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Personal Computer History does NOT begin with Apple , IBM or Microsoft , although Microsoft was an early participant in the PC industry. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

PIONEERS. Of Computer Technology. Personal Computer History does NOT begin with Apple , IBM or Microsoft , although Microsoft was an early participant in the PC industry. THE MITS ALTAIR 8800.

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Personal Computer History does NOT begin with Apple , IBM or Microsoft , although Microsoft was an early participant in the PC industry.

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Of Computer Technology

Personal Computer History

does NOT begin with Apple, IBM or Microsoft, although Microsoft was an early participant in the PC industry.


The first personal computer, The MITS Altair 8800 was introduced in Popular Electronics in 1975


The inventor of the Altair

Bill Gates and Paul Allen wrote a BASIC computer language for the new Altair8800 and formed Micro-soft.

Timeline: 1975- Ed Roberts created the Altair 8800 computer!

Apple Computers & the Apple II

Timeline: 1976- Apple’s two Steves created the Apple II!

Apple 1 was the only kit computer designed by the two Steves. The young industry exploded in 1977 as Apple computers introduced the APPLE II, a color computer with expansion slots and floppy drive support.

Lisa and the Macintosh

After the IBM-PC...


After IBM created its personal computer to compete with the Apple Company, Apple repelled with its first consumer machine with a mouse and graphical interface, the Lisa (named after Steve Jobs first daughter). Of course, at $10,000, not many consumers could afford it, but it paved the way for the Apple Macintosh of 1984. At the affordable cost of $2,500, it became a hot item among computer hobbyists & schools!

Timeline: 1984- Lisa and the Macintosh were created!

Microsoft windows 3.1 shipped in 1993. Between Windows and the hardware of the day, the resources existed for Windows to become a major player. Windows soon became the default operating system shipped with new PCs.

Although the internet had been created many years earlier, it was in 1995 that it rocketed into public view. Windows 95 shipped in August.

Timeline: 1993- Windows 3.1 was a BIG hit!


Many people believe the mouse was invented by Apple computers. Others think that Steve Jobs stole the idea from Xerox, where the mouse was used on an early office PC called the star. But in truth, the mouse was first conceived by a man name Doug Engelbart in the early 60’s.

On December 9, 1968, Engelbart and a group of 17 other researchers presented a 90-minute live public demonstration of the mouse, internet and other features they had been working on since 1962.

The presentation was attended by about 1,000 computer experts. This was the public debut of the computer mouse.

Timeline: 1969- Doug Engelbart showed the mouse.

Steve and Steve

Pirates of the Computer Industry

Engineers and designers at the headquarters of Apple Computers Inc. in Cupertino, California were accustomed to seeing a slender figure saunter past their offices wearing frayed jeans, suede boots, and a cowboy shirt. The boyish-looking fellow with the string mustache is 26 year old Steve Jobs, Apple’s chairman of the board.

One of Job’s best friends was Steve Wozniak. “Woz” was a designer at Hewlett-Packard. After hours, Woz worked hard building a small, easy to use computer. In 1976 he succeeded. The pint-size machine was smaller than a portable typewriter, but it could do the feats of much larger computers.

To Wozniak, the new machine was simply a gadget.. Jobs, in contrast, saw the commercial potential of the machine that could help families do their personal finance or small businesses control inventories and he urged that they form a company to market the computer. Jobs, recalling a pleasant summer that he spent working in the orchard in Oregon, christened the new computer, Apple.

Hello, my name is


Exert from “The Seeds of Success” written February 15, 1982

BILLionaire Gates and Partner Paul Allen

In 1980, IBM first approached Bill Gates and Microsoft, to discuss the state of home computers and Microsoft products. Gates gave IBM a few ideas on what would make a great home computer, among them to have Basic written into the ROM chip. Microsoft had already produced several versions of Basic for different computer system beginning with the Altair, so Gates was more than happy to write a version for IBM. That’s where it all started...

Susan Kare

Queen of Icons

Susan Kare’s designs have become an integral part of the computer culture. She is a 2001 recipient of the Chrysler design award. Some of her most famous icons are the trashcan, (for

discarding files), the watch (which means the computer is busy and can’t be used), and the portrait of a computer with a sly Mona Lisa smile (which means the machine is working).


Susan left Apple to become Creative Director at NeXT inc. After two years she started to freelance. Over the past years, she has drawn more than 2,000 icons for computers, coming up with dozens of symbols representing the commands ‘print’, ‘merge’, and ‘quit’. She did many of the icons for Windows 3.1

Pirates of the Silicon Valley



During which even did the Macintosh “1984” ad run?

The Superbowl

What illegal device did Jobs and Woz manufacture and sell?

The Blue Box

Who in the movie was the practical joker?

Steve Wozniak

Who belonged to the Homebrew Club?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak

Who was a partner with Bill Gates?

Paul Allen

What school did Bill Gates drop out of?


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