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United States Lighthouse Service PowerPoint PPT Presentation

United States Lighthouse Service. US Lighthouse Service. Administrative History Lighthouse Technology Types of Lighthouses Distinct Lighthouses People of the USLHS Lightships and Tenders Legacy of the USLHS Lighthouses in the USCG after 1939. Administrative History.

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United States Lighthouse Service

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United states lighthouse service l.jpg

United States Lighthouse Service

Us lighthouse service l.jpg

US Lighthouse Service

  • Administrative History

  • Lighthouse Technology

  • Types of Lighthouses

  • Distinct Lighthouses

  • People of the USLHS

  • Lightships and Tenders

  • Legacy of the USLHS

    • Lighthouses in the USCG after 1939

Administrative history l.jpg


Earliest aids to navigation l.jpg

Earliest Aids to Navigation

  • Early Navigation

  • Daymarks

  • Fires ashore

  • Emergence of maritime commerce

  • Pharos of Alexandria

  • Pharologists

Artist’s depiction of Pharos of Alexandria

Early lights in america l.jpg

Early Lights in America

  • Havana, Cuba

  • 1716-Little Brewster Island

  • Prior to 1775

  • Sandy Hook

British ship passes the light on Little Brewster Island

Light at Sandy Hook, NJ

New nation l.jpg

New Nation

  • 1783

  • Articles of Confederation

  • Constitutional Convention

  • Constitution

  • First Congress

  • Secretary of the Treasury

Early administration l.jpg

Early Administration

  • Albert Gallatin

  • 1820

  • Construction to 1820

Albert Gallatin

Stephen pleasanton 1820 1852 l.jpg

Stephen Pleasanton1820-1852

  • Fifth Auditor (1820-1852)

  • “Lowest Bidder”

  • Predecessors

  • Expanding US

Stephen Pleasanton

The lighthouse board 1852 1910 l.jpg


  • 1851

  • 1852

  • Lighthouse Districts

  • Inspectors

  • Instructions

  • Light Lists

1880 Regulations

1893 Light List

Map of 5th Lighthouse District in 1883

Bureau of lighthouses l.jpg

Bureau of Lighthouses

  • 1903

  • 1910

  • Organization

  • George R. Putnam

George Putnam

President Theodore Roosevelt

Uslhs joins the uscg l.jpg

USLHS Joins the USCG

  • Reorganization Plan No. 11

  • Efficiency & Economy

  • Integration of 5,200 personnel and other assets

  • 7 July 1939

Lighthouse technology l.jpg


Lenses to the 1800s l.jpg

Lenses to the 1800s

  • Plano-Convex Lens

  • Buffon Lens

Early lamps l.jpg

Early Lamps

Kettle Lamp

Pan Lamp

Spider Lamp

Argand Lamp and Reflector

Illuminants l.jpg


  • Wood & Coal

  • Candles

  • Oils

    • Sperm Oil

    • Colza Oil

    • Lard Oil

    • Kerosene

  • Electricity

The Unveiling of the Statue of Liberty in 1886

Augustin jean fresnel l.jpg

Augustin-Jean Fresnel

  • 1788

  • Wave Optics

  • Fresnel Lens

  • Intensification of light

  • 1827

Augustin-Jean Fresnel

Orders of fresnel lenses l.jpg

Orders of Fresnel Lenses

  • First through Sixth Orders

  • Original classifications

First order lens l.jpg

First Order Lens

Comparing lens orders l.jpg

Comparing Lens Orders

Fixed revolving lenses l.jpg

Fixed & Revolving Lenses

Fixed Lens

Revolving Lens

Types of lighthouses l.jpg

Types ofLighthouses

Pre federal era lighthouses 1716 1789 l.jpg


  • 12 Lighthouses

  • Wood or Stone

  • 90 feet

  • Questions

Sandy Hook, NJ

Early federal era lighthouses 1789 1820 l.jpg


  • 1789

  • George Washington

  • Albert Gallatin

  • Cut Stones & Brick

  • 11 Survive

Portland Head, ME

Old Tower at Cape Henry, VA

Georgetown Harbor, SC

The fifth auditor of the tresury s lighthouses 1820 1852 l.jpg


  • “Lowest Bidder”

  • Matinicus Rock

  • Problems

Matinicus Rock, ME

Pile foundation l.jpg


  • John Phillips

  • Henry Whiteside

  • Brandywine Shoals

  • Desdemona Sands

Old Brandywine Shoal, NJ

Cover to Desdemona Sand Specifications

Protected screw pile lighthouses 1850 l.jpg


  • 1850

  • Alexander Mitchell

  • Iron Stilts

  • Technology

Drum Point, MD

Exposed screw pile lighthouses 1852 1880 l.jpg


  • 1852

  • Florida reefs

  • Carysfort Reef

  • Civil War

Fowey Rocks, FL

Sombrero Key, FL

Carysfort Reef, FL

Straight pile tubular skeletal towers l.jpg

Straight-Pile Tubular Skeletal Towers

  • Cast & Wrought Iron Piles

Southwest Reef, LA

Wave swept lighthouses 1850 1906 l.jpg


  • John Smeaton

  • Minots Ledge

  • “I Love You” Light

  • St. Georges Reef & Mile Rock

St. Georges Reef, CA

Plan of Minots Ledge, MA

Mile Rock, CA

Tall brick towers 1857 1876 l.jpg


  • Cape Hatteras

  • 1859

  • Conical

  • Construction techniques

  • Suggestions

  • 14 of 15

Pensacola, FL

Cape Hatteras, NC

Fire Island, NY

Cast iron lighthouses l.jpg


  • Late 1830s

  • Light & inexpensive construction

  • Destruction Island

Destruction Island, WA

Crib lighthouses l.jpg


  • 1870s

  • Great Lakes

  • White Shoal

Spectacle Reef, MI

White Shoal, MI

Poe Reef, MI

Cofferdam lighthouses l.jpg


  • Dry site

  • Shallow water

  • Wooden walls

Craighill Channel Upper Front Range, MD

Robbins Reef, NY

Under water foundation lighthouses l.jpg


  • Man-made foundations/Underwater ledges

    • Race Rock

    • Stratford Shoal

    • New London Ledge

Stratford Shoal, CT

New London Ledge, CT

Race Rock, NY

Caisson lighthouses l.jpg


  • Iron technology

  • Lawrence Potts

  • Expense

  • Duxbury

Bloody Point, MD

Duxbury, MA

Submarine site pneumatic caissons lighthouses l.jpg


  • Special Preparation

  • Double bottom

  • Cellar

  • Caissons vs. Screw-Piles

Wolf Trap, VA

Breakwater lighthouses l.jpg


  • Unique challenges

  • Light, but sturdy

  • Keeper’s Quarters

  • Great Lakes

Cleveland Harbor East Pierhead , OH

Grand Haven South Pierhead Rear Range, MI

Skeleton tower lighthouses l.jpg


  • Pre-fabricated

  • Low wind resistance

  • Coney Island

Hog Island, VA

Coney Island, NY

Reinforced concrete lighthouses 1908 1948 l.jpg


  • Superior to metals

  • Replace brick

  • Point Arena

  • Oak Island

Point Arena, CA

Oak Island, NC

Distinct lighthouses l.jpg

Distinct Lighthouses

Navesink twin lights l.jpg

Navesink Twin Lights

Split rock l.jpg

Split Rock

Makapuu point l.jpg

Makapuu Point

Jeffrey s hook l.jpg

Jeffrey’s Hook

Point fermin hereford inlet l.jpg

Point Fermin & Hereford Inlet

Point Fermin

Hereford Inlet

Sabine pass l.jpg

Sabine Pass

Cape st elias l.jpg

Cape St. Elias

Oyster bayou l.jpg

Oyster Bayou

Statue of liberty l.jpg

Statue of Liberty

Alcatraz l.jpg


Minot s ledge l.jpg

Minot’s Ledge

Tillamook l.jpg


Point reyes l.jpg

Point Reyes

Point bonita l.jpg

Point Bonita

Cape sarichef l.jpg

Cape Sarichef

Southwest pass l.jpg

Southwest Pass

Toledo harbor l.jpg

Toledo Harbor

People of the lighthouse service l.jpg

People of the Lighthouse Service

Duties of a lighthouse keeper l.jpg

Duties of a Lighthouse Keeper

  • Light & Extinguish

  • “Wickie”

  • Shine and Polish

  • Maintain the log

  • Fog Signal

Keeper inspects the lens

Ida lewis l.jpg

Ida Lewis

  • Lime Rock Lighthouse

  • 24 Rescues

  • Presidential visit

  • Ida Lewis Rock

Ida Lewis

Ida Lewis rescues two soldiers on 29 March 1869

Marcus hanna l.jpg

Marcus Hanna

  • Medal of Honor & Gold LSM

  • 4 July 1863

  • 28 January 1885

Frederick t hatch l.jpg

Frederick T. Hatch

  • Twice Awarded the Gold Lifesaving Medal

  • 1884--USLSS

  • 1890--USLHS

Frederick T. Hatch

Samuel amalu l.jpg

Samuel Amalu

  • Dean’s of Hawaii’s Keepers

  • Joined LHS in 1906

Samuel Amalu

Others who served l.jpg

Others Who Served


Crew of a lighthouse tender

Keeper and his Light

Lighthouse families l.jpg

Lighthouse Families

Keepers and their families

Lightships tenders l.jpg

Lightships &Tenders

Evolution of lightships l.jpg

Evolution of Lightships

  • Ancient Rome

  • Great Britain

Map of Italy during the Roman Empire

King George II

First us lightships l.jpg

First US Lightships

  • Willoughby Spit

  • Sandy Hook

Development of lightships l.jpg

Development of Lightships

  • 116 Stations

  • 1909

  • 1927

Plan ofLV-1

Satisfying multiple aton requirements l.jpg

Satisfying Multiple ATON Requirements

  • Shallow Water

  • Deep Water

  • Multiple roles

  • Highly efficient ATON

Merrill's Shell Bank Lightship, 1847

Life on a lightship l.jpg

Life on a Lightship

  • Inadequate

  • Poor light platforms

  • “Similar to a barrel”

  • Accommodations

Maintaining the Lights

LV 1

Relaxing in the Wardroom

Lightship losses l.jpg

Lightship Losses

  • Cross Rip

  • Diamond Shoals

  • Nantucket

Lighthouse tenders l.jpg

Lighthouse Tenders

  • Commissioned vessels

  • Logistical support

Tenders performing logistical support for the lighthouses

Lighthouse tenders74 l.jpg

Lighthouse Tenders

USHLT Columbine

USHLT Goldenrod

Ushlt shubrick l.jpg

USHLT Shubrick

Legacy of the uslhs in the uscg l.jpg

Legacy of the USLHS in theUSCG

Loran l.jpg


  • Long Range Navigation= LORAN

  • Pulse transmission

  • Range

  • March 1942

  • Lawrence Harding

  • Practical system

  • Stations built throughout the world

  • Civilian applications

LORAN Station

Scotch cap l.jpg

Scotch Cap

  • 1903

  • 1940

  • Tsunami

  • 1950

  • 1971

1903 Tower

Current Light

1940 Lighthouse Before and After the 1946 Tsunami

Off shore texas tower structures l.jpg


  • Post-World War II

  • Oil Industry

Ambrose Lightship passes by the Ambrose Offshore Light Tower

The aluminum lighthouse 1960 l.jpg


  • Lantern Room

  • Charleston Light

  • Elevator

Charleston Light, SC

Fiberglass towers l.jpg


  • British Innovation

  • Little metal

  • 1960s & 1980s

  • Plastic Lighthouse

Deer Island, MA

End of the lightships l.jpg

End of the Lightships

  • LNB

  • 29 March 1985

  • Nantucket 1

ADM James Gracey

LNB on Station with 44-ft. patrol boat (foreground)

New technologies lighthouses l.jpg

New Technologies & Lighthouses

  • GPS

  • Boston Light

Satellites are vital to the Operation of GPS

  • Login