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Cse 4939 alex riordan brian pruitt goddard
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CSE 4939 Alex Riordan Brian Pruitt-Goddard. Remote Unit Testing. Design an interactive source control application that works between an android phone and a project located on a remote server.

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Remote Unit Testing

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Cse 4939 alex riordan brian pruitt goddard l.jpg

CSE 4939

Alex Riordan

Brian Pruitt-Goddard

Remote Unit Testing

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Design an interactive source control application that works between an android phone and a project located on a remote server.

  • Allow client to create, edit, open, and save small source files. Allow other commands including diffs.

  • User chooses file to work with and server options (address, etc)

Project Recap

How to communicate between client and server xml rpc l.jpg

Use XML-RPC to send data over HTTP encoded as XML.

Simple and light-weight

Works across different OS and environments

Supports complex data structures

Call server methods from client (RPC)

How to communicate between client and server? XML-RPC!

Use android xmlrpc library very thin simple l.jpg

Use android-xmlrpc library

Very thin


Client-Side Implementation

XMLRPCClientclient = newXMLRPCClient("");

//Call the add server function with params 2 and 4

intsum = (Integer)"add", 2, 4);

Use apache xml rpc minimal simple l.jpg

Use Apache XML-RPC



Server-Side Implementation

//Create WebServer at specified port number

WebServerwebServer = newWebServer(8888);

XmlRpcServerxmlRpcServer = webServer.getXmlRpcServer();

//Create property mapping to Foo class

PropertyHandlerMappingphm = newPropertyHandlerMapping();

phm.addHandler("Foo", org.apache.xmlrpc.demo.Foo.class);

//Set mapping


//Start WebServer


Phone with android version 2 2 access to project svn server phone is connected to the internet l.jpg

Phone with Android version 2.2

Access to Project/SVN server

Phone is connected to the Internet

Assumptions and Dependencies

Performance requirements l.jpg

UI should be responsive

Server has to respond to client within reasonable amount of time

If it is operating on a large program, give some indication of progress

Performance Requirements

Slide8 l.jpg

Simple and intuitive client

Server handles file errors and outputs meaningful error message

Reliable source control operations

Software Quality

Slide9 l.jpg

Basic Android functionality

Server and Client talking

Able to call server methods from client and get results

Current Progress

Timeline l.jpg


Be able to transmit objects (files) over connection

Have server compile and run java file and pipe output

Handle output at server and report it to client


Timeline ctd l.jpg

  • November-December

    • Hook SVN/project software to server program

    • Allow user to create program client side using text editor

    • Write documentation

    • Fix bugs

    • Implement syntax highlighting and other extra features if time permits

Timeline (CTd)

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