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In Vip international plastic surgery center, endoscopic forehead lift surgery is also done. The results of this surgery are the endoscopic forehead lift minimizes wrinkles and improves the overall appearance to look younger.

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Vip international plastic surgery center

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Vip international plastic surgery center review


  • The eye structure is divided into the upper and lower eyelid, and the censorship refers to the space between both eyelid limbus.The upper eyelid is composed of subcutaneous fat, orbicularis oculi muscle, orbital fat, tarsus, levator palpebrae superioris muscle, Muller¡¯s muscle and cornea. Each component has an important role and different characteristics according to race, age and gender.

Therefore, only when fully understanding such anatomical characteristics and physiological functions of each component, satisfactory results regarding the upper eyelid surgery will occur at Vip international plastic surgery center. The double eyelid surgery is the most common aesthetic plastic surgery in Asia, because 40-60% of the entire populations are Asians in terms of race, and about half of them lack double eyelids.

Asian eyelids / Caucasian eyelidsThe image on the left is the cross sectional diagram of the Asian single upper eyelid, and the image on the right is the cross sectional diagram of the Caucasian double upper eyelid. For Caucasians, the preseptal fat is not placed low and there exists the adhesion of the levator muscle, skin and orbital septum in the tarsus, which is big, Vip international plastic surgery center reviews .For more details visit once at


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  • In Vip international plastic surgery center review, an endoscopic forehead lift is also done. Basically, in this, Endoscopic forehead lift refers to a procedure performed to elevate the eyebrow position and reduce forehead wrinkles by using a surgical endoscope.

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