Unpacking my baggage
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Unpacking My Baggage - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

with Nettie Day. Unpacking My Baggage. aka Christine Wallace for LIBR500: Foundations of Information Technology. Packing tips? AskNettieDay@hotmail.com. Let’s begin with unpacking the collection. I started with all kinds of vintage bags & cases. 5 suitcases (various makes)

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Unpacking My Baggage

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with Nettie Day

Unpacking My Baggage

aka Christine Wallace

for LIBR500:

Foundations of

Information Technology

Packing tips?


Let’s begin withunpacking the collection

I started with all kinds of vintage bags & cases.

  • 5 suitcases (various makes)

  • 1 bowling bag (circa 1932)

  • 4 hat boxes (fabric and vinyl)

  • 3 wig boxes (wood, fabric and vinyl)

  • 2 carpet bags (clutch style)

  • 1 knitting box (slightly dented)


the collection became more


  • 15 Samsonite Streamlites (early 50s)

    • 5 Train Cases

    • 3 Personal O’Nites

    • 1 Ladies Wardrobe

    • 1 Hand Wardrobe

    • 3 Hat Boxes

    • 2 O’Nites

I bought my first suitcase thinking how cool I would look on vacation

My boyfriend even had a convertible. Finally the big day came: we were off to Victoria!

The car broke down.

We went by bus instead.

Packing Tip:

Don’t use vintage suitcases for your travel needs.

Especially if you have to take the bus.

They are very heavy.

For your heavy metal CD’s

from high school!

For your half-completed

knitting projects!

For your Christmas battery-operated

plastic bonsai tree!

Use for handy storage!

Use for creative inspiration! This is the first in a seriescalled “Sexy Samsonite.”

Great in emergencies!

I have a suitcase packed with important photos, mementos, and archaeological finds.

One very important item can’t be packed into a suitcase:


Featured as clever plot devices!

Aunt Em comes to visit

Helma Zukas, Librarian at Bellehaven Public Library.

She brings with her a suitcase

filled with memories...

…and a reason for murder?

“Final Notice” by Jo Dereske

Many of the images from this site came from Samsonite products circa the early 1950s. In addition to cases, I collect advertisements and promotional products.

For more suitcase info (click!):

Mystery books of all kinds (not just with suitcases in them) can be found at the Vancouver Public Library (where I work as a Library Technician).

For more library info (click!):

Images for this presentation

You can learn a lot about someone through their collecting activities.

Of course, you can learn a lot by going through their bags.

I am currently studying to become a librarian, just like Helma Zukas. I am also writing a murder mystery story featuring a librarian as the main character, just like Jo Dereske. Stay tuned for an “Ask Nettie Day” installment!

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