Amazing math toolbox for teachers
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Amazing Math Toolbox for Teachers. Ian Prietz FDLRS/TECH. Handout Overview. Physical / Accessibility Support Calculators Virtual Tools Cognitive Support Intervention Virtual Manipulation / Simulations Productivity / Homework Support. PASS Algebra Strategies. Rate and Algebraic Thinking

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Amazing math toolbox for teachers l.jpg

Amazing Math Toolbox for Teachers

Ian Prietz


Handout overview l.jpg
Handout Overview

  • Physical / Accessibility Support

    • Calculators

    • Virtual Tools

  • Cognitive Support

    • Intervention

    • Virtual Manipulation / Simulations

  • Productivity / Homework Support

Pass algebra strategies l.jpg
PASS Algebra Strategies

  • Rate and Algebraic Thinking

  • Integers

  • Formulas & Geometric Shapes

  • Coordinate Grids

  • Linear Relationships

  • Ratios and Proportions

  • Cooperative Learning

  • Manipulatives

  • Brainstorming

  • K-W-L

  • Mini-Museums

  • Models

  • Problem Solving

  • Predict, Observe, Explain

  • Graphic Organizers

Calculator collection l.jpg
Calculator Collection

  • Fractions

  • Number Facts

  • Times Table

  • Money

Big calculator l.jpg
Big Calculator

  • The Big Calculator is a scalable basic calculator.

  • As the window size is adjusted, the display and button sizes automatically adjust proportionally.

Koalacalc l.jpg

  • KoalaCalc is a free Simple and Scientific Calculator for the Mac OS.

Moffsoft freecalc l.jpg
Moffsoft FreeCalc

  • Moffsoft FreeCalc is a great basic calculator with adjustable size and color schemes, and a simulated, printable paper tape display.

Algekalk l.jpg

  • A simple utility that factors numbers, finds algebra-style square roots, converts decimals to fractions, and more.

Frakkalk l.jpg

  • A simple utility for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions.

Online calculators and algebra tools l.jpg
Online Calculators and Algebra Tools

  • Graphing Calculator

    • Graph equations

    • Graph ordered pairs

  • Scientific Calculator

Virtual rulers l.jpg
Virtual Rulers

  • Manipulative on-screen ruler

  • Customizable

Virtual protractors l.jpg
Virtual Protractors

  • Manipulative on-screen protractor

Geoboard l.jpg

  • Includes area and perimeter measurement tools.

  • Great tool for demonstrating different geometric shapes and the properties of those shapes.

Smartboard software l.jpg
SmartBoard Software

  • Includes a collection of virtual math tools.

  • Students can run the software on their own computer to practice math concepts.

Classroom suite l.jpg
Classroom Suite

  • Extensive manipulatives

  • Easy to customize

  • Activities available online

Free online graph paper l.jpg
Free Online Graph Paper

  • Customizable graph paper generators

  • Extensive selection of papers

Scientific notebook l.jpg
Scientific Notebook

  • Visualization tool for algebra and advanced mathematics

  • Animate, rotate, zoom and fly

  • Includes an exam builder

Mathpad mathtalk l.jpg
MathPad / MathTalk

  • Speech-to-text

  • Includes Scientific Notebook

  • Requires Dragon NaturallySpeaking 7, 8, or 9

  • Translates to Braille

Microsoft office equation editor 2007 l.jpg
Microsoft Office Equation Editor 2007

  • Available in Word

  • High quality display of mathematical text

  • Subset of MathType

Fastt math l.jpg

  • Targets math fluency

  • Includes placement assessment

  • Adapts instruction to match student

  • Generates reports

  • Narration of instructions and prompts

Go solve l.jpg
Go Solve

  • Graphic organizers of mathematical concepts

  • Self-paced interactive tutorials

  • Includes hints, calculator, notebook, and text-to-speech

  • Generates reports

Inspiredata l.jpg

  • Visual representations of complex data

  • Includes Venn, Bar, Stack, Pie & Axis Plots

  • Generates data collection screens

  • Includes e-Survey tool

Visual fractions l.jpg
Visual Fractions

  • Free interactive online fraction tool

  • Includes circle fractions and line fractions

  • Includes PowerPoints and worksheets

  • Includes a fraction making software

Broken calculator l.jpg
Broken Calculator

  • Interactive problem-solving tool

  • Customizable

  • Free

Explorelearning l.jpg

  • Interactive math and science simulations

  • Grades 3-8

  • Includes correlations to many state standards

  • Free 30-day trial

  • Free for 5-minutes per Gizmo

Select math l.jpg

  • Correlation of online manipulatives to math standards

Geogebra l.jpg

  • Interactive visualization tool for geometry, algebra, and calculus.

  • Free for Mac and Windows

  • Dynamic worksheets

A math dictionary for kids l.jpg
A Math Dictionary for Kids

  • Interactive, free online tool

  • Extensive collection of math terms

Webmath l.jpg

  • General math through calculus

  • Self-help math solving system

  • Provides explanations of each operation that is performed

Algebra help l.jpg
Algebra Help

  • Self-help math solving system

  • Provides explanations of each operation that is performed

  • Includes interactive worksheets

Equation wizard l.jpg
Equation Wizard

  • Step-by-step equation solving wizard

  • Simple interface

Microsoft math l.jpg
Microsoft Math

  • Step-by-step equation solver

  • Handwriting recognition

  • Graphing calculator

  • Wide assortment of math tools

Amazing math toolbox for teachers33 l.jpg

Amazing Math Toolbox for Teachers

Ian Prietz