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RS interact. Interactive self-service reporting for SQL Server TM Reporting Services. Business & Decision. Business & Decision is an international Consulting and Systems Integrations (CSI) company Developers of RSinteract Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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RS interact

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  • Interactive self-service reporting for

  • SQL ServerTM Reporting Services

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Business & Decision

  • Business & Decision is an international Consulting and Systems Integrations (CSI) company

  • Developers of RSinteract

  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

  • RSinteract winner of “Best of Tech-Ed” 2006 in BI Category

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What is RSinteract?

  • RSinteract extends the reach of SQL Server Reporting Services and Analysis Services.

  • RSinteract is the only tool that allows business users to build and edit Reporting Services reports interactively.

  • RSinteract provides intuitive self-service reportingand analysis all via a standard web browser.

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RSinteract Benefits

Benefits include:

  • Reduced bottlenecks in information delivery to the business (less burden on IT / IS).

  • IT / IS can create template reports for users to build on interactively.

  • Zero footprint framework, delivered via standard web browser.

  • No additional database or semantic data layer – fast and easy to install and deploy.

  • Support for ‘direct’ and efficient reporting on Oracle relational data.

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The Business Intelligence Scandal

What is the BI scandal?

  • Continuing to purchase self-contained BI solutions when Microsoft includes a full BI suite at no extra charge.

  • Overlooking Microsoft as a BI option! MS SQL Server IS a full BI solution, not just a transactional DB.

  • Failing to deliver BI to all levels of the organisation when organisations hold the technology to do so.

  • Doing BI as a massive project, when it should be done by degrees.

  • Allowing technical rather than business users to drive BI implementations.

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Why is a BI infrastructure needed?

Without BI organisations can run into major information

Management problems:

  • No control – Excel & Access Hell

  • No single version of the truth

  • No scalability

  • No consistency

  • Poor availability of information

  • Difficulty in sharing information

  • Over-reliance on specific individuals

  • Difficulty in dealing with changing business requirements

  • Inability to drive business improvement

    Therefore a centralised or and / or controlled distributed BI infrastructure is essential…

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Why Leading BI Vendors Fail

BI Vendors often fail to deliver. Why?

  • Restricted focus on “elite” users

  • Tools too complex and difficult to use

  • Prohibitively expensive to deploy widely

  • Extensive setup and infrastructure requirements

  • Skills shortage

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How is Microsoft Different?

The Microsoft Solution

  • BI strategy focused on ease of use for both technical and business users

  • Focus on the masses not just the few

  • Better integration with front office tools

  • Vastly cheaper licensing models

  • Wide pool of reasonably priced resource for development and support of MS BI solutions

    The core of Microsoft’s BI solution is SQL Server…

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The core of Microsoft’s BI Solution

SQL Server

  • SQL Server 2008 extends BI capabilities to make Microsoft one of the main leaders (Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Report for BI 2008)

  • SQL Server 2008 IS a complete BI platform in its own right

    RSinteract adds value to this suite, enabling end-users to build and interact with information directly from the Microsoft BI Engine (and Oracle).

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Where does RSinteract fit?

MS SQL Server Reporting Services provides the engine for

enterprise report production and distribution.

  • Rendering of Reporting Services Reports in a web browser

  • Scheduling and Caching of reports

  • Subscription to reports

  • Data source connections

  • Security

  • Report repository and management

  • Export formatting

    RSinteract adds essential value to the Reporting Services engine,

    opening up these powerful functions to ordinary business users via

    a standard web browser.

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TheMicrosoft BI Stack with RSinteract

Where does rsinteract fit l.jpg

Where does RSinteract fit?

2 tools for technical & information professionals to build reports:

1) Report Designer (requires Visual Studio environment)

  • Produces richly formatted end-of-line reports

  • Suitable for reports requiring little or no dynamic change

  • Requires developers to operate

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Where does RSinteract fit?

2) Report Builder (SQL Server 2005)

  • Enables rapid building of simple reports

  • Predefined separate semantic data layer required

  • Suitable for information professionals – non-interactive editor requires technical report writing skills

  • “Smart client” download required for end users

  • Significant restrictions in editing existing reports and in report structure & formatting

    Report Builder 2.0 (SQL Server 2008 - end user version of Visual Studio


  • Developer level expertise required.

    Existing tools require a technical /developer level or report writing knowledge.

    RSinteract negates the need for technical level knowledge or skills…

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RSinteract features & benefits

For business users:

  • Can build their own Reporting Services reports from an intuitive non-technical web browser interface (with no plug-ins or downloads).

  • Can interact with existing reports directly without using an abstracted report editor or downloading / installing any software.

  • Can carry out interactive analysis from existing reports and templates, without having to start from scratch each time.

  • Reduces reliance on IT and latency of information access.

  • Removes distinction between OLAP and Relational data – user interface the same for both – highly intuitive.

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RSinteract features & benefits

For report writers / MI professionals:

  • Speeds up and de-skills the creation & editing of Reporting Services reports dramatically.

  • Allows template reports to be built quickly and easily for business users.

  • Does not restrict flexibility of report creation and editing, despite simplicity of use.

  • Provides sophisticated interactivity, formatting, and combined / multiple report types from multiple data sources.

  • Does not require a full separate semantic data model to be built before reports can be produced.

  • Does not require report designers to predict every interaction or modification that a business user may wish to perform to a report.

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RSinteract user interface (zero footprint)

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RSinteract architecture

Architecture designed to fit seamlessly into the SSRS infrastructure with negligible deployment overhead:

  • Compatible with both SQL Server 2005 & 2008.

  • Simple server install.

  • No resident database or infrastructure – uses SQL Server & SSRS

    architecture for security, storage, rendering, scheduling, caching etc.

  • Entirely zero footprint: no client software or downloads – all user

    deployment via a standard web browser.

  • Non-invasive deployment and simple upgrade management.

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