Lessons from ncsa vanuatu
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Lessons from NCSA Vanuatu - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Lessons from NCSA Vanuatu. Albert Abel Williams Former NCSA Coordinator NCSA Conference 16-18 November 2009 Tanoa Hotel, Nadi , Fiji Islands. Background to Vanuatu NCSA. Project started around Nov 2005 Total Funding from GEF/UNEP: US$200,000

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Lessons from NCSA Vanuatu

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Presentation Transcript

Lessons from NCSA Vanuatu

Albert Abel Williams

Former NCSA Coordinator

NCSA Conference

16-18 November 2009

Tanoa Hotel, Nadi, Fiji Islands

Background to Vanuatu NCSA

  • Project started around Nov 2005

  • Total Funding from GEF/UNEP: US$200,000

  • Head of Environment Unit was Project Manager

  • No Project Manager towards end of the project

  • 3 National Project Coordinators

  • Technical support from SPREP

Vanuatu National Priorities for NCSA

  • National policies, legislation, and organisations/institutions

  • Information and knowledge management

  • Appropriate technology development and identification

  • Environmental education and outreach

  • Systematic observations and scientific research

  • EIA Process at the national, provincial and community level

  • Personal capacity building at all levels

To what extent is catalyzing active stakeholder involvement in the NCSA process difficult?

  • No stakeholder analysis to start the project

  • High staff turnover

  • Sustaining stakeholder interests and involvement

To what extent did they, in particular the non-state actors, deem the NCSA process and its recommendations as being legitimate?

  • Framework for more collaboration and better coordination

    • Status of the Environment Unit

    • Recognition that managing environment is everyone's business e.g. other sector policies

  • Framework for technical and financial assistance

    • Sharing of limited financial and technical resources

What opportunities are being seized upon or identified by the NCSA with the aim of achieving environmental sustainability?

  • Recognition and approval/endorsement of several sectoral policies by the Council of Ministers

    • Endorsement and implementation of policy on Environment Unit to Departmental Status

    • Endorsement and implementation of policy on Climate Change

    • Endorsement and implementation of policy on Rural Energy

To what extent is the NCSA fully instituted within the consultative processes of other on-going projects dealing with biodiversity conservation, climate change, and land degradation?

  • Mainstreaming of sectoral policies

  • Review of the Environmental Management Act to strengthen the EIA mechanism (climate change, biodiversity conservation and land degradation

  • Collaboration with other steering committees

    • National Advisory Committee on Climate Change

    • National Land Summit Steering Committee

    • Biodiversity Project s e.g. LCI Project

How is the NCSA facilitating high-level political commitment, and using existing coordinating structures and mechanisms in undertaking its work?

  • Mechanisms and structures for high level-political commitment are in place

    • Need strengthening

    • Need

  • Capacity building for decision makers to sustain interest

    • 4 year term for Governments

    • 4 year term for Provincial Councils and local authorities

Thanks for listening and it is our hope that we could be able to work with our stakeholders in implementing the priority capacity needs that have been endorsed

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