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ASTM F1166: HFE Standard for Ship Design. Revision Purpose:ASTM F1166 is the primary resource for HFE in ship designOriginally drafted in 1988 and had not received a significant update in content.Revision Goals:Update and improve the technical contentBetter address current trends and issues Incorporate international populations in design Improve formatting for ease of use.

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astm f1166 and f1337 revisions

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1. ASTM F1166 and F1337 Revisions Christopher Parker Larry Avery 14 November 2007

3. ASTM F1166: HFE Standard for Ship Design Status/Events: ASTM F1166 - 2007 was approved by F25 in December 2006 Published in May 2007 ASTM/SNAME Sponsored Seminar on HFE/ASTM F1166 2007 in May 2007 Standard is available via in two versions: Traditional ASTM Format More user friendly Information Mapping format Starting to be utilized in contracts Provided basis for Shell Oil revised HFE standards

4. ASTM F1337: Standard for HFE Program Requirements for Ships Goals Update content based on current practice and lessons Incorporate HSI (not just HFE) Respond to comments on interim draft Challenges Articulating how integration part of HSI happens Determining appropriate level of detail Ensuring that document adequately addresses two very different constituencies Navy/Govt and Commercial

5. ASTM F1337: Standard for HFE Program Requirements for Ships Process Research domains of HSI, system life cycle processes for Navy and commercial shipping Develop second draft for review by select Navy and Commercial SMEs Develop final draft for submission to ASTM for review and approval Address issues from ASTM review and submit final standard to ASTM for formatting and publication Status Currently performing research phase Second draft by end of year Final draft by February 2008 Final by April 2008

6. More information: ASTM F1166: Chris Parker [email protected] 202.277.8444 ASTM F1337: Larry Avery [email protected] 919.713.0383

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