Session #3-B Knowledge-Base Benchmarking (KBB) & Roadmap for Technology-Based Growth Dr. David Gibson IC2 Institute The University of Texas at Austin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Session #3-B Knowledge-Base Benchmarking (KBB) & Roadmap for Technology-Based Growth Dr. David Gibson IC2 Institute The University of Texas at Austin. Action Research makes IC 2 different. East Tennessee’s 21 st Century Jobs Initiative (1996)

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Session #3-B Knowledge-Base Benchmarking (KBB) & Roadmap for Technology-Based Growth Dr. David Gibson IC2 Institute The University of Texas at Austin

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Session #3-BKnowledge-Base Benchmarking (KBB) & Roadmap for Technology-Based GrowthDr.David GibsonIC2 Institute The University of Texas at Austin

Action research makes ic 2 different l.jpg

Action Research makes IC2 different

  • East Tennessee’s 21st Century Jobs Initiative (1996)

  • Charleston, South Carolina Technology-Based Entrepreneurship (1997)

  • Accelerating Technology Based Entrepreneurship in Metro Orlando, Florida (2000)

  • Accelerating Technology-Based Growth, Waco, TX; San Angelo, TX (2001)

  • Cross-Border Institute for Regional Development (2002) – Knowledge Base Benchmarking

  • Canary Islands, Virtual Incubation (2002)

  • ISTC, Moscow Russia and RF and CIS (2002)

Cross border institute for regional development cbird at itesm utb ic2 l.jpg

Cross-Border Institute for Regional Development (CBIRD) at ITESM-UTB-IC2

The international cross-border region incorporates an ever expanding geo-political area transected by the Texas-Mexico border and is inscribed by the core which includes Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to the south, and by El Paso, Laredo, Corpus Christi and Brownsville, Texas, to the north.

Cbird vision l.jpg


Through cooperative partnerships with the private and public sectors, CBIRD works to facilitate the emergence of an integrated, linked region with a shared vision and leveraged resources for regional development

One region, one future

Una region, uno futuro

Cbird mission l.jpg


To work with local champions to help transform the economy of the Texas-Mexico border region into a 21st-century, knowledge-based economy driven by technology industries, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and value-added services.

Overview of knowledge base benchmarking kbb roadmap for technology based growth l.jpg

Overview of Knowledge-Base Benchmarking (KBB) & Roadmap for Technology-Based Growth

What do you think of in terms of benchmarking l.jpg

What do you think of in terms of Benchmarking ?

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Strategies for Action

Short and Longer-term


Local Government


Technology Knowledge Base



Develop a Compelling Vision

Benchmarking as a catalyst l.jpg




Benchmarking as a Catalyst








Regional community collaboration cooperation l.jpg

Regional/Community Collaboration/Cooperation

  • 1st Level Influencers/Visionaries

  • 2nd Level Influencers/Champions

  • Regional Networking Organizations

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Benchmarking a region’s assets and challenges to:

Foster collaboration across academic, business, and government sectors

Incubate and grow technology-intensive companies

Retain and expand existing enterprises

Foster, recruit and bring back talent

Facilitate public/private partnerships

Accelerate economic growth while maintaining a sustainable and accessible quality of life.

Is this an acceptable vision for your region l.jpg

Is this an acceptablevision for your region?

Regional benchmarks metrics for success l.jpg

Regional Benchmarks: Metrics for “Success”

  • Wealth creation

  • High value jobs

  • Sustainability

  • Shared prosperity

  • Quality of life

How to define your region l.jpg

How to Define your Region?

Slide17 l.jpg

GeographicallyEconomicallyTechnologicallyEducationallyGovernmentSocial ConcernsCultural ConcernsNatural Resources

Slide18 l.jpg

The Suggested Focus is on Three Infrastructures:Technological - AssetsCivil - Hard InfrastructureCivic - Human Resources

Quantitative and qualitative data to collect l.jpg

Quantitative and Qualitative Data to Collect

Talent l.jpg


  • Education – Technology Focus (College,

    Undergraduate and Graduate)

  • Education – Smart Infrastructure (business,

    legal, etc.)

  • Education – Entrepreneurial (K-12, college,

    university & training)

  • Entrepreneurial Support Services

  • Entrepreneurial Case Studies/Role Models

Technology l.jpg


  • R&D Base: University, Corporate, Federal, Other – by technology area

  • Scorecard/Timeline of Technology Intensive Companies – small, mid-sized, large - by sector/cluster

  • Spinouts, startups (and where technology originated)

Capital l.jpg


  • Angel/Seed – existing and potential

  • Venture Capital

  • Banks

  • Federal, State, Regional

  • Support Organizations

Smart infrastructure know how human capital l.jpg

Smart Infrastructure (Know-How/Human Capital)

  • Management

  • Financial

  • Legal

  • Marketing

  • Manufacturing

  • Sales & Distribution

  • International

Community regional collaboration cooperation civic infrastructure l.jpg

Community/Regional Collaboration/Cooperation(Civic Infrastructure)

  • 1st Level Influencers/Visionaries

  • 2nd Level Influencers/Champions

  • Regional Networking Organizations

Hard civil infrastructure l.jpg

Hard (Civil) Infrastructure

  • Science Parks and Incubators

  • Airports, Roads, Bridges

  • Internet Connectivity

  • Computer & Information Technology

How to benchmark and build a roadmap for a region l.jpg

How to Benchmark and Build a Roadmap for a Region

Slide28 l.jpg

Collect key quantitative and qualitative data at the “grassroots level” on assets and challenges to accelerating technology-based growth:

  • published reports and surveys,

  • archival data

  • cluster data

  • working groups

  • targeted surveys

  • interviews

  • have a community board of advisors from academic, business, government sectors

Slide29 l.jpg

To use Computer and Information Technologies to:

  • Construct a regional and dynamic knowledge base

  • Publish web-based reports as a unifying catalyst for the region and to inform national and international influencers

  • Leverage resources within the region

  • Foster national and global partnerships for leveraging talent, technology, capital, and know-how

  • Leapfrog for “Spectacular Success”

Slide30 l.jpg

  • NOT to imposed a standard - “cookie cutter” - solution

  • To provide a regional roadmaps for action: near and longer term

  • To work for “spectacular success”

  • To Re-Brand the region

Build on your strengths l.jpg

Build on Your Strengths

  • Geography


  • Educational Institutions

  • Bilingual/Cross-cultural

  • Case Profiles of Successful Entrepreneurs

Desired outcomes l.jpg

Desired Outcomes


  • Facilitate recruitment with KBB

  • Targeted recruitment for cluster development

    Retention and Expansion

  • Better understanding of technology company needs and infrastructure requirements of major employers

  • Assess how new technologies might assist in retaining and growing at-risk firms

Slide33 l.jpg

New Firm Development

  • Enhanced recruitment and nurturing of technology-oriented enterprises

  • Foster spin-outs from local academic, business, and government sectors

  • Accelerate the development of fast-growth companies

  • Fostering spectacular entrepreneurial successes

Slide34 l.jpg

Partnerships and Alliances

  • Strengthen regional collaboration among academic, business, and government sectors

  • Foster regional technology councils

  • Foster regional entrepreneurial councils

  • Strengthen national and global alliances and partnerships

Slide35 l.jpg


  • Targeted Workforce Training

  • Retain talent within the region

  • Recruit and “bring back” entrepreneurs to the region


  • Know your strengths


  • Assess capital needs and availability


  • Smart Infrastructure development

Slide36 l.jpg

  • Have “the region” serve as an role model

    • for developing creative and innovative ways to nurture and grow successful technology entrepreneurs on the border region

    • fostering a sustainable and accessible quality of life

Slide37 l.jpg

Use advanced CIT:

(1) to construct a regional reports and databases -

a dynamic knowledge base

(2) to leverage resources within the region

(3) to foster national and global partnerships

for leveraging talent, technology, capital,

and know-how

(4) to Leapfrog for “Spectacular Success”

Questions discussion l.jpg


Results cbird l.jpg

Results: CBIRD

Cbird report i introduction l.jpg

CBIRD ReportI. Introduction

  • Historic profile

  • Economic trends

  • Demographics

  • Natural Resources (water)

  • Cross-Border history/overview

Ii survey results l.jpg

II. Survey results

  • Established industries

  • Emerging economy

  • Strategies and factors for job creation and economic development

  • Business leaders’ opinions and open-ended comments

    • Facilitators and Barriers to accelerated technology-based growth

Iii education and r d l.jpg

III. Education and R&D

  • University education and research

    • Undergraduate

    • Graduate

  • College

  • Workforce Training

  • Public School

  • Regional Research & Development

  • Conclusions & recommendations vision for the future

Iv cameron county enterprises l.jpg

IV. Cameron County Enterprises

  • Transportation & Logistics

  • Health Services

  • Technology Sector

  • Manufacturing/Maquiladoras

  • Agriculture

  • Trade & Tourism

V focus groups l.jpg

V. Focus Groups

  • Within each of the Industry Clusters, local groups convene to “focus” on such issues as assets, challenges, regional collaboration and visions of the future

Vi roadmap strategic recommendations l.jpg

VI. Roadmap & Strategic Recommendations

  • Rank critical action strategies

    • Short-term

    • Long-term

Slide46 l.jpg

Results: WACO

Waco action item l.jpg

WACOAction Item

  • Focus Academic, Business, and Government Collaboration on Established & Emerging Industry Clusters with the Greatest Growth Potential

    • Vision: Leverage existing and emerging academic assets (research, education, training) to accelerate the growth of established and emerging technology-based industries, to become globally competitive in targeted, niche sectors

    • Challenges: To select targeted industry clusters; to foster shared awareness & importance of leveraging region-wide assets; to increase R&D

Waco action item48 l.jpg

WACOAction Item

  • Include All of McLennan County’s Citizens in the Region’s Economic Development Vision, Activities & Successes

    • Vision: The Greater Waco Region as a national leader in wealth creation, social inclusion, and shared prosperity

    • Challenges: Not all segments of the region have participated in the economic improvements of the past, despite good faith efforts and an overall improvement in regional economic conditions

Waco action item49 l.jpg

WACOAction Item

  • Develop Greater Waco as an Emerging Center of Entrepreneurship

    • Vision: The Greater Waco Region as a national player in growing, recruiting, and retaining entrepreneurial talent and as a region known for genuinely helping entrepreneurs

    • Challenges: Losing potential entrepreneurial talent to Dallas, Austin & elsewhere; Local support mechanisms are fragmented and have not coalesced

Waco action item50 l.jpg

WACOAction Item

  • Develop Regional, National, and Global Value-Added Partnerships and Alliances

    • Vision: Utilize national and global alliances and partnerships to enhance the Greater Waco Region’s existing resources and assets

    • Challenges: Few engines of R&D to drive creation of new technologies & products; Limited support for strategies such as “global partnering”

Waco action item51 l.jpg

WACOAction Item

  • Communicate Proactively, and in a Coordinated Manner, The Greater Waco Region’s Action Initiatives Regionally, Nationally, and Locally

    • Vision: A positive image of the region, reflecting “today” not the past

    • Challenges: IH-35 drive-by; Image as “Jerusalem on the Brazos;” etc.; residents’ ingrained, often negative feelings about the region

Ic 2 institute affiliated programs to be leveraged l.jpg

IC2 Institute (Affiliated) Programs To Be Leveraged

  • The (Award Winning) Austin Technology Incubator (ATI) -

  • The Capital Network (TCN) -

  • MS Degree Program in Science and Technology Commercialization -

Ic 2 institute affiliated programs to be leveraged53 l.jpg

IC2 Institute Affiliated Programs To Be Leveraged

  • EnterTech for Entry-Level Technology Employees -

  • Conferences - 6th International Conference on Technology Policy and Innovation, Kansai, Japan, August 12-15, 2002

  • Moot Corp, UT-Austin

Questions discussion54 l.jpg


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