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Adjectives . Adjectives usually come before nouns, not after them. They modify nouns and pronouns . A big house. They answer the questions Which one? How many? What kind?. Adjectives are always singular. Never add –s to an adjective and never use a plural word as an adjective.

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Adjectives usually come before nouns, not after them.They modify nouns and pronouns.A big house

They answer the questions Which one?How many?What kind?

Adjectives are always singular. Never add –s to an adjective and never use a plural word as an adjective

Compound adjective containing a number comes before the noun:a five-dollar billa two-year-old childa ten-kilometer race

Nouns and pronouns can also be adjectives.A shoe storemy bookscience teacher

But adjectives follow linking verbs. The most common linking verbs are: be, become, appear, seem, look, feel, taste, and smell

He is happy.You seem angry.She looks tired.That smells good.The soup tastes salty.

When you write several adjectives in a row, sometimes you must put them in a particular order. There are two kinds of adjectives: cumulative and coordinate.

Cumulative adjectives are not separated by commas, and you must write them in a specific order.The poor little black dog.A beautiful white silk wedding dress

Order of Cumulative adjectives

  • Opinion

  • Size

  • Shape

  • Condition

  • Age

  • Color

  • Nationality

  • Religion

  • Material

  • Noun as adjective

Any adjective that is not cumulative is a coordinate adjective. You do not have to write coordinate adjectives in a specific order. You can put the word and between them.hungry and wet and cold

Separate coordinate adjectives from each other with commas if each adjective equally modifies the same noun.The people want a smart, independent, experienced, honest leader.

If we can switch the order of adjectives without changing the meaning of the sentence, the adjectives are considered equal.

The tall, lanky students play basketball.The lanky, tall students play basketball.Several tall students play basketball.Tall several students play basketball.

Words ending in –ing and –ed can be adjectives. These adjectives are called participial adjectives.A frightening experiencea used cara sleeping babya broken heart

The –ing form (present participle) has an active meaning.The noun it describes actively performs the action. It describes a person or thing that causes a feeling or reaction.

a crying baby – a baby who criesa speeding car – a car that speedsa working mother – a mother who worksa sleeping child – a child who is sleeping

The –ed ( past participle) has a passive meaning.It describes a person who experiences a feeling or reaction. The noun it describes passively receives the action.

An experienced pilotA frightened childDried fruitrecorded musica closed door

The teacher was boring.The students were bored.

















Pairs of participial adjectives

My old boyfriend Tom and I went out on a date last night. I was very surprising/surprised when he asked me out. I didn’t know he was still interesting/interested in me. Anyway, we went on a “double date.” That means we went withanother couple --his roommate Eric and Eric’s date, Shanna. I was looking forward to an exciting/excited evening. However, the evening turned out to be very disappointing/disappointed. Eric was the most boring/bored person I have ever met! He talked about himself the whole evening.

The movie didn’t interest Dave.Dave ________________The movie _________________

The ending surprised Phil.Phil ________________The ending ________________

The End!

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