Hudson Valley Center for Emerging Technologies

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Non-credit certificate programs in Internet Technology and E-commerce ... Non-credit certificate programs in Internet Technology and E-commerce ...

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Hudson Valley Center for Emerging Technologies

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Slide 1:Hudson Valley Center for Emerging Technologies

A Three University Collaboration to Support Economic Development in the Hudson Valley

Slide 2:HVCET Goal

To promote and support economic development in the Hudson Valley region by: Providing a focus for research and development in emerging technologies Providing education and information to businesses about the use and value of emerging technologies

Slide 3:HVCET Partners

Public/Private Institutions of Higher Education Marist College Pace University SUNY New Paltz Local businesses and industry Regional government

Slide 4:Educational Institution Expertise

Marist College Undergrad & Grad programs in CS, SD and IS Non-credit certificate programs in Internet Technology and E-commerce Pace University School of CSIS has 2 year, 4 year, and Graduate programs in CS, IS, and Telecom Non-credit certificate programs in Internet Technology and E-commerce SUNY New Paltz Undergrad and Grad programs in CS, Engineering, Business, Communications, Graphic Arts, Psychology

Slide 5:HVCET Background

Meetings in 1999 among Hudson Valley businesses and government representatives and Pace, Marist and SUNY New Paltz to discuss feasibility of a CAT proposal Proposal submitted in February 2000 to NYS; awarded $250,000 in May, 2000 Funds to be used to strengthen the research base in IT and to develop a plan for the center, including a potential CAT application

Slide 6:A Brief Overview of the CAT Program

The CAT program is a network of research and development centers formed among universities, private industry, and State government. They work to facilitate the development and transfer of technology from New York's research universities into the private sector. Collaboration between universities and industry is a basic tenet of the CAT program.

Slide 7:CAT Program (Continued)

Centers for Advanced Technology build on and leverage existing research strengths in areas of technology both relevant to and driven by industry. They conduct continuing programs of research, development, technology transfer, outreach, and technical education and training. In collaboration with and through the financial support of private business and industry in the State.

Slide 8:CAT Program Information

For complete information about the CAT Program:

Slide 9:Planning & Implementation Goals 2000 - 2001

Establish base of participating programs Define Center administrative structure Develop plan for integrating research & development and educational resources Facilitate inter-institutional cooperation among faculty Develop relationships with local business & industry Study CAT application process and determine feasibility of and timeline for application

Slide 10:Research & Development Initiatives – 2000 - 2001

Cataloguing: Software & systems that can be integrated to meet business needs (MC, P, SUNY) Hudson Valley e-business contacts (MC) Implications of the Linux Case for the future of software development (MC)

Slide 11:Research Initiatives (cont’d)

Web-based Applications Data mining techniques (P, SUNY) Data model for online transactions (SUNY) Secure online assessments (P) Enhanced student support services (P) Streaming media in market research (MC) Linux, XML, and Java applications (MC)

Slide 12:Research Initiatives (cont’d)

Human Factors Hudson Valley survey to assess consumer perceptions of e-commerce and to develop strategies to address issues (SUNY) Define and test frameworks for assessing company responsiveness to e-mail (P) Develop exemplary tools & modules for the use of multimedia (P)

Slide 13:Education & Training Initiatives – 2000 - 2001

Marist College Develop an online E-business certificate Expand offerings at the undergraduate and graduate level in emerging technologies Pace University Extend distance learning expertise to e-business applications Develop online mentoring program Develop enhanced student support services for online education

Slide 14:Education & Training (cont’d)

SUNY New Paltz Expand offerings at the Undergraduate and Graduate level in emerging technologies (CS) and e-commerce (Business) Expand online offerings in all areas

Slide 15:Accomplishments to Date

Current administrative structure (Sachs, Rubino, Merritt, Nunes, Walling) Advisory Board Faculty Meetings (09/22, etc.) Web Site development Status of research (ongoing and new initiatives)

Slide 16:Contact Information

Susan Merritt, Pace University Email: [email protected] Stacie Swingle Nunes, SUNY New Paltz Email: [email protected] Cindy Rubino, Pace University Email: [email protected] David Sachs, Pace University (Director) Email: [email protected] H. Griffin Walling, Marist College Email: [email protected]

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