Lisa m carlson mph ches vice president population health arthritis foundation
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Partnerships to Reduce the Burden - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lisa M. Carlson, MPH, CHES Vice President, Population Health Arthritis Foundation. Partnerships to Reduce the Burden of Arthritis: The Arthritis Foundation. National Conference on Health Education and Health Promotion and the American Association for Health Education Summer Institute

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Presentation Transcript
Lisa m carlson mph ches vice president population health arthritis foundation l.jpg

Lisa M. Carlson, MPH, CHES

Vice President, Population Health

Arthritis Foundation

Partnerships to Reduce the Burdenof Arthritis: The Arthritis Foundation

National Conference on Health Education and Health Promotion and

the American Association for Health Education Summer Institute

June 3, 1999

Washington, D.C.

Our mission l.jpg
Our Mission

The mission of the Arthritis Foundation is to support research to find the cure for and prevention of arthritis and to improve the quality of life for those affected by arthritis.

Role of the arthritis foundation l.jpg
Role of the Arthritis Foundation

The Arthritis Foundation strives to strengthen outreach and referral, increase awareness of the impact of arthritis and the services of the Arthritis Foundation, and help people make good health decisions through advocacy, support, education and self-management opportunities.

Organizational strengths l.jpg
Organizational Strengths

  • The only national, voluntary health organization working for all people affected by any of the 100 forms of arthritis

  • More than 50 years of experience advocating for and addressing the needs of people with arthritis

National resources l.jpg

Nationwide network of 150 chapters and branches

Volunteer workforce of 400,000+

Membership base of 500,000

Web site:

80+ pamphlets, books and videotapes

800# that receives more than 250,000 calls annually

More than 150 million media impressions each year

National Resources

Chapter core competencies l.jpg
Chapter Core Competencies

  • Professional education (MDs, RNs)

  • Public education and outreach (community, clinic settings)

  • Advocacy

  • Patient services (referral by health care provider)

Continuum of educational activities l.jpg
Continuum of Educational Activities

Awareness Increased Knowledge Changed Behavior

Participation in group programs

Occurs in program


Arthritis foundation programs l.jpg


(to build awareness)

1-H our educational programs

Lunch & Learns

Press releases


Arthritis Foundation Programs

Arthritis foundation programs9 l.jpg


Arthritis Self-Help Course

Lupus Self-Help Course

Fibromyalgia Self-Help Course

Bone Up on Arthritis

Support groups


Arthritis Foundation YMCA Aquatics Program

PACE (People with Arthritis Can Exercise)

Joint Efforts

Walk with Ease

Arthritis Foundation Programs

(to develop increased knowledge and changed behavior)

Partnering organizations l.jpg
Partnering Organizations

  • Public Health

    • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System

    • Legislation promoting arthritis education and programs

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Professional associations

    • medical practitioners

    • hospitals and other care facilities

  • Managed care

Public health partnerships l.jpg
Public Health Partnerships

  • Osteoporosis Initiatives in New Jersey

  • Objectives

    • improve quality of life for people with osteoporosis through peer support groups

    • train support group facilitators

    • provide public forums, Speaker’s Bureau programs on osteoporosis

Public health partnerships12 l.jpg
Public Health Partnerships

  • Partners -- Advisory Council

    • American Association of Retired Persons

    • Older Women’s League

    • NJ Osteoporosis Self-Help Organization

    • NJ Department of Health and Senior Services

  • Successes

    • support groups underway

    • Speaker’s Bureau presentations scheduled

    • Public Forums sites and speakers identified

Managed care partnerships l.jpg
Managed Care Partnerships

  • New York Chapter and Group Health Incorporated (GHI)

    • GHI sponsored the Arthritis Foundation Arthritis Self-Help Course (ASHC)

    • 18 courses offered to GHI subscribers to learn self-care techniques, pain management, and coping strategies

Managed care partnerships14 l.jpg
Managed Care Partnerships

  • Maryland Chapter and CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield

    • Chapter staff trained CareFirst health educators about arthritis

    • CareFirst newsletter ran information about foundation services

    • Chapter staff arranged presenters for arthritis education videos for CareFirst’s Health Today cable TV program

Addressing diverse populations l.jpg
Addressing Diverse Populations

  • Southern California Chapter Spanish Arthritis Empowerment Program

    • Community-based program taught in Spanish by lay health educators

    • Program developed by chapter, Stanford University, Olive View-UCLA Medical Center Foundation

    • Program focuses on empowering participants to gain control of their arthritis

Addressing women s health l.jpg
Addressing Women’s Health

  • Arthritis Foundation and Older Women’s League (OWL)

    • Foundation developing quality of life arthritis education program: “Women Over 40 & Arthritis”

    • OWL to facilitate public education seminars, including health care professionals speaking about arthritis

Building partnerships l.jpg
Building Partnerships

No single organization can effectively address the burden of arthritis alone.

To get involved l.jpg
To get involved…

Contact your local

Arthritis Foundation chapter: