Assessing human resource management alignment
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ASSESSING HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT ALIGNMENT. Herb Heneman & Tony Milanowski University of Wisconsin-Madison. Session Overview. Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) Performance Competencies Alignment Assessment Process Overview Alignment Assessment Exercise. Strategic HRM View.

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Herb Heneman & Tony Milanowski

University of Wisconsin-Madison

Session overview l.jpg
Session Overview

  • Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM)

  • Performance Competencies

  • Alignment Assessment Process Overview

  • Alignment Assessment Exercise

Strategic hrm view l.jpg
Strategic HRM View

  • In the private & public sectors, HRM has been under pressure to contribute to organizational performance

    • Improving transactional efficiency

    • Reducing costs of HR processes

    • Outsourcing HR functions

    • Developing more supportive relationships with line managers

    • Developing HRM practices that impact performance

Performance impact of hrm practices l.jpg
Performance Impact of HRM Practices

District Goals &




HRM Practices





Performance competencies l.jpg
Performance Competencies

  • The leverage point for the impact of HRM practices on organizational performance

  • What is a competency?

    • A statement of a knowledge, ability, or behavior that contributes to effectiveness

  • Examples for Teachers:

    • Knows students

    • Establishes a classroom culture for learning

    • Uses discussion techniques that engage students

    • Communicates with families

Teacher performance competency model l.jpg
Teacher Performance Competency Model

  • Identifies domain of desired teacher performance competencies

  • Example: Framework for Teaching

    • See handout

Hr practices for teachers l.jpg
HR Practices for Teachers

  • Recruitment

  • Selection

  • Induction

  • Mentoring

  • Professional Development

  • Performance Management

  • Compensation

Horizontal vertical alignment l.jpg
Horizontal & Vertical Alignment

  • Vertical Alignment: the degree to which the content of an HRM practice focuses on, embeds, and communicates the desired performance competencies

    • Example: Is the degree to which job applicants possess the competencies assessed in the teacher selection (hiring) process?

  • Horizontal Alignment: the degree to which HRM practices are mutually supportive and reinforcing

    • Example: Do professional development programs provide opportunities to develop the competencies assessed in the performance evaluation system?

Human resource alignment assessment l.jpg
Human Resource Alignment Assessment

  • A systematic process for determining the degree of alignment of HRM practices with performance competencies

  • We will focus on vertical alignment of HRM practices for teachers

    HRM Practice Content < - - > Teacher Competencies

    HR Alignment Scores

Hra assessment exercise l.jpg
HRA Assessment Exercise

  • Your teacher performance competency model

  • HRA assessment for HR practice areas

  • HRA scores

  • Discussion of process & results

Discussion l.jpg

  • Scores from districts

  • Insights about HR practices

  • Difficulties encountered

Readiness for hra assessment l.jpg
Readiness for HRA Assessment

  • Will district stakeholders support redesigning the HRM system to impact performance?

  • Do you have a competency model?

  • Are you willing to examine HRA & make changes?

  • Do you have staff with the ability & motivation to do the assessment, then design & implement changes?