Ct 50 program review
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The creator of this workout is Tyler Bramlett, nicknamed “Garage Warrior”, is an expert working trainer and USAW Sports Performance coach.

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CT-50 Program Review

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Ct 50 program review

CT-50 Program Review

Ct 50 program review

One of the newest workouts out there is the CT-50 program. The big question, of course, is it any good? Is it just another workout that makes big promises and doesn’t fulfill them?

The Creator

The creator of this workout is Tyler Bramlett, nicknamed “Garage Warrior”, is an expert working trainer and USAW Sports Performance coach. He has spent a long time thinking about creating a workout that will effectively put you into shape. The result of this 10-year search was this workout program called Cross-training 50 or CT-50.

Ct 50 program review

What is This Workout?

This is a workout that has different levels. For most of these levels, you don’t have to use the exercise equipment at all. Each level relies purely on body weight.

To do level one of this workout, you do simple movements like shoulder bridge lifts and body rows. Level one is designed to introduce people like you with motions that you will need for more advanced levels.

To do level two, you will be doing exercises like Turkish sit-ups. These exercises employ more of your muscles to do and are very difficult to do. People who are fit could skip to level three.

When you reach do levels four and five, you should be able to do more strenuous exercises like pull-ups and standing pike presses. You will need a lot of balance, strength, coordination and condition. To perform pull-ups, you will need a dedicated a pull-up bar. You could also go to a park and use a climbing frame.

Ct 50 program review

Does A Package Come With This Workout?

You can get a package to perform this workout. These are some of the things that you get with this package:

Ct-50 Main Manual. This is a practical guide that will take you step-by-step, level-by-level, through the workout. It will assist with the most challenging exercises. It will also demonstrate to you what you should eat when you are doing the Ct 50 workout.

Workout Video. It shows what exercises you should do at each level of this workout. It shows how you should do the more advanced, complicated exercise.

Ct-50 Wall Charts. These wall charts are meant as a quick reference guide to see what exercises should be done at each level. You do printouts and paste them on the chart.

Ct-50 workout Score Sheets. These sheets will help you take account of how much fat you have lost and replaced with muscle. You will check off what you have done for each level.

Ct 50 program review

CT-50 Review-Pros

There are some advantages to this workout.

The first advantage of this good workout is that this workout is designed for both genders. What age you are or how terribly out of shape you are are not factors in doing this workout. The only thing required is that you are committed to this workout.

The second benefit of this good workout is that you don’t have any equipment to do this workout. You just need your body to do the movements.

The next strength of this fat loss workout is that it comes with a diet plan. This diet plan will show the food that will allow you to lose fat and the food that will help you replace the fat with muscle.

The next benefit of the CT-50 Workout is that you don’t take any supplements. The diet plan is supposed to as a supplement to the workout.

Ct 50 program review

This workout has no side effects as it is a completely natural way to lose weight.

Wall charts for this program are a good idea in helping you to remember all the exercises that you have to do in each level.

CT 50 Review – The Cons

To do this workout, you do have to have some patience. The fat will not disappear all at once. As long as you monitor the requirements, you should get the fat off eventually.

You should know that this workout is not intended for people with medical problems or pregnant women. You should check with your doctor to see if you can do this workout.

Ct 50 program review

CT-50 Program Review

You should not be disappointed with this program. You should, they like the flexibility of the program as well as the fact that you don’t have to use expensive equipment to do this workout. You can choose when doing this program.

The creator of this program did a lot of research to locate the right program for people. He would not have recommended a program that would hurt people. He would not put people at risk.

You risk very little in doing this program. You don’t have to worry about risking your money, either. This program comes with a sixty-day, money-back guarantee.

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