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Martin's Meat Mart

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Martin s Meat Mart

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1. Martinís Meat Mart 50 Years of Quality Meat Products

2. Martinís Meat Martģ -Information- Martinís Meat Mart has been serving quality meats for over 50 years. Many fine dining establishments, as well as supermarkets, buy the exceptional products from Martinís Meat Mart, and have been for generations.

3. Martinís Meat Martģ -Information- In 1950, Keith Martin Sr. founded Martinís Meat Mart as a small butcher shop in Beefy, Nebraska. The considerable expertise of Mr. Martin and his co-workers in the field of meat production had put the company on the map in less than 10 years, and soon, it turned into one of the most successful meat production companies the world has ever seen.

4. Martinís Meat Martģ -Products- Martinís Meat Mart serves a wide variety of meat products, including: Beef Chicken Pork Seafood Lamb And more!

5. Martinís Meat Martģ -Employment- MARTINíS MEAT MART WANTS YOU! Martinís Meat Mart is always looking for quality workers who can do the job right! At Martinís Meat Mart, we work like a big, happy family. If you are accepted into Martinís Meat Mart, you can expect the best in the industry for pay, benefits, and a good work environment.

6. Martinís Meat Martģ -Employment- Martinís Meat Mart employees can expect the following, unparalleled benefits. Up to 100% paid for continued education 100% medical and dental Corporate vehicle Employee product discount Day Care on premises Sports teams and various other groups Merit promotions and raises Commission on money-saving innovations

7. Martinsí Meat Martģ - Contact Us! - Martinís Meat Mart 666 Dead Cow Trail Beefy, NE 62509 (402) 666-6666

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