Product Schedule/Revenues

Introduction Date

  • Alpha

    - November ‘99

  • Beta

    - October ‘00

  • Lambda

    - October ‘01

  • Kappa

    - December ‘01

Risk evaluation l.jpg
Risk Evaluation

  • Customer Acceptance Risk

    • Survey shows 50% desire

    • But market is very much “preference” based

  • Brand Recognition

    • If not established market potential affected

    • Major partnership required

Risk evaluation26 l.jpg
Risk Evaluation

  • Startup Manufacturing Risk

    • Successful implementation of Supply Chain

    • Capacity Limits and Cycle Time

  • Schedule Duration Risk

    • Meet introduction dates

      • Product Rollouts planned for Trade Shows

Immediate future actions l.jpg
Immediate Future Actions

  • Alpha Product Production - November 1999

    • Complete device redesign

    • Safety Certification (U.L.)

    • Production ramp-up

  • Start Branding Efforts

Branding strategy l.jpg
Branding Strategy

  • Partner with a major theatre processing firm

    • Survey results point to perceived value

  • Start major branding campaign focusing on desired attributes.

Slide29 l.jpg

David Runton

Pete Smith

Rajashi Runton

Renee Savera

Rob Michael